25 Romantic Flirt Words Make You Emotional

25 Romantic Flirt Words That Make You Emotional You need flirtatious words to win over your crush’s heart? Or are you looking for the right expression for your boyfriend to be even more in love? If so, then you are at the right place. This article summarizes a collection of rags that will make your idol melt. Listen, let’s!

Sometimes, love can also be expressed through flirtatious words. You don’t have to always be romantic, you can give funny rags to your loved ones so that they will be even more affectionate.

Don’t worry if your boyfriend or crush thinks you’re just a fad. Believe me, deep down, he may be flowery hearing your rags.

Most importantly, find the expression that best represents how you feel for him. For example, the romantic flirtatious words that we summarize in this article.

In the following, we describe quotes containing sentences of sweet, romantic, and funny seduction that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend bored. Just take a look to find out the full explanation. Happy reading!

25 Romantic Flirt Words Make You Emotional
25 Romantic Flirt Words Make You Emotional

Romantic Flirt Words for Boyfriends


1. Always Love

No matter what happens, whatever you have done and what you want to do, I will always love you. I swear. CJ Redwine

The words of flirtation in the quote above will probably be appropriate if you give it to your beloved boyfriend. The reason is, in that sentence, there is a message that you vow to stay with him and always love him.

Saying like that will make your boyfriend feel touched. Thus, it is possible that he will also repay your love in the same way, or even better.

2. Message for Mother

Please send it to Mother, thank you for giving birth to the person I love. Dilan

The romance of Dilan’s character certainly makes women bored to hear the crap words he said to Milea. One of the sentences he had expressed was as stated in the quote above.

You can try telling your boyfriend. The phrase not only contains seduction, but also shows your goodwill because you send greetings to his mother.

3. You’re as beautiful as a star

There are only a few stars tonight. Maybe because you’re so pretty. Shaded Umbrellas, for Women who are in a Hug

Do you often run out of conversation material when spending time with your boyfriend? If so, there’s nothing wrong with boasting occasionally by giving him compliments.

You can say she is beautiful, until the stars in the sky dim because of insecurity about her beauty. No need to string difficult words, the romantic flirtation from the lyrics of the song Payung Teduh above can be a reference.

4. Vow to Love

I will never say goodbye, because I never want to see you cry. I swear my love for you will always be there. And I swear it again and again. Westlife, Swear It Again

For those of you who are looking for gloomy words from song lyrics, Westlife’s Swear It Again can be an option. The reason is, the whole song contains promises made by someone to his lover.

Your sweet promise can also be a seduction for him. Moreover, basically, every woman likes to hear sweet sentences and smells of fashion. However, you need to keep that promise, yes.

5. The reason I love you

So, I love you because the whole universe conspired to help me find you. Paulo Coelho

Have you ever revealed the reasons for loving your lover? Is it because of her personality, beauty, or intelligence? If you feel these three things are too ordinary, try to express the words as in the quote above.

That, there is no reason whatsoever that can make you love him except destiny. Isn’t it romantic if you say that your meeting seemed to have been approved by all nature?

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Words of Crap Flirt for PDKT


1. A Place For You

You have a place in my heart that no one else can have. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Not going out with a date yet? Maybe you need to use sweet flirtatious words that will immediately make him cramped like the quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald above.

Hopefully, that expression will let him know how important he is to your heart. That he already had a special place that only him, not anyone else, could fill.

2. Selfish

You’re selfish. Your father is human, your mother is human, why are you an angel? Anonymous

Make your crush do not move with crap words as shown in the anonymous quote above. In order to hit it more, there is no need to hesitate to say it directly while looking into his eyes.

He will certainly blush to hear you praise his beauty like an angel. That way, who knows his heart will immediately melt and it won’t take any longer to receive your love.

3. Sweet

Don’t be angry when I tease, because you deserve to be teased. Your fault is cute, you have a very cute face. Iwan Fals, Ping Pong Ball’s Beautiful Eyes

PDKT will usually hit a lot more if you give your crush a lot of compliments. One of them is by saying that his cute face has managed to fascinate you.

If you are confused about arranging romantic flirtatious words, just quote them from the song lyrics. A fragment of the song’s lyrics entitled Mata Indah Bola Ping Pong from Iwan Fals as in the quote above could be an option.

4. I Want You

There is no one in this world that I want more than I want you. Anonymous

The PDKT period is arguably the time that determines whether your crush likes you or not. For that, as much as possible show a good impression of yourself, either from words or actions.

If you have acted well and politely, also try to occasionally say romantic flirtatious words. You can quote the anonymous expression above so that he knows how much you want to have it.

5. The Number One

You are the most beautiful woman in my country, you are number one. I won’t be able to like another girl anymore. Dewa 19, The Most Beautiful Woman in My Country,

Praise during the approach phase seems important. So that your crush doesn’t get bored of hearing your crap, try to choose different seductive words even though they mean the same thing.

To compliment her on being beautiful, you can use words like the part of Dewa 19’s song lyrics above. Imagine how cheeky she would be when she found out you saw her as the most beautiful woman in the country.

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The Words of Deathly Crap Make You Melt


1. Sad without you

I can be sad if in moments of my happiness, you are not there. Zarry Hendrik

The writer Zarry Hendrik is noted to often post writing about making emotional on his social networks. These writings were also included in the books and novels he wrote. The above expression is one of them.

You can send or express it directly to your beloved lover. It will be more touching if you convey it because you are in a long-distance relationship with your lover because it describes your condition more.

2. You motivate me

You are like a compass to me, because you are my guide and motivation. Anonymous

The crap words above can be a deadly seduction if you say it to your boyfriend or crush. This phrase implies that his existence has meant a lot to you.

If your lover hears it directly, it could be that he will love you even more. If you’re still on a crush, maybe saying that kind of sentence will make him fall for you.

3. About My Feelings for You

Someone dreams about you every night. Someone can’t breathe without you, lonely. Someone hopes that one day you will see it. That someone is me. Enrique Iglesias, Somebody’s Me

The lyrics of musician Enrique Iglesias’ Somebody’s Me also contain romantic flirtatious words. In the lyric section of the song contained in the above quote, Enrique shares what he feels about someone.

He revealed what it feels like to secretly admire someone. There is a hope that someday the person he likes will know and understand what he is feeling.

4. Love You For Life

If your heart was a prison, I’d be willing to get a life sentence. Anonymous

People who are in love are usually willing to do anything for the person they love. You probably promised to be ready to make sacrifices for your lover, right?

If you want to express your promise with a crap sentence, the quote above can be an option. The greeting will be able to represent how ready you are to always be by his side.

5. There I am by your side

You own me. Until every last star in the galaxy goes out, you own me. Amie Kaufman

If your lover or crush is sad or cranky, you don’t need to use seductive expressions to melt her heart. Amie Kaufman’s ragged words above were enough to make her melt.

The phrase implies that you won’t leave him no matter what. Through that sentence, convince him that you will always be by his side, even until the whole world no longer exists.

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Funny Romantic Flirt Words

25 Romantic Flirt Words Make You Emotional
25 Romantic Flirt Words Make You Emotional


1. Hunger for Longing

My dear, this morning I couldn’t eat because I missed you. In the afternoon, I don’t eat because I think about you. And that night I also couldn’t sleep because of hunger. Anonymous

Tired of the same rags? Maybe you need to try cute flirtatious words but still sound romantic like the one shown in the quote above.

The quote clearly states that missing someone is very hard. To the extent, you do not have the appetite to eat until you unconsciously starve just because you don’t see him for a day.

2. Gang of Thieves

What if we become a gang of thieves? I stole your heart and you stole mine. Anonymous

This sentence should be no less fun and can be expressed openly to your crush. The reason is, these words imply your desire to be with him.

You always want to be by his side in any difficult situation, even as a thief. However, you are not taking other people’s property, but stealing each other’s hearts.

3. Prizes for Milea

Happy birthday, Milea. This is a gift for you. Only crosswords, but already filled all of them. I love you, I don’t want you to bother having to fill it. Dilan

If by chance your lover or crush likes Dilan’s sweet talk, the quote above can be a reference. On his birthday, you can send a greeting that matches Dilan’s remarks.

Who knows, he will blush until his own smiles feel like he’s being seduced by the real Dilan. But keep in mind, you shouldn’t even mention Milea’s name, OK.

4. Provided One KK

It’s okay, we have different operator cards. Originally, later our names will be on the same Family Card. Anonymous

Sometimes LDR fighters face the problems of different service providers. If you are in a long-distance relationship, the quote above might represent your love life.

The fact is, different operators, make it often difficult for you and your boyfriend to tell each other due to poor signal. If so, you can’t help but choose to surrender and can only pray so that one day you can be together.

5. About Us

Alphabets starting with ABC, numbers starting with 123. Songs start with do re mi. Love starts with me and you. Anonymous

The above words of flirtation may sound funny, but they are also romantic. If you have grasped the meaning, this quote can be used to seduce a crush or melt your boyfriend’s heart when he is cranky.

The phrase implies that everything always has a beginning, especially love. And the beginning of a love story is a meeting between you and him. Romantic, right?

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Crap Flirt Words That Make You Emotional


1. As long as you are happy

Although it rarely makes you laugh, at least I don’t always make you sad. But if in the end my humor doesn’t make you laugh anymore, hopefully sad I can laugh you off, OK. Zarry Hendrik

Zarry Hendrik has sweet flirtatious words that will make your girlfriend bored. Take another look at the quote that talks about sadness and happiness above.

The sentence implies that Zarry’s happiness is nothing compared to the laughter of the idol’s heart. Even if one day his lover is no longer able to make him happy, Zarry hopes that his idol can laugh even though he has to suffer.

2. Our Photos

Why put a photo of the two of us? My goal is to have your photo in my marriage book. Fiersa Besari

Who doesn’t know Fiersa Besari? The author of this one also often uploads compelling sentences on his social network accounts, especially Twitter.

Well, one of the flirtatious words he had written was the one in the quote above. There, he clearly coded his desire to be matched with someone.

3. Love Until Old

When I got old. When my body feels old. Keep you always here, accompany me to sing. When my hair started falling out. Rest assured I remain loyal. Massaging your shoulders until you fall asleep. Sheila On 7, When I Was Old

The next thing that is no less making emotional is a fragment of the lyrics of Sheila On 7’s song entitled When I’m Elderly. The song’s lyrics discuss a person’s hope to be together forever with their lover.

He wanted the idol of the heart to stay by his side until they both grew old. There is also the hope of always loving each other and being able to spend time together even if only by doing simple things.

4. Awaited Beauty

Frankly, I’m waiting for him. Obviously I crave it. Obviously I miss him. Because of her, because she’s so beautiful. Rice, So Beautiful

Do you still remember the lyrics of the song So Indah from the band Padi? In the song, there are lyrics containing crap words that you can make seduction to code your crush.

One of them is the one stated in the above quotation. From there, your crush will know how you see him or her. That it turns out, you really crave for it and want to have it.

5. The Mystery Behind Laughter

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved a woman whose laughter was like a question he had wanted to answer all his life. Nicole Krauss

You may be wondering what Nicole Krauss meant in the quote above. This is natural considering that Nicole’s expression carries a very deep meaning.

That is, he talked about how much he loves someone. So big, love is likened to a question to which it takes a lifetime to find the answer. That is, he promised to love his idol for life.

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Which Flirt Words Are The Most Crap In Your Mind?

From the collection of words above(25 Romantic Flirt Words Make You Emotional), which seduction do you think is the most crap? What is written according to the conditions of your love life? If so, choose which one is the most representative and try to convey it to your lover or crush.

Who knows, after hearing those crap words, he will understand that you want to be with him always. Over time, his feelings for you may also increase.  www.lovepsychologys.com

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