25 Single Words that can represent Feelings

Single Words that can represent Feelings for those of you who still enjoy being single People often dispute the choice not to have a relationship. If you are the one making the decision and are in need of encouragement, a single word in this article might help. Check out the full review here.

Here are a variety of quotes for single people that might inspire you. You can find a collection of words that are wise, happy, to classy.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the collection of single words below. Hopefully, of the many quotes here, there are those that can represent your heart’s content.

25 Single Words that can represent Feelings
25 Single Words that can represent Feelings

Wise Singles Words That Mean Meaning


1. Can Not Love Yourself Yet

If you can’t love yourself, it will be difficult for you to love anyone. Because you will hate the time and energy you give to others that you don’t even give to yourself. Barbara De Angelis

The matter of having an affair cannot be considered as a game. The reason is, you do not only involve your own feelings, but also the feelings of other people.

Barbara De Angelis emphasizes the importance of loving yourself first before having special relationships with other people in the picture of the single words above. This quote can be a reminder for you not to rush to find a partner just because of pressure from those around you.

2. Singles Not Status

Singles are not status. It is an apt word to describe someone who is strong enough to live and enjoy the world without having to depend on other people.

When you hear the word single, most people probably think of it as a sad status and need to be pitied. In fact, there is nothing wrong with choosing not to be tied down in love.

As stated in the quote above,  single should be a word that has its own strength because it doesn’t rely on other people as a source of happiness. Do you agree with this explanation?

3. Not Affecting the Match

A mate doesn’t necessarily get close because you are dating, nor will it get very far just because you are single.

Some may believe that by having love, the opportunity to meet your soul mate will increase. On the other hand, if you are single for too long, your soulmate will be difficult to find.

However, this assumption is actually absurd and only appears so that people can quickly look for their hearts. After all, no one knows about matchmaking except God.

4. Other Reasons

God made you single right now because He doesn’t want to see you spending time with the wrong people.

Dating relationships are not only emotional and energy-intensive, they can also be a waste of time if you are hooking up with the wrong person. Of course, you cannot ask for more of the time that has passed.

Therefore, the single words above seem to want to provide a positive image for those of you who don’t want to be tied down in love. Just believe in God’s plan because He knows what’s best for you.

5. Have the freedom

Don’t be sad to be single, it should be those who have boyfriends because they are jealous of the freedom of singles.

You may have been jealous of people who can spend time with their crush. However, on the one hand, they may also feel jealous of the freedom you have.

It can’t be denied, there are types of boyfriends who are very protective to the point where they don’t allow their partners to participate in certain activities. Therefore, sometimes being single has its own advantages because you can do what you want without anyone forbidding you.

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Happy Singles Words


1. Understand Yourself More

I find it very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know what it’s like to be alone without being defined by other people. Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde provides a fitting picture of a single with the words above. Taking the time to get to know yourself better without being influenced by love affairs is sometimes necessary for you to be a better person.

You who may initially care too much about other people’s opinions, eventually focus more on your own will. Of course, this can have a good impact on your mental and emotional state.

2. Do as you please

It’s good if you can do whatever you like with friends. Instead of dating, but in the end it makes you jealous, hurt, breaks up, and adds enemies.

Some people may have experienced relationships that are too restrictive and emotionally draining. Are you one of them? If so, maybe you feel relieved and free after breaking up with your boyfriend.

As the quote above suggests, sometimes being single can be a blessing in itself. You can have fun with your friends freely without worrying about boundaries from your boyfriend.

3. Pursuing a career

When you are still alone, you can focus more on pursuing a career and achieving your dreams without the distraction called love and romance.

As we get older, romance is no longer a priority. The reason is, there are other things that are more important, such as realizing dreams, pursuing a career, and continuing education.

The words above can be embedded in the meme images you give for people who keep questioning why you are still single. You can also post it as a status on social media to avoid the same question.

4. Surrounded by People

Better single but many care, than having a partner but it feels like being alone.

Many people think that if they already have a boyfriend, he will always be by your side. Unfortunately, this assumption is not always true because sometimes the boyfriend just doesn’t care.

Therefore, it is not wrong if you prefer to be single then your heart continues to hurt. Why rely on the care of one person when best friends and friends are still paying immeasurable attention to you?

5. Happy with Yourself

Sometimes someone chooses to be single because they can be happy with themselves. So, there is no need to seek happiness from other people. Nurilla Iryani

The concept of having a happy life without a partner doesn’t seem to be accepted by most people. The reason is, many think that someone needs the existence of a moored heart to be happy.

Nurilla Iryani herself refutes this assumption in the picture of the single words above. According to this woman, there are some people who are happy and satisfied without having a lover. If you feel the same way, your heart may be touched after reading the quote.

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Singles words funny make amusement


1. Match in Whose Hand

If only they, the singles, had God, it was still not bad. They will say that the soul mate is in God’s hands. Whose hand is an atheist? Sujiwo Tejo

The phrase “soul mate is in God’s hands” is often used as a defense for people who have not met their idol. However, the phrase in Sujiwo Tejo’s hand turned into joke words for meme images that tease single people.

This man joked that atheists couldn’t get around the question “why are you still single ?” with the matching answer is in God. The reason is that atheists are a group of people who do not believe in the existence of God.

2. Different Classes

Why be jealous of an trailer truck, if a Ferrari looks cool alone.

Maybe you have heard the joke “truck trailer, how come you are alone” from people around you after finding out that you do not have a partner. Feelings of resentment may have been embedded in you.

According to the funny single words above, a single is considered a valuable status like a Ferrari car. When compared to an articulated truck, of course, the two vehicles are not equal. You can use the joke as a defense whenever someone nosy questions your loneliness.

3. Meaning of Jones

Jones is single with happiness.

The word jones is often associated with the meaning of “single person” or sad single people. Though the word can actually have a more positive meaning if you are creative enough.

For example, like the quote above, which replaces Jones’s length to be single with happiness or single with happiness. The phrase shows that single people can be happy too.

4. Moderate LDR

I’m not single, but in a long distance relationship with my future boyfriend.

Frequently the question “why are you still single?” what people say may bore you. Especially if the question comes from people who don’t really know you.

If you want to do fun and stop talking about romance, just use the funny single words above. At first glance, the quote seems to provide context if you have a partner. When in fact it was just a joke.

5. Be faithful

Single people are loyal. Faithful to his solitude.

Singles may be one of the themes that are often taken for jokes. One of them is as stated in the quote about singles and loyalty above.

Being loyal is one of the qualities that people often look for when they are looking for someone who loves their heart. According to the joke, people who are still single are classified as loyal because they feel at home with their solitude.

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Singles Words Honorable and Classy


1. Productive Singles

Be proud to be a single with quality that produces work, rather than an upset relationship that prevents you from working.

When you disagree with your partner, your hurt feelings can affect someone’s productivity. Because of this, some people choose to focus on work rather than wasting energy dealing with romance.

If you are one of them, the honorable single words above can describe how you feel. You can make this quote an important note so you don’t have to feel inferior just because you don’t have a partner.

2. Want a definite

Being single is better than being in a relationship filled with doubts.

Not all relationships are filled with happiness as told in fairy tales. Especially for those who are trapped in doubtful relationships.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with some people choosing to remain alone. If you have the same opinion, this quote can serve as a reminder that the choice you made was the best move.

3. Maintaining the Self

Too many women force themselves to have romantic relationships because they are afraid to be single so they are willing to compromise and lose their identity. I won’t do it. Julie Delpy

There are people who are in an affair because they really fall in love, there are also those who are forced to go out because they don’t want to be labeled as single. Even though love affairs should be accompanied by sincere feelings in order to make each other happy.

Julie Delpy expressed her dislike for women who have to lose their identity in order to get a partner from the quote above. The classy single words can be a fitting picture that single status does not necessarily diminish one’s dignity.

4. Want To Be Appreciated

If you want to be appreciated by the people you love, you have to prove that you can survive without them. Michael Bassey Johnson

Often times when you have a single status, the people closest to you may feel sorry because you have to do things yourself. Therefore, you may hear comments like “if you have a boyfriend, someone will help you.”

You can use the words of Michael Bassey Johnson above as encouragement. Prove to these people that single status is not an obstacle for you to continue to survive.

5. Live according to your will

Being single is an opportunity to live life the way you want and you don’t need to apologize to anyone.

Most probably wish to have a life of their own accord without interference from others. One way is by not forming special bonds with anyone.

If you want to show the world that you are okay without having a lover, the picture of single words above can be the right medium. You can make it a status on social media or share it with friends who are experiencing the same thing.

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Singles’ Words Seek Heart-Touching Love


1. Seek the Sincere

What is truly sincere is hard to find, and I am still looking for it.

Sometimes people like to label someone who doesn’t have a partner as a person who is too picky. Even if it is related to matters of the heart, of course, it needs to be considered carefully.

Therefore, it is normal for the words above to appear as the defense of single people. If you feel the same way, the quote may represent your inner voice.

2. A Question

Whenever I see a couple holding hands, or just sitting together, I look away. It’s not that I hate dating people, but seeing them reminds me of a question that no one can answer, “Where is my lover?”

Love is a mysterious feeling and cannot be forced. Therefore, not everyone can easily feel this feeling because it is personal.

The single words above can be a picture for those who have not found their idol. If you experience something similar, the quote seems to be able to express what is in your heart.

3. Be Like Flowers

Flowers don’t dream of bees. What happens is the flowers bloom and the bees arrive.

Many hope to get a partner according to the criteria of dreams, maybe you are one of them too. It doesn’t hurt to hope and keep looking, but you should also try to improve.

In this quote, the flower only focuses on itself so that it blooms immediately. As a result, the bees will come to you without being asked. By increasing the quality of yourself, your chance to meet your idol can also be greater.

4. When It’s Time

When the time comes for two souls to meet each other, nothing on Earth will be able to stand in the way of it, no matter where the two of them are located.

The matter of meeting a soul mate can not be separated from God’s intervention. If you’ve tried your best but haven’t seen your soulmate, maybe the time isn’t right and you have to be patient.

As stated in the quote above, when the time has come, nothing will prevent your meeting with your idol. What God wants, nothing can prevent it.

5. Wait

I might get lost when I’m looking for love. However, from there I know love takes patience and must wait.

His name is also in the search for love, sometimes you may meet the wrong people. From there, you can learn that everything takes to process and patience.

The single words above are an appropriate description of what you are experiencing. You can save the quote as an encouraging message or make it a status on social media. Who knows, your friends will have a similar experience.

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Which Singles Words Are You Favorite?

This is a collection of single words that can represent Feelings. Of the many quotes that have been explained, are there any that can describe your heart’s content correctly? Hopefully, saying these words can make you feel a little more relieved.

Apart from this article, there are many collections of other inspirational quotes that you can read on lovepsychologys.com. Some of them are romantic words, motivation to restore enthusiasm, and upset quotes for a troubled heart.

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