25 Sad & Troubling Words About Meaningful Love

25 sad and troubling words about love that describe your heart In a love relationship, feelings of sadness and happiness are normal. When sadness hits, you shouldn’t fall too far in the face of it. In order for your heart to be much calmer, you might be able to read the words that are upset and sad about love in this article. Maybe there are some quotes that represent your heart’s content.

In a relationship, there may be times when you are faced with a problem, both small and large. This of course creates feelings of sadness and uneasiness. If you are experiencing it, expressing your heart’s content with words of sadness and sadness about love may be able to relieve your heart a little.

God gives you trials and problems right now, of course, not without reason and purpose. Trust that He is setting the best scenario for your life.

If you feel so hurt that you feel like crying, then cry your heart out until you get tired. After that, take a short break while being alone, calming your heart, and having introspection.

If being alone still hasn’t made you calm, try to express the pain that is in your heart with the words of pearls of confusion and sadness about love listed below! Who knows, by expressing it, your feelings will be a little calmer.

25 Sad & Troubling Words About Meaningful Love
25 Sad & Troubling Words About Meaningful Love

Sad and troubling words about love touch the heart

1. Still Looking for a Person like Him

I thought I had gotten over you, but I didn’t. I just managed not to think about you. Because in fact, I’m still looking for your figure in other people. I am ashamed because I am still controlled by miss. Aren’t you willing to turn around and say hello to me? I’m waiting for you, since the night you left me. AJ

Are you currently still unable to forget the him who once stopped in your heart but has now left? I don’t know what happened between you, it’s just that he chose to leave you with a million memories. Maybe you always try not to think about it, but what can you do, the heart always wants him back.

You also decide to look for another love affair. Unfortunately, you may be looking for someone who has the attitude, face, mannerisms, and anything else that resembles him. Sadly again, it could happen without you knowing it. Experiencing something similar? The sad and upsetting words about love above will probably represent your feelings.

2. Sit on the Spectator Bench

Support as much as possible, encourage as much as possible, and help as much as possible. Until finally, I could only sit in the audience, see it getting bigger, more radiant, and farther away. Fiersa Besari

Have you ever heard a sad story that happened to someone, where he always supported and accompanied his lover from the lowest point, but when his lover was successful, he was abandoned? This seems to happen frequently on this earth. Have you experienced it too? When your lover is at zero, aka his lowest position, you try to always encourage, support, and help him as much as possible.

Unfortunately, when he was at the top, he was complacent about the world’s pleasures and forgot about your struggles so far. And then came that bad day, where he decided to end the relationship with you and prefer someone else. It certainly feels very sad and suffocating, right? Hopefully the quote from Fiersa above can describe your feelings.

3. The Story is Over

In the end it was all over. We have been through this after all. Let this be a story in a corner of memories that we will one day forget or even become a memory. What happened has happened. Nothing can be blamed if in fact we once agreed to unite each other. However, in the past you have called me dear and you have also encouraged me to strive for my dreams. But never mind, me and you are done. Boy Chandra

When in a relationship with someone, you and he may have promised not to leave each other and keep each other’s heart. As time goes by and there are arguments, you may feel unbearable and want to end the relationship. So, what is the use of a spoken commitment?

Now, if separation is the only best way for you, the promise that was spoken is just a promise that might soon be forgotten. Initially, you and your partner may regret what happened. However, gradually you will surrender and give up the existing relationship. That is what is illustrated by these words of sadness about love expressed by Boy Chandra.

4. Who Makes Us Disappointed?

Actually, who makes us disappointed? The answer is us. We will never be disappointed if we always control our expectations. No matter how sophisticated other people cultivate their charm, accumulate their attention, if we control our hearts perfectly, no problem at all . Tere Liye

When you like someone, the brain can suggest to the heart that whatever he is doing looks beautiful. Even though he is actually indifferent, you still have hope that you can be together and have a more serious relationship with him. As a result, when he chooses someone else, you can only be disappointed lamenting it all.

So, who is really wrong? Since the beginning, he actually doesn’t care about you. But, you still hope to be with him. It is true what Tere Liye expressed in these words of disappointment towards someone, that it is actually yourself that makes you disappointed because you cannot control expectations. Therefore, do not expect more from someone, because not necessarily everything is in line with what you want.

5. Like a broken glass glass

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave the glass broken than to hurt yourself putting it together. Anonymous 

Who agrees with the sad and upset quotes about love above? In fact, a relationship that has been destroyed can be likened to a glass that if it is broken it will be difficult to put it back together. If you can, you may have injured your hand trying to hold it together.

Therefore, for those who experience a breakdown in a relationship, you better be sincere and don’t force yourself to fix it. Believe that ending the relationship could be the best way for you and him.

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Sad and troubling words about love that describe the disappointment

1. Already accustomed

I was disappointed too much and hurt too many times. Until when this story happened again, without realizing it I could easily smile, saying ‘It’s normal, it’s used to it’. Ian Hugen

These words of upset and disappointment for someone expressed by Ian Hugen seem to be going to represent the feelings of people who are often hurt because of love. Are you one of these people? Not only once or twice, but you may also have failed many times in matters of love.

It’s been hurt so often, it might just make you more and more accustomed to all of the hurt feelings. Until finally, when someone hurts again, you can only stroke your chest and laugh in your heart, saying “Things like this are used to me.” Yaps, from the bitter story that happened, now you become someone who is strong and tough.

2. These Are All Lies

He lied to calm me down. Then, I also lied to make him believe that I had calmed down. Anonymous 

Being honest is one of the important things in the continuity of a relationship. However, sometimes thing it is also a difficult thing to do for people who harbor a mistake. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who always covered up what he was doing with a lie?

For example, he hides his closeness to other people and always says that he is not close to anyone. You actually already know that he is lying. But, maybe because unfortunately, you also decided to lie by saying that you believe everything he said. Now, your relationship with him is just full of lies that who knows how long it can last.

3. Missing when it rains

Memories are something that sometimes turns into a knife, piercing the heart deepest. However, not infrequently are things that bring you longing in the rain and at dusk. There is always a lesson for all feelings, even though sometimes it is not conveyed. Boy Chandra

When in a relationship, you and your partner probably go through a lot of togetherness with joy. Without realizing it, you have created a beautiful story to remember at a later date. But, what happens if your relationship has to run aground? I don’t know what the underlying is, you just can’t be together anymore.

All the memories that were once beautiful have now turned into a frightening specter. You no longer smile and may even cry if you think of the sweet things you’ve been to with him. That is what Boy Chandra means in his upset and sad aphorisms about love, which might represent your feelings.

4. Leave Him

Whatever makes you smile, stick it out. Whatever makes you sad, leave it. Mario Teguh

Have you ever heard or read these sad and upsetting aphorisms about love from Mario Teguh? So have you understood the meaning of this quote? Basically, life is a choice.

If you are often hurt, you have the right to choose to leave. Not that you are not in love, but you have the right to have someone who always takes care of your heart. Agree with that? Make this quote as a motivation to live in a love story.

5. Repeating Childhood

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. A sore knee is easier to heal than a broken heart. Anonymous

Did you have the desire to go back to being a child? The reason is that they cannot bear the pain of a breakup that may never be felt by young children. If so, perhaps such thoughts are normal, considering that childhood was very pleasant and the pain you experienced might be as much as a sore knee.

Unlike heartache, it takes a long time to heal, unlike blisters or bruises from a fall. Do you have the same opinion? Make aphorisms about feelings of confusion and sadness because of this love as status on social media. Its purpose is to insult the people who have scratched your heart.

Sad and troubling words about a broken heart because of love

1. Something that is not important

Isn’t something that exists, can become something invisible? And, something that is visible to the eye, can be something that is forgotten? Isn’t something that is usually missed, can become something that is not important in the future? Judith Chng

Have you ever been left by a loved one without knowing what caused it? It feels very painful and sad, right? All the beautiful and pleasant things that have happened in the past, may now turn into painful things if you think about them.

You can grieve and regret everything that has happened, but don’t be too long in sadness. Hopefully, these words of confusion and sadness because of love will represent your feelings. That something that we missed, can be something that is no longer important. Trust me, you can definitely get through it.

2. Lessons in Life

Thank you for giving many lessons about life. One of them is about maturing, by letting go of something that is not mine and accepting it gracefully, without having to judge and hate whoever the source is.

Whatever happens in this life, there are certain lessons that can be learned. Whether it’s a matter of the future, life, or love, there will always be a lesson from everything that happens. Even if it’s heartbreak, you can still receive meaningful lessons as long as you understand how to let them go.

Therefore, if you are experiencing the pain of heartbreak because you were left without a definite reason, stay strong. No need to look again for what caused his departure, and keep trying to be generous and sincere to accept the fact that he is no longer yours. If you can do this, then you have successfully matured.

3. Comfort that ends in loss

If you end up naming yourself as lost? Why did you teach me a comfort in the past? Who exactly is to blame in this story. Boy Chandra

Are you currently sad because someone you loved most left you? The reason for his departure is not clear, but what is certain is that he no longer thinks of you as a significant person. So, if this is the case, why did he make you comfortable in the past?

Even though you love and love him sincerely, but he just wastes those sincere feelings. It’s as if he purposely made you fall in love, then went away leaving behind memories that may be painful. For those who experience it, make these sad and upset quotes from Boy Chandra for your status on your social media. Maybe a little to make him realize that has hurt you.

4. The Past Cannot Be Changed

No matter how much you want to go back in time, there will still be nothing new that you can see. Anonymous 

Don’t deny it, in living this mortal life, you must have experienced things that are very heartbreaking. Especially when it comes to love issues, there are painful stories behind them, which make you regret what has happened.

However, why regret it? No matter what happens, you can never change it. Instead of grieving over the past, it would be better if you make it a life lesson.

5. Holding on to a sense of homesickness

I want to say that I miss you. But, that wouldn’t change anything. So, I just harbored it and pretended I didn’t miss you. Anonymous 

Ex-boyfriends sometimes become obstacles for someone to continue with their new story. The reason is simple, they still love their ex and hope to be in love again. Actually, it’s not wrong to harbor feelings for your ex, as long as he also has the same feeling. So you guys can go back and improve relationships.

However, what happens if it turns out that he has moved on first? Instead of turning back, maybe you can only harbor feelings while lamenting the fate of not being able to have them anymore. For those of you who are in a dilemma like that, stop expecting love from your ex, and start a new story with other people.

Words of Troubled Pearl about Love Inspired by Indie Song Lyrics

1. Let Himself Be Free

Suffice your bond. Give up what is not supposed to be for you. What you better take care of is yourself. Kunto Aji, Eldest

For those who are heartbroken, have you ever listened to this song called Sulung, performed by Kunto Aji? If not, try listening to it via a  headset, so you can delve deeper into its meaning.

Even though this song only has a short duration and lyrics, the message conveyed is very deep. It is suitable for you to listen to when you are hurt by having an uncertain relationship.

2. Do not want to bring up the past

When everything is gone, your shadow fills up again. I don’t know what you want, I have no right to bring it back. Erase the ink that you ever painted on the canvas of my heart. Tearing away all the shadows that appear in my spiritual recesses. The Twilight Dialogue, Lara

Even though the lyrics of the song are very poetic, it seems that not many people know about Lara’s song from Dialog Senja. This songgoingdescribes the feelings of people who are trying to move on from their ex.

You are also experiencing it? If so, keep fighting and be patient in forgetting him. The shadows about him may not be easy to get rid of, but believe me, someday you will definitely be able to erase all the memories with him.

3. There is no more space in his heart

Fate doesn’t want us to unite, now you are with him. There is no room for me in your heart. Too late I regret everything that happened. When I know you can’t come back. I did not think I was hurt this deep. Because of the love that I denied. If only I could change the time I would never leave you the most. Trying with my heart to give up on you with him. Even though I couldn’t. Twilight, it hurts

When it comes to love, what do you regret the most right now? Have you ever left someone, for whatever reason, and regretted it? When you want to say sorry and want to return in his arms, it turns out that he has chosen to live with someone else.

Now, all you can do is regret your previous decision, while letting go of him who is living a new life. If you experience something similar, this Perih song is suitable for you to listen to yourself. The reason is, the lyrics will represent your feelings that are regretting your own actions.

4. The Room to Become a Witness

But each of our rooms has become a witness. What is the name we cry over and which frame, we hug over and over again. Tears fall to the bottom, until they stagnate. The longing that we cried until stagnated. Should you kid yourself? Elegi, the longing we cry

When you experience the bitterness of a broken heart, you may not want to show it to other people. You try to stay strong in order invisible pain that is being felt is nowhere to be seen (so don’t cross the takgeser mrene). Not without purpose, you do it so that other people don’t think you are weak.

When in fact you are very hurt and hurt. When you are alone, you pour it out by crying non-stop while asking yourself why this all happened. Presumably, that is what is illustrated in the words of pearls of confusion and sadness about love inspired by the lyrics of the song Rindu yang Kita Tangisi which belongs to the indie music band, Elegi.

5. It has ended

When it was all over, I didn’t know what I was looking for. When all was over, I sat down to wait for morning to come. In fact I have been willing to let you go. It’s just that I’m sorry you wasted my time and now everything has happened. Mocca and Mahardika are persistent, when all is over

Have you ever regretted your decision for having a story with someone? Until finally, you decide to separate. In fact, you are willing to break up with him, it’s just that you still feel sorry for spending time with him.

You feel that the time spent with him is a waste. Do you have a similar experience? Express your feelings through sad and troubling words about love from the lyrics of this Mocca song.

Words of troubled and sad love about separation

1. Bitter Memories

No matter how cute a breakup, no matter how beautiful it is, it will still be a goodbye. There are stories that have since turned into bitter memories. Scribble Pen

Breaking up or parting with someone you love with all your heart will certainly be very painful. Even though the breakup was going well, in which you and he have discussed it with a cool head, there is still a heart that cannot easily give up the relationship.

Because, whether it was a good breakup or not, separation still leaves memories that may be hard to forget. Sometimes sweet stories that used to happen can turn into bitter memories that are not so easily forgotten. Yes, that is the farewell, leaving wounds and bitter memories for anyone who experiences it.

2. Postponing the Separation

I once asked myself, ‘Are we maintaining a relationship or are we postponing separation?’ Anonymous 

Have you ever kept someone because you have been in love with them for too long? Even though every day you and your partner always fight over small things. You also repeatedly break the promises that have been made. In essence, your relationship is no longer worth continuing.

However, either he or you are hesitant to part just because they have been together for so long. Actually, the quantity of dating time is not a benchmark for maintaining a relationship, but the quality is what determines. Therefore, before your relationship gets worse, ask yourself the questions that are in sad and upset words about this love.

3. Nothing Is Alright

After all nothing’s gonna be okay about a breakup. Anonymous 

Have you and your boyfriend recently separated? What reasons underlie the separation? Whatever it is, I hope that separation is the best way for you. Maybe, at first, the separation felt very heavy and full of blue emotion, but someday it will erase all the turmoil.

Because, basically no one is okay with such a thing as separation. It’s just that, everyone can definitely rise from adversity. Agree with that? If so, these upset and sad aphorisms about love are suitable for you to make a caption on social media.

4. Being Heartless

Come to taste, leave the wound. You think I’m a lifeless being? Anonymous 

In this world, you will never know if what is in a person’s heart and mind is the same as what he is saying. He may say love and affection to you, but that’s just nonsense. If you already believe everything he said and it turns out he was proven to be lying, then all that’s left is tears.

If you are currently experiencing something similar, make these upset and sad quotes about love as your social media status. Think of it as an insinuation for someone who has planted a seed of love in your heart but just walked away.

5. Things That Cannot Be Avoided

Meeting was inevitable, like separation, was undeniable. One day maybe you will feel messy, after being abandoned. However, there will definitely be a comeback, a recovering figure. Parting does not have to be understood with reasons, you just let it go. Everything must have experienced the ‘finished’ that was voiced. No need to ask about what, and how. Be aware, it all ends because it contains ‘enough’ and ‘tired’ in it. Time Dialogue

Have you ever regretted a meeting? Sometimes the meeting happens so beautifully, as if you have found the right person and can take it to the end of your life. But what happens if the meeting does not end in happiness but rather a farewell? Of course, it feels very painful.

Then, you ask yourself, “What the hell is there a meeting if it ends in separation?” If you are experiencing it, remember one thing that life is nothing. The goodbye can serve as a reminder that you need to be more careful about interpreting a meeting.

Which sad and sad words about love best describe your feelings?

Such is a collection of sad and upset quotes about love and hopefully, they can represent your feelings. Of the 25 sample quotes above, which one best describes your current story?

Hopefully, there are some quotes that are appropriate, so that you can make it an expression of the heart that you have been difficult to express. No matter how sad and upset you feel, it will probably subside a little when those emotions are conveyed. Keep the spirit Okay! www.lovepsychologys.com

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