25 Emotional Words With Deep Meanings

Emotional words with deep meanings and most delightful, Want to tell others what you are feeling? Or maybe, you just want to express your heart by writing your status on social media? No problem, here we provide words that you can send to others or use for status updates!

Compared to ordinary sentences, words that make you feel upset can make other people feel what you are feeling. By doing so, at least they are more considerate of their attitude towards you.

If you are embarrassed to say or send it directly, you can also make the following quotes as status, really. So, apart from the intended person, other friends can also read it. Who knows they also need a sentence that makes you angry, right?

So, Are you interested in reading the 25 Emotional Words With Deep Meanings that we have presented in this article? If so, what are you waiting for? Come on, see in full!

Words That Make Your Crush

25 Emotional Words With Deep Meanings
25 Emotional Words With Deep Meanings


1. Love Sincerely

Other men see a beauty in you that will fade faster than they age. But I see in you a beauty that won’t fade away. Kahlil Gibran

It seems that it is only natural for a man or woman to be more attracted to the opposite sex who has a good-looking face. It’s just that, women generally melt more easily when there is a man who really cares for him even though it seems mediocre. In contrast to men who tend not to melt easily with a good attitude and are always more easily attracted to women with beautiful faces.

Even so, apparently, not all men are like that because there are also men who love women because of their personalities. Well, for you guys, if right now you are in love and want to win over your crush’s heart, try sending some blissful words over to her. Show that you are the one who loves him the most.

2. Quickly wake up

Realize, I have loved you breathlessly. Pout oxygen by making you the only air that can fill every cavity. Wira Nagara

Sometimes when you’re really in love, you might unconsciously do strange things that are different than usual. If you usually use your spare time to hang out with friends or do other activities, then when you fall in love you may reduce all other activities and focus more on pursuing the love of your loved one.

However, what happens if he doesn’t come close even though you’ve sacrificed a lot for him? Hm … no need to rush into despair, maybe you need to try sending the words that make the crush above to make him aware of your feelings that are so sincere.

3. Whatever

I love you, let it be my business. How you are with me, whatever, that’s your business. Pidi Baiq

When in love, maybe everyone in this world does not want to have their idol’s heart. However, how else, sometimes for one reason or many things, these wishes cannot come true. Indeed, there are actually many events like that, but how to react will really depend on each individual.

The person whose heart is not spacious enough will try desperately, including in a way that is not good enough to find a loved one. Meanwhile, people who love sincerely will prioritize the happiness of their loved ones even though they cannot be together.

4. Stabbed Illusion

I was perfectly stabbed by my own illusion. Betrayal by my busy knot-knot heart is a sign of love. Tere Liye

When you are in love, you may have too high expectations of your lover. Just a little smile and attention from him might make you think that he also feels the same way.

In fact, he could have done that because he had a kind and friendly personality. Now, if you are currently experiencing it, just make the words above your status on social media. Who knows, he will read it and realize that his attitude only makes you more hopeful.

5. Always Ask Questions

I love you so I always miss you. However, just like the question I whispered at the moon that night, are you also missing me? Expertise

Love and longing are two things that cannot be separated. When you are in love with someone, you will automatically think of him when he is not visible. That is called longing.

Yes, if you miss your boyfriend, you can just call him directly and tell him. However, if you miss your crush, wait a minute. If you are in a hurry to convey it, it will actually be ilfeel to you. If you miss, it’s better to just make the words that make the above an Instagram caption.

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Funny Words That Make You Happy


1. Will Always Take Care

If it rains, I won’t give you a jacket. Because if I’m sick, who will take care of you later. Pidi Baiq

It is normal for you to have a feeling of wanting to protect a loved one. It could even be that the feeling of wanting to protect it actually makes you difficult, such as running out of money, exhaustion, or sick.

However, it seems that the desire to protect those who have to sacrifice themselves like that does not apply to Dilan’s novelist, Pidi Baiq. How could he not, when it rained he didn’t want to give his jacket to his lover. Yes, actually the intentions are good, if you are sick, who will look after your boyfriend? So how? Do you want to go with the Pidi Baiq method?

2. It takes courage

Because we are like grasshoppers, knowing that to love someone, it takes courage. Raditya Dika

Each animal species has its own way of attracting attention and connecting with members of the opposite sex. Peafowl, for example, the male will spread his beautiful tail feathers to attract female hearts.

However, of all types of animals, arguably the most extreme is the grasshopper. The male dared to sacrifice his life even though he knew, after the mating process he would be eaten by the female. Really scary, right? So, do you dare to love someone like grasshoppers do?

3. So Suffering

Love is a sacrifice, but if the sacrifice is original it is called suffering. Cak Lontong

Sacrifice is a common thing for people who are drunk in love. The things that can be sacrificed can vary, ranging from property, time, energy, and much more.

However, one thing you need to realize, people who have feelings of sincere love will not bear to see their loved ones suffer too much because of it. Now, if right now you are making a lot of sacrifices for someone who actually seems happy and calm, it means that he is just taking advantage of the situation and not really loving you.

4. Just Gone

It’s a feeling, not a pet cat, a lost time. Raditya Dika

The cats that people usually keep are expensive purebred cats. Some that are often encountered in many places are Persian and Angora Cats. Because the price is quite expensive, this type of cat is prone to be taken by people if you just wander the streets for a moment.

Hmm … talking about easy loss, do you think of your ex who said that his feelings were gone and then asked him to break up just like that? If so, maybe the funny words that make me angry above are very suitable to be used to tease him.

5. Like the Text of the Proclamation

Sometimes love is like a proclamation. We can feel it carefully, then it is destroyed in the shortest possible time. Wira Nagara

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Words That Make Your Beloved Happy


1. Commitment to Stay Together

Love is not just a feeling of being happy when with him Love is also a commitment to stay with him, when those happy feelings are gone. Merry Riana

Maybe you will feel very happy when you can side with someone you love. However, one thing you need to know, committing to be together is not easy.

Especially if what is being built is a marriage commitment, you must remain as strong as possible even though the feelings of love have started to fade. If not, you may end up divorcing repeatedly just because you are bored.

2. Trust me

Even though there is nothing else in this world that you can trust, believe that I love you. All of my heart. Ilana Tan

Trust is actually simple, but has extraordinary meaning. Each person has a different level of trust in others, depending on the environment that shapes his personality.

Now, if you have a lover who has a hard time trusting others, try sending those blatant words above for him. But you have to do it, yes, for him to become convinced that there is someone who can really be trusted.

3. Feelings and Commitments

Because for me personally, loving you is not just a feeling, but also a commitment. There are responsibilities that come with it. Christian Simamora

Falling in love is easy, but what’s hard is building commitment. Not many people dare to be responsible with their love and are willing to build a commitment.

Indeed, being committed is not an easy matter. Once you decide to commit, then there is a consequence that you must accept, namely to survive as strong as possible even though there is a big storm that hits your love relationship and your lover.

4. Clinging to Prayer

Love is not always attached to togetherness, but clings to the prayers that are said in silence. Tere Liye

Who, the hell, who is not happy can always be side by side with a lover who is so loved. However, love isn’t just about being together all the time, right?

For those of you who believe in the existence of God, prayer for the integrity of the relationship and the salvation of loved ones is very important. Including his name in your prayer is also a sign that you really love him.

5. Consciously and Patiently

I love you consciously and will continue to love you patiently. Moammar Emka

People say that love is blind, so it makes people willing to do anything, including things that don’t make sense. However, passionate love like that usually disappears quickly.

So, instead of blind love, it would be better if you could love your loved one consciously and naturally. Adult love like that can keep you thinking clearly so that automatically, the relationship you build will last longer than passionate love.

The Words of the Wise that Touch the Heart


1. Disappointed and Happy

Fall in heart can never choose. God chose. We are just victims. Disappointment is the consequence, happiness is the bonus. Fiersa Besari

Love is the most mysterious feeling on earth. You will never know who the feeling falls on, how big, or how long it will last because everything has been outlined by Almighty God.

However, when you have decided to be with your loved one, you need to understand all the consequences. Love relationships are not only about happiness because oftentimes, but feelings of disappointment also accompany them. So, so that you don’t get too sad when the feeling of disappointment is present, let’s just say that the happiness you receive while in a relationship is a bonus.

2. There is no separation

Goodbye only to those who like their eyes. Because for those who like heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation. Jalaluddin Rumi

Expressions from the eyes down to the heart do happen often, but of course, not all of them are. Although there are not many, there are people who fall in love with the kindness and purity of the soul of the opposite sex.

Unlike love which is only due to physicality, feelings based on morals will persist even though the two are separated by time and space. Now, if you are currently in a long-distance relationship with your sweetheart, try to convince him of the power of your love by sending the words that make you angry above.

3. Open your heart again

The most difficult thing in loving, is getting started. Especially open-hearted, after tidying up the old ones. Wira Nagara

Not all loving relationships that have existed will end happily. Whether the relationship is short or long, everyone has the potential to run aground along the way. If there is still a wound stuck in the heart, turning a new leaf is really difficult.

Therefore, if you are currently experiencing it, it is better to heal your heart first before starting a new relationship. You do this by expanding your chest and believing that there is a better destiny, ready to await you. That way, you won’t fall into a relationship that is just an escape.

4. It’s even worse

Sometimes a broken heart is like a broken mirror, it hurts more if you try to fix it. Mario Teguh

You know mirrors, don’t you? Yes, the mirror that is usually used for self-decoration is made of glass that is easily broken. If so, it’s useless to fix it because the mirror can no longer reflect the image optimally. The best thing you can do is buy a new mirror.

Some cases of breakups can be likened to a broken mirror. Maybe you will feel bad about leaving and so do your best to mend the broken relationship. However, without realizing it, all the efforts made to fix it will only make you hurt even more.

5. There must be distance

No matter how beautiful a letter is engraved, can it be meaningful if there are no pauses? Can it be understood if there are no spaces? Aren’t we only able to move if there is distance? And love each other when there is space? Dewi Lestari

A series of letters lined up into sentences and paragraphs can be read clearly if space or space is separating each word. The same is true with love relationships.

If you restrain your partner too hard and don’t give him any distance, get ready immediately because the unhealthy relationship is bound to end. So, if you want your relationship with your lover to last until death can separate you, you should consider the words that make you upset from Dewi Lestari.

Words That Make Your Former Former


1. Love Alone

Finally I learned to let you go, not because I no longer love you. It’s not because my love has run out inside. However, loving alone is not natural love. I was killed by chest pounding and anxiety over the memories covered in wounds. Boy Candra

Sometimes you have to end a relationship that has been built not because you are no longer in love. It could be because your lover is cheating on you, or it could be because your lover says that he is bored with you.

If this is the case, of course, you have to learn to let it go even though you are still in love. Because keeping it in your heart will only cause your scratched heart to hurt even more.

2. Memories and Feelings

Sometimes, meetings and farewells happen too quickly. But the memories and feelings stay too long. Fiersa Besari

You never know when you will meet your sweetheart. Likewise, you also never know when to separate from him and what causes the separation. It could be because it is no longer suitable, but it could also be because of death.

Yes, meetings and breakups are a mystery, but one thing is certain, namely the feelings and memories during the relationship. These two things may stay so long in your heart that they make you feel unsettled for a long time. However, take it easy, even though the memories may not be lost, your painful feelings will slowly be eroded over time.

3. Waiting for the Right Time

Time never gets rid of feelings. It just kept it in the room. Waiting for the right moment to return. Robin Wijaya

Old love has come back (CLBK) is an expression for people who fall in love with someone from the past again. This happened not once or twice, but over and over.

This phenomenon shows that no love is truly lost. The taste may become blurred for various reasons. However, when you meet again, it is not impossible that the feeling will come back.

4. Let It Pass

In terms of the feelings that I have felt for you, I should remember you as a wound, then let me pass. Boy Candra

Feelings of love for a former lover may not be completely lost. However, you also have to understand the situation and be aware of the conditions, which love you must continue to strive for, and which must be ignored immediately.

That way, you will no longer be dissolved in the hurt caused by wrong love. If you want your ex-girlfriend to know about the decision, you can make the words that make the story above status on social media.

5. Wounds and Memories

Something that takes the form of one, but has two names: wound and memory. One makes you want to go far, the other forces you to come closer again. The tug of war between them you usually call: love.  Bernard Batubara

Relationships have one irresistible consequence, namely wounds. However, many people ignore it because they prefer to be happy and make good memories with their loved ones.

Even when separation occurs and wounds are engraved in the heart, not all are willing to just give up. Wounds and memories attract each other and make the sufferer sink into doubt. If you’ve ever felt that way, then it means you still have feelings for your ex.

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Which Happy Words Are Your Favorite?

That was a collection of heartfelt quotes about love that can carry your feelings away. So, after reading the 25 Emotional words with deep meanings above, which ones do you like?

You can send a quote that roughly matches your current situation to your crush, boyfriend, or ex. If you are embarrassed to send it in person, you can also write it as a status on social media.

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