25 Romantic Love Words For Your Boyfriend

25 words of romantic love for your beloved boyfriend so that the relationship is more harmonious Expressing affection for the couple can be in various ways, such as saying directly, sending messages, or it can also be conveyed through status on social media. To make it sweeter, it would be better if you express your love with romantic words for your beloved boyfriend. You can see some examples in this article.

Sometimes, the longer the relationship, the less intimacy, and harmony between you and your partner will fade. If you don’t want that to happen, there are many ways you can do so that your relationship and your partner remain harmonious. One of them is by saying or sending words of romantic love for your beloved boyfriend.

Apart from sending or saying it in person, you can also make a romantic quote as a status on your social media. It will be even cuter if you pin or tag the social media account in that status.

Can’t wait to find out what the quotes are? No need to linger anymore, just check the article, let’s go! Who knows, there are some quotes that will hit your heart, so you can send them directly to her. Happy reading!

Words of Romantic Love for Your Beloved Boyfriend which are Short but Full of Meaning

25 Romantic Love Words For Your Boyfriend
25 Romantic Love Words For Your Boyfriend


1. The First Word of This Sentence

You know who I want to live with? With the first word of this sentence.

Choosing a life partner is not an easy matter. In order not to make the wrong choice, you need to pay attention and consider many things. People’s considerations and judgments may differ, but there are a few key things that you feel you should prioritize, such as they can comfort you, have the same sense of humor, and have good emotional stability.

If these three things are fulfilled, you may have found the right person. For those of you who have already found someone and have made a heart for them, these romantic love words are suitable to be sent to your boyfriend. Although the quote is short, it has a very meaningful meaning.

2. Always pray for it

I love you. That’s why I’ll never finish praying for your safety. Sapardi Djoko Damono

You can never always be with or with loved ones. Because, if you need to do other obligations, such as work, college,  quality time with family, or other activities.

When you can’t be with your lover, you can pray and ask God for help to always take care of him. Saying his name in your prayer is equivalent to wishing him goodness. Do you agree? If so, that means this quote from Sapardi Djoko Damono can represent your feelings.

3. More and more in love

As you can see, every day I love you more. More today than yesterday, and less than tomorrow. Rosemonde Gerard

Feelings of love and affection for a lover may not always be the same, they may increase or decrease. The feeling of love will never decrease, unless it is really loved. In fact, in an established relationship, the more days we spend together, the more affection we have.

Do you feel the same way? Where the love for him always increases little by little every day. If so, these romantic love words from Rosemonde Gerard can be sent to your girlfriend.

4. Share Stories

I just want you to accompany me. Opening the morning to release dusk, calming the night and telling stories. Boy Candra

Expressing feelings with the sentence  I love you,  I love you, or I love you, that’s not wrong but has become a common thing. If you want to sound special and romantic, it’s better to express your love with sweetly strung words.

If you find it difficult to compose words, you might be able to use this quote from Boy Candra as a reference. These words of romantic love for your dear boyfriend describe if you want to live with your lover and share stories together.

5. Best Medicine

Spending some time with you is the best medicine for all wounds.

When you are feeling sad, disappointed, and tired, what do you usually do to relieve it? In order to be calm, there are some people who choose to be alone while introspecting themselves. There are also people who can rest easy when leaning on the shoulder of their lover.

Are you also the type of person who can be calm when spending time with your loved one? Sometimes, a boyfriend can indeed be a comfort when the body is tired. If you agree, make the words of romantic love for this dear boyfriend a status on your social media.

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Words of Romantic Love for a Lovely and Entertaining Girlfriend


1. Like e-KTP

My love for you is like an e-KTP, once in a lifetime.

In 2011, the National Identity Card aka KTP was gradually made electronically, so it changed its name to e-KTP. One thing that distinguishes KTP and e-KTP is their validity period. So, e-KTP does not have an expiration date, so it can be valid for life.

Well, for those of you who are looking for sweet but romantic words for your beloved boyfriend, the lifetime validity of your e-KTP can be used as seduction. For example, the quote above. Send it to your partner, of course, will make him laugh happily.

2. Keep yourself busy

If you are busy with your activities, that’s fine. I will also keep myself busy with my routine. Unfortunately, it’s waiting to hear from you.

One of the things that can’t be realized is expecting your boyfriend to be there for you all the time. Because, he also has a life of his own that cannot possibly be left behind to accompany you, one of which is being busy at work.

If he is busy with his activities or work, it is only natural that you also keep yourself busy. Unfortunately, what you want to do at the moment is waiting to hear from him. Feeling that way? Make the words of romantic love above status for your dear boyfriend, who knows when he reads them so he can make time for you.

3. Focus On One Person

My love for you is like a camera. When you focus on one person, the others melt away.

You must have photographed an object, right? Whether it’s with cellphone cameras, digital cameras, mirrorless cameras, or whatever. In order for the shot to look good, you will usually set the focus on the object to be shot.

Usually, most people like the results of photos that focus on objects, where other objects will appear faint. This concept can also be used as a talk for a lover. For example, the funny words for your boyfriend above are guaranteed to laugh when he reads them.

Words of Romantic Love for a Loving Boyfriend who is Touching


1. Apologies

Sorry to piss you off. Sometimes things just get out of my control. And all that sometimes puts you in a bad mood. But, you should know. No matter how annoying I am, I’m still the person who wants you the most. Boy Candra

You may or often do something that makes him feel upset and angry. While doing this, what are the things you usually do to help him calm down? Apologizing can be one way to relieve resentment.

It’s just that, the word “apologize” is not enough to get forgiveness from him. Try sending little romantic words of apologies to your beloved boyfriend so that his heart will quickly melt. Maybe you can make this quote from Boy Candra as a choice of words.

2. The Most Beautiful Thing

Until then my body arrives at the end of my age, my feelings for you will never change. You don’t need to think how long we have. If God calls me and asks the most beautiful thing, I will answer: you. Fiersa Besari 

Do you currently have a lover that you really love with all your heart? When with him, you feel life becomes more beautiful and colorful. You also believe that he will be a partner for life.

So, does he know if you think of him as true love? If you haven’t expressed it because you are confused about composing sweet sentences, you can send this quote from Fiersa Besari to him. These words may bring tears to your boyfriend and tears because they mean so much.

3. Expressions of Love

I hope you know that whenever I tell you good luck home, don’t get cold, have a nice day, or have a good sleep, what I mean is I love you. I love you so much that love itself starts to steal meaning from other words.

The way a person shows love and affection for his lover is different. Perhaps, there are many people who show feelings of love by frequently uploading photos of their girlfriends on social media with sweet captions. However, not everyone is like that.

There may be some people who express their love and affection by always paying attention, such as reminding them to eat, saying to be careful on the road, taking the time to give news, and so on. These simple things can also be a form of love. Do you also express love in this way? For your beloved boyfriend, you can give the words above so that he will understand more that you love him.

4. Always Choose It

I choose you. And I choose you continuously and always. Without stopping, without hesitation, in every beat of my heart. I will continue to choose you.

Are you sure about your boyfriend at this point? That is, you have settled on it and want to take it to a more serious level. For example, continuing to the ladder of marriage.

If you are sure, these romantic love words are suitable for your dear boyfriend. Send him so he knows that you are sure to choose him as a life partner.

5. Not Away

I did go, but I didn’t leave you. I have to step, but not away from you. You know, no distance can make me move from you. Sam Haidy

Are you going into a long-distance relationship because of the demands of work? Maybe you moved out of town, so you have to leave your lover alone. Being separated by distance from your lover is not easy, but what else can you do?

You can’t possibly leave your job just because you don’t want to be away from it, right? If he really says he can’t afford to have a long-distance relationship, try to give him an understanding slowly. Maybe, these words of romantic love for a dear boyfriend who is far away can help you a little to explain to him.

Words of Romantic Love for Your Beloved Boyfriend that have Deep Meaning


1. Increased Faith

Thank you for the story you have given. Our love is the best because my faith increases. You helped me on earth, and because of that I want to meet you again in heaven.

Not everyone can get a lover who has good behavior and he also always remembers God. Especially if he is not only doing good for himself, but also always invites his lover to be kind too. Having such a lover, gratitude should always be said.

For those who feel lucky because they have a lover who is kind and strong in faith, have you thanked him? Hopefully, you can send these words of Islamic love to him as an expression of gratitude and a sign of gratitude for having him.

2. Viewing Millions of Stories

I like to look into your eyes without speaking. It was like looking at the millions of stories that had and will happen. With you I’m ready to go through. Fiersa Besari

Are you currently in a relationship with someone you really love? As if there is a belief in your heart that he will be the one who will live with you forever.

If you are that sure with him, you can send the words of romantic love for your beloved girlfriend, which are reflected in this Fiersa Bersari quote. Tell me when you are sure and steady in living life together.

3. Reality Is Better Than Dreams

You know falling in love when you can’t fall asleep, because the end reality is better than your dreams. Dr. Seuss

Sometimes, you may not be able to sleep because your brain is too busy thinking about your boyfriend. Especially if you are still dating in the early days, it may feel like you always want to spend time together. Whether it’s through chat,  telephone, video call,  or meeting, you definitely want to always be with him.

It is normal to be unable to sleep as a result of thinking about your boyfriend. Because, you are feeling happy and don’t realize that happiness has taken away your sleep. Do you agree with that? Make the words above as status on your social media. Perhaps the boyfriend has experienced the same thing.

4. No More Getting Lost

In the past, I had a broken heart. Makes me don’t know where else to anchor my heart. I feel lost and lonely. Then you came to me and I felt like I came home. Thank you for finding me.

It seems that almost everyone has experienced heartache because of love. Have you experienced it too? From that bitter experience, you may not know what to do. It is as if you have lost your direction in life so that you are lost in a space of solitude.

So, have you recovered from the pain? Have you been found by someone who can then heal your heart? If so, these words of romantic love are likely to represent your feelings, so they can be used as status on social media for your dear boyfriend.

5. Sharing the Same Heaven

I didn’t cry because we were separated by distance and time. Because as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we will still be together. Donna Lynn Hope

For those of you who are in a long-distance relationship, arguments are inevitable, right? Establishing a long-distance relationship or LDR is not easy. In fact, many people believe that the LDR will not last long. Well, nothing is impossible!

If you really love each other, then distance should not be an obstacle to the relationship between you and your boyfriend. Always remember these words of love from Donnya Lynn Hope, that you and your partner will continue to be together as long as they are still in the same sky. Agree? Send these romantic love words to your dear boyfriend.

Words of Romantic Love for a Beloved Girlfriend Inspired by Song Lyrics


1. Face the World Together

Stay with me to be my life partner, the two of us face the world. You are mine, yours, we go together to go. Together with the rush of time. You are mine, I belong to you. Sincere, Life Partner

Who doesn’t know Tulus? He is a singer who has romantic songs, one of which is  Teman Hidup. This song tells the story of a person who has found his life partner.

Some fragments of the lyrics can be sent to him, as a sign that you want him to be a life partner forever. One of the pieces of the lyrics is the quote above. If you can sing, there’s nothing wrong with singing this song for him.

2. Being Beautiful

Did not feel dark fell at the end of the night into a cold morning. There are only a few stars tonight, maybe because you’re so pretty. Shaded Umbrellas, For Women Who Are In Hugs

For men, what romantic songs are suitable to be sung for a lover’s heart? If you are still confused, the song from Payung Teduh, entitled  For Women Who Are In Hugs, can be used as an option.

Singing this song is like giving praise to his charming face. If you are not confident in singing, you can send the above part of the lyrics to your lover as romantic love words for your beloved boyfriend. Good luck!

3. No Two

You’re a charm. You’re a flower. You are matchless, not two. Naive, you

Apart from Payung Teduh, Naif also has a song so sweet called Kau which is suitable to be sung for your girlfriendThe lyrics of this song are indeed short, but the meaning is very deep, which is a form of admiration for a man to his lover.

So, the part of the lyrics above can be sent as a sign that you love and admire him. Or, to make it more romantic, you can also make it a caption on uploading a photo of your lover’s face on Instagram.

4. Become More Beautiful

And you are there, changing everything to be more beautiful. You take my love as high as the sky, make me feel perfect and make me whole to live life together with you forever. You are the best for me. Adera, more beautiful

Do you feel life becomes more colorful after him? If so, the song More Beautiful from Adera will represent your feelings. This song used to be popular and maybe you’ve heard it before, right?

The quote above is one of the lyrics of the song that you can make as romantic words for your boyfriend. Send them these lyrics as a sign that you feel life is more beautiful because of his presence. That way, he will feel very loved by you.

5. Feeling Peace

How perfect you are in the eyes of my heart. I never felt at peace with you. Nothing can possibly change your place. You make me feel great because of the sincerity of your love. Stairs, great

Basically, in this world nobody is perfect. All of them must have their respective advantages and disadvantages. However, when you love someone, they will look perfect to you.

Do you agree with that opinion? If you agree, you can send us a lyric fragment of the song  Great from the Ladder. Let him know that you feel very peaceful and comfortable with him.

Time to Express Love with Romantic Words for the Girlfriends Above

That was a collection of words of romantic love for my dear boyfriend. Of the 25 Romantic Love Words For Your Boyfriend above, which one do you think is the most romantic and suitable to be sent to your boyfriend?

If there are several quotes that represent feelings, now is the time to express what is in your heart to your loved one. By expressing it with words of romantic love, I hope your relationship with him will be more harmonious, yes!

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