25 Islamic Sayings that soothe your heart and soul

Collection of 25 Islamic Sayings that soothe your heart and soul Are you in need of enlightening Islamic advice? Just read a collection of Islamic aphorisms summarized in this article. After reading it, who knows your heart and soul will feel cooler. Let’s watch it until it’s finished!

An Arabic proverb states that humans are the wrong place and forget. For that, sometimes you need the advice to be aware, then be willing to return to the path that is pleasing to Allah SWT. This advice can come from the words of wisdom of Islam which you can read here.

There are many Islamic phrases that can inspire you. Starting from words that are soothing, motivating, discussing daily life, universal love, and also women.

Hopefully, this collection of quotes is able to encourage you to become a good Muslim. More than that, hopefully, those words can also draw you closer to the Creator.

Can’t wait to find out what Islamic pearls of wisdom you can find in this article? Immediately, consider the full explanation below! Who knows, there are lots of quotes that catch your heart. Happy reading!

Islamic Aphorisms Soothing the Heart and the Soul

25 Islamic Sayings that soothe your heart and soul
25 Islamic Sayings that soothe your heart and soul


1. The Most Noble Person

Surely the most noble among you in the sight of Allah is the most devout among you. QS. Al-Hujurat: 13

Becoming a noble human being is perhaps one of the dreams of every Muslim. Are you one of them? If you want to achieve that dream, learn to be a godly servant.

How to? Be obedient servants who always carry out orders and stay away from the prohibitions of Allah SWT. That way, maybe you will avoid sinful acts that are hated by Him.

2. Show Kindness

Whoever shows goodness, he will get a reward like the reward of those who do it. HR. Muslim 

There are many ways you can do to get merit from Allah SWT, for example doing good. If you can’t do it, then you can encourage someone to do good deeds.

The action will still be rewarded just like the person you ordered. More or less, that is the meaning of Islamic aphorisms quoted from the hadith narrated by Muslims above.

3. Do Good

If you do good, then you are doing good for yourself. QS. Al-Isra ‘: 7

During this time you may think that if you do good to someone, it will only affect that person. Even though maybe without realizing it you are doing good to yourself.

Likewise with the wise words of Islam quoted from Surah Al-Isra ‘verse 7. So, don’t hesitate to help others because, in the end, goodness will come back to you.

4. Servant who is loved by God

Indeed, Allah loves those who repent a lot and loves those who always purify themselves. QS. Al-Baqarah: 222

Want to know what are the criteria for a servant who is loved by Allah SWT? Try to read carefully the Islamic aphorisms taken from the cut of Surah Al-Baqarah above.

From this quote, you will know that Allah SWT likes his servants who repent after making mistakes. The trick is to sincerely ask Him for forgiveness, then don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

5. Releasing Difficulties of Others

Whoever wants his prayers to be answered and freed from his troubles, let him relieve the difficulties of others. HR. Ahmad

Do you often feel like your prayers have never been answered? Maybe Islamic wisdom words quoted from the hadith narrated by Ahmad above can be material for your introspection.

If you want a prayer to come true, you try to do the efforts of others. For example, helping others or alleviating their difficulties. Who knows, after that he will pray until whatever you wish will come true.

Islamic Words of Wisdom about Everyday Life


1. Giving Up Useless Things

Among the signs of a person’s Islamic virtue is leaving something which is of no use to him. HR. At-Tirmidhi

A Muslim may not be able to be said to have embraced Islam completely if he has not carried out all of its teachings. For that, learn to run it little by little. One way to do this is to leave behind what doesn’t benefit you or your religion.

Such as spending hours watching TV. Instead of doing such useless activities, you better replace them with studying or reading the Koran.

2. Get started with Bismillah

Start all good deeds with bismillah so that goodness is perfect. HR. Abu Daud

If you want the activities you went through today to be more blessed, try starting with reading basmalah. Approximately, that is the advice conveyed by Islamic aphorisms in the quote.

Make saying basmalah a habit before starting something. By chanting the name of Allah, I hope the activities you do every day will run smoothly and be blessed by Allah SWT.

3. Levels of Love and Rida

The greater the level of one’s love and pleasure for the world, the slower will be in obedience to Allah and his efforts to seek the hereafter. Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah

It seems that the words of Islamic wisdom written by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah above have some truth. Too much love for the world will make it easy for you to forget Allah SWT and the afterlife because the focus has shifted to worldly things.

Conversely, those of you who love Allah SWT by placing the afterlife as the main goal will find it easier to get closer to Him. So which category are you in? The servant who loves the world or the hereafter? Maybe the answer is only you and Allah knows.

4. Only hope in Allah

And only in your Lord should you hope. QS. Al-Insyirah: 8

Many say that having too much hope in humans will make you easily disappointed because their hearts can change at any time. For that, hang your hopes only on Allah SWT.

It is the message that seems to be conveyed by the pearls of Islam quoted from the Surah Al-Insyirah. Surrender and hope only in Allah the Creator because it is part of the faith of a Muslim.

5. Doing Good

Do the slightest kindness because you don’t know which good will take you to heaven. Imam Hasan Al-Basri

Do you agree with the Islamic wise words of Imam Hasan Al-Basri above? When the opportunity arises, do good even if it is a simple action, such as removing a thorn from the road.

Because, who knows that goodwill takes you to heaven. So, don’t be picky when you want to do good. Whether it’s against friends, or even against enemies, as long as you can do it, just do it.

Islamic Pearls of Aphorisms about Love

25 Islamic Sayings that soothe your heart and soul
25 Islamic Sayings that soothe your heart and soul


1. How to Reach the Love of Allah

Surely there will be My love. People who love love because of Me, visit each other because of Me, and give each other because of Me. Qudsi Hadith

Most of the Muslims of course want to reach the love of Allah SWT. If you don’t know how to try to live the Islamic pearls of wisdom taken from the hadith of the Qudsi.

As a Muslim, don’t hate each other and love others as you love yourself. In addition, maintain friendship by visiting each other and helping each other.

2. Love and Hate Appropriately

Love your lover naturally because one day he will become the person you hate. Hate the person you naturally hate because one day he will become your lover. HR. At-Tirmidhi

Allah SWT does not like anything that is excessive, including in terms of loving or hating someone. Just love the people you care about. If he disappoints later, you won’t be too hurt or resentful of him.

On the other hand, don’t over-hate other people. Because who knows one day you need his help or even love him around.

3. Give priority to the love of God

Whoever prioritizes love for Allah over love for humans, then Allah will protect him from human interference. HR. Ad-Dailami

When you fall in love with someone, you may completely anchor that person. Because of his love, you also put aside other more important things, for example, your love for Allah SWT.

If that is the case, you will likely be far from His protection. For that, immediately ask Him for forgiveness and learn to anchor your love for the Creator.

4. Loving his Brother

One of you does not have faith (with perfect faith) until he loves his brother as he loves himself. HR. Bukhari

Every Muslim has a different level of faith. One measure of the perfection of faith is when you are able to love your fellow Muslims as if you love yourself.

Putting personal interests first is easy. However, you may not be able to put other people’s interests first. Indirectly, the words of wisdom of Islam above teach you to be a loving and selfless person.

5. Blind and Deaf

Your love for something can make you blind and deaf. HR. Abu Daud and Ahmad

A wise man once said that you should not advise someone who is in love because it is a futile job. Because of their love for each other, they became deaf and blind without realizing it, so they didn’t pay attention to the words of those around them.

This situation is also what tries to describe the pearls of Islam which are taken from a hadith. Therefore, love someone properly so that you are not easily blinded and deafened by their charm.

Islamic Words of Wisdom that Motivate


1. The Practices That Allah Loved Most

The good deeds that are loved most by Allah are routine practices even if they are small. HR. Bukhari

Practicing good deeds is perhaps an easy thing for those who are accustomed to doing it. It might be difficult when you have to do it regularly and consistently.

For that, Allah SWT really loves people who carry out goodness continuously even if a little. For example, regularly reading 10 verses of the Koran after maghrib prayer is better than reading 100 verses but only once.

2. Always be grateful

In fact, if you are grateful, I will undoubtedly add (favors) to you. QS. Ibrahim: 7

As a Muslim, you should always be grateful for every provision that comes. The wise words of Islam quoted from Surah Ibrahim above explain that Allah SWT will add blessings to His grateful servants.

On the other hand, Kufri sustenance will only make Him angry. More than that, it could be that after that Allah SWT will take away the blessings that have been given to you.

3. The Most Powerful Life of the World

So don’t be deceived by the life of the world. QS. Fathir: 5

Many humans are deceived by the sparkling world of life. For example, luxury property, beautiful woman’s face, high position, and so on. It doesn’t really matter if someone learns to dress up because they want to look beautiful or work hard to get rich.

However, don’t let all of that distract him from the afterlife. Therefore, through Surah Fathir verse 5, Allah SWT warned Muslims not to be easily careless by worldly things. When you have been deceived, then immediately repent.

4. Hereafter, World, and Death

Make the afterlife in your heart, the world in your hands, and death in your eyelids. Imam Shafi’i

These Islamic aphorisms from Imam Shafi’i seem to have a quite deep message. First, you should make the afterlife your main goal.

Second, put the life of the world in your hands so that you can control it and not be deluded by it. Third, put death on your eyelids so that you always remember it.

5. Like a shadow

This world is like a shadow. Chase him and you can never catch him. Turn your body away from him, and he has no other choice but to follow you. Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah

The scholar Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah also discussed the life of the world. According to him, the world is like your image when exposed to light or the sun.

The more you chase, you will never be able to catch it. Instead, turn the body and the image will follow you back. So, don’t be too eager to pursue the world or you will be easily fooled by it.

Islamic Aphorisms about Women


1. Do Good To Women

I will testify to you to do good to women. HR. Muslim

Although talking about women, it seems that the Islamic wise words above are for men. The hadith narrated by Muslims instructs men to always do good to the opposite sex.

This hadith is the message of the Prophet Muhammad directly to his people. If there is a man who does not treat women well, chances are he has not practiced Islam perfectly.

2. World Jewelry

This world is jewelry and the best of the world’s jewelry is a pious woman. HR. Muslim

Something beautiful is usually compared to jewelry. According to these wise words of Islam, the best jewelry in this world is a pious woman.

A woman is said to be Salihah if she is obedient to carry out orders and stay away from the prohibitions of Allah SWT. For example, covering one’s genitals, performing prayers 5 times a day, taking care of oneself when her husband is not at home, and so on.

3. Like the Jahiliyah

And let you stay in your house and do not be decorated and behave like the ignorant people before. QS. Al-Ahzab: 33

The translation of Surat Al-Ahzab verse 33 above contains a message that the best place for a Muslim woman is her home. If there is no urgent need, such as work or medical treatment, it is better if a woman is at home.

For example, going out, there is no need to overdress because it can create slander against the opposite sex. It is forbidden to adorn the style of jahiliyyah, for example wearing a hijab but still showing earrings and necklaces around her neck.

4. From the ribs

The woman was created from a rib, if you straighten it you will break it. So be gentle with her, then you will be able to live with her. HR. Judge

The hadith from the Judge’s history further confirms that women do come from the ribs of men. The bent shape is also like the character of a woman.

Therefore, Rasulullah SAW also advised men to treat women gently so that they can live with them. If treated harshly, they will likely argue or even walk away.

5. Godly woman

Therefore, a godly woman who is obedient to God takes care of herself when her husband is not around. QS. An-Nisa: 34

Islamic aphorisms quoted from the verses of the Koran seem to be intended for Muslim women who already have a partner. If you want to be a pious woman, take care of yourself when your husband is not at home.

Do not let the opposite sex non-mahram come into your house if you are home alone. For example, if you want to go, ask your husband’s permission first.

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Which Islamic Aphorisms Are The Most Soothing To Your Heart?

Those are 25 Islamic Sayings that soothe your heart and soul that you can see in this article. Approximately, which expression soothes your heart the most? Make these words as motivation so that you become a better person.

Hopefully, the Islamic quotes above can also guide you on how to become a wise Muslim. Because there are many devices that you can apply in your daily life.

Apart from Islamic aphorisms, at lovepsychologys, you can also read to a collection of other inspirational expressions. Call it a collection of life mottos, motivational quotes, cool Instagram captions, and so on.

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