25 words of wisdom and pearls about love life

25 words of wisdom and pearls about love life that Touches the Heart Have you ever been confused about finding an expression to show the feelings you have for your lover? Especially if you don’t want to use too small talk or just flirtatiously. Instead of being confused, here we have provided words of wisdom and pearls about love that you can send to your dearest lover.

These feelings also cannot be developed easily or in a short time. So that when you finally get true love in life, you will feel like you have the greatest gift in the world.

To be able to better understand how true love means, check out the quotes that we have prepared below. Hopefully, the words of wisdom and pearls about love life that are listed below can strengthen your loving relationship with your beloved lover. Happy reading!

Words of Wisdom and Brief Pearls on Love Life

25 words of wisdom & pearls about love life
25 words of wisdom & pearls about love life


1. Not Just What You Feel

Love is not only something you feel, but also something you do. David Wilkerson

Some people may think that the feelings of love they have are enough to prove that they can love someone else. In fact, love should not be just what they feel.

If a person truly has love in him, he will not only feel it or express it in words. This person will show his sincerity through the attitude and attention given sincerely to the person he loves.

2. Doing Things that Don’t Make Sense

Those who fall in love will do impossible things. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

When someone falls in love, he will be willing to do anything for the person he cares about. Sometimes, things that are rarely done will be done to please your idol.

Maybe that’s the meaning of the words of wisdom and pearls about love from British poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. That love can change a person’s behavior and attitude. This will not be a problem as long as it changes for the better.

3. Fit Yourself First

Fit yourself, refine your studies and true love will find you soon. Anonymous

Some people who don’t have a partner might feel upset. Especially when friends around him began to have lovers or even get married.

If you are one of these people, don’t worry! Because as these words of wisdom and pearls say about this one love life after you try to improve yourself and become better, true love will come to you later.

4. Don’t Fall in Love

Never love anyone who treats you like you are just ordinary. Oscar Wilde

When feelings of love hit, you will definitely treat the person you love with special. You will show that he has a special place in your heart.

However, when the person doesn’t treat you as special, you may wonder. Instead of being confused, try to dig into these words of wisdom and pearls about love from Oscar Wilde. Because if you keep pushing yourself to love someone who doesn’t think you are special, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up getting hurt.

5. Never End

Stories about true love have no end. Richard Bach

Every story that has a beginning will usually have an ending, as well as love stories. Oftentimes, the ending is unpleasant and deeply hurtful. Sometimes, it makes someone feel afraid to start love.

But take it easy, you can use these words of wisdom and pearls about love from Richard Bach as encouragement. That one day, when you get true love, the story will never end.

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Words of Wisdom and Islamic Pearls about Love Life

25 words of wisdom & pearls about love life
25 words of wisdom & pearls about love life


1. Characteristics of a Good Man

A good man will treat a woman with respect. Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Every human being would want to have a partner who will always love him. Besides that, it would be better if that love was also followed by mutual respect. It is not only women who respect men, but also vice versa.

Because like the words of wisdom and Islamic pearls about love, the words of the Prophet. this one, that a nice man will treat every woman, including her partner, with respect. Because how can he expect his partner to appreciate him if he doesn’t do the same?

2. Feelings of Love for Allah

Love for Allah is a light, if you don’t have it, you are in a sea of ​​darkness. Ibn Qayyim

The feeling of love that is possessed by a human being does not only occur between humans, but also between someone and their creator. When you have a love for Allah Almighty, your life will be more beautiful.

Just as Ibn Qayyim expressed in his words of wisdom and pearls about this one love life. That if a person does not have a love for his creator, his life will always be in darkness.

3. Don’t worry about being alone

And We created you in pairs. QS An Nabaa 8

Some people who still don’t have a partner sometimes feel upset. What’s wrong with his life that he’s still single? Isn’t there a mate given by Allah for him?

If such thoughts ever come to your head, immediately calm your heart and mind. Because in the Qur’an surah An Nabaa verse 8, Allah has promised that each of His servants has been created in pairs. If you haven’t found the right partner, it might just not be the right time.

4. True love

Someone who truly loves you will mention your name in every prayer. Anonymous

When you love someone, you certainly expect them to always get good in everything. Like his career, also his relationship with you or those around him.

One way to show your love for your lover, always to send a prayer for him. Ask the Supreme Giver so that your idol always gets the best things in life. On the other hand, hopefully, he will always mention your name in every prayer.

5. Best Man in Islam

Rasulullah saw. said: “The most perfect believer in faith is the most good in character. And the best you are the best in character towards his wife. HR Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah

Prophet Muhammad SAW. known as a person who always glorifies and cherishes his wife. Therefore, he often says about the relationship between a man and a woman, like this one hadith quote.

If Rasulullah saw. I have already said that the best a man is who has good character for his wife, it will be better for his people to follow this word. What kind of good morals should be shown to a wife? Among them are loving, appreciating, speaking softly, giving gifts, and other kindness.

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Words of Wisdom and Cute Pearls of Love


1. Love without Sound

True love comes quietly, without shiny banners or lights. If you hear bells, check your ears. Erich Segal

Some people may think that the feeling of love will arise in the heart with a notification or sound. So that anyone who feels love can prepare for the worst that can happen.

In fact, the feeling of genuine love from the heart will come suddenly. Sometimes it doesn’t give a signal, sometimes it gives a signal but you ignore it. But what is clear, there is no way you can hear the sound of the bells to indicate the love that comes to your heart.

2. Love is like a ghost

True love is like a ghost, which everyone talks about but few see. Francois de La Rochefoucauld

True love is quite hard to find. However, this is not a reason for you to just give up. Because when you find it, you will be one of the luckiest people in the world.

Therefore, never stop giving up looking for true love in your life. Because just like these words of wisdom and pearls, true love is like a ghost, although everyone seems to know exactly what love is, not many have ever felt it.

3. Medicine for Love

There is no medicine for love other than to love more. Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes, a lot of longing for your idol makes you feel like you are not focused on doing everything. Abandoned work and untouchable tasks, all you want are to be able to meet your loved one soon. As if meeting with your idol is the only medicine that can reduce longing.

As with longing, sometimes love also needs medicine. If based on these wise words and pearls about this one life, the only medicine for the feelings that love has hurt in the past is to seek or receive another love. Don’t just hide or run away from those feelings.

4. As in a War

Love is like a war: easy to start but very hard to end. HL Mencken

It’s easy to fall in love, especially if the person you love is a lot of fun. However, when things go wrong and you are forced to end the relationship, it must be hard.

That is more or less the meaning of words of wisdom and pearls about this one love life. That when love begins, you will be trapped in it. It would be much wiser if you and your partner do not easily end the love relationship.

5. Loving Love

The sexiness will fade after a while, and so will beauty. However, marrying someone who makes you laugh every day, ah, that’s a really fun thing. Joanne Woodward

It is undeniable that some people are much more easily attracted to the opposite sex because of their good looks or beauty, as well as the beauty of their body. In fact, there should be something far more important than physical, namely one’s nature.

Because after all, a person’s physical appearance can change, while a person’s nature will not be timeless. Just like these words of wisdom and pearls about this one love life, it is much wiser to marry someone who always makes you happy, than someone who only has an attractive appearance. However, if it happens that the lover who makes you happy is handsome or beautiful, then be grateful for the blessings you have received.

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Words of Wisdom and Pearls about True Love

25 words of wisdom & pearls about love life
25 words of wisdom & pearls about love life


1. The Wisdom of Love

A heart full of love is true wisdom. Charles Dickens

A person whose heart is full of love will feel a very strong emotion. He will see everything positively and with kindness. So that in the end, he will always feel happy.

Therefore, someone who has a heart full of love will be called someone who is wise. Then does that mean that only those who have a partner can get that wisdom? Of course not! Because love does not always mean love to the opposite sex, but it can be to anyone.

2. Love Balance

And in the end, the love you get is commensurate with the love you give. The Beatles, The End

It is normal for someone to hope that their lover will always be loved. However, the question is whether the person is showing enough love for his lover.

More or less, that’s the meaning of the words of wisdom and pearls about the love of the two Beatles band members. If you are not wholeheartedly giving love to your lover, how can you expect a lot of love from your lover?

3. Far is not a problem

Love is missing someone when you are apart from each other, but still warm knowing your hearts are close to each other. Kay Knudsen

For those of you who are in a long-distance relationship (LDR) with your lover, sometimes you feel sad when you miss him. Especially if the two of you haven’t seen each other for too long.

To show that longing for your lover, try occasionally sending words of wisdom and pearls about this one love life to him. Tell him that behind the longing due to the far distance, you still feel happy because you believe that your hearts are close to each other.

4. Conditions of Happiness

Unconditional love is the gate for abundant happiness to enter your home, your heart, and stay there forever. Nathan Workman

Everyone certainly wants to get happiness, especially those related to love. However, not many people know how to get this happiness.

In fact, the key to happiness is actually quite simple. What everyone needs to do is give unconditional love to those they love. After that, happiness will come and color his life.

5. Lover Changes Life

You changed my world at a time when I thought my world was stable enough. A change that ends happily. C. Butman

The existence of a lover will change many things in your life. Even when you feel that life is perfect enough, there will still be significant changes since the existence of a lover starts to fill your heart.

Even so, that does not mean the change leads to unpleasant things. Like these words of wisdom and pearls about this one love life, the changes that your lover brings will actually make your life more perfect and enjoyable.

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Words of Wisdom and Pearls about a Life of Sincere Love


1. The Power of Loving and Being Loved

Being loved deeply gives strength, while loving someone deeply gives courage. Lao Tzu

The sincerity of love that someone has will bring positive things to that person’s life. One example is the words of wisdom and pearls about this one love life.

When you love your lover, it will give you courage, just like the courage to express your feelings to the person you care about. While being loved by a lover will give you strength that can make you protect your lover.

2. The Most Beautiful Gift

The most desirable gift of love isn’t diamonds, roses, or chocolates, but focused attention. Richard Warren

Everyone certainly feels happy to get a gift, and so does a lover. Therefore, it is much more fun if you regularly give gifts to your beloved lover. What do you think is the most suitable gift given to him?

Did you know that the most valuable gifts you can give to your lover are not branded goods? Because apparently, the attention and affection you give to your lover is the best gift. Even so, there is nothing wrong with giving gifts with your utmost care.

3. Show True Love

When someone falls in love, he doesn’t just express it in words, but shows it. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Love for a lover can be shown in many ways. One way is to send him words of wisdom and pearls about romantic love that can make him feel good.

However, true love that is sincere from the heart should not only be shown in words, but also with care and affection. So that your feelings are not only considered playfulness.

4. Happiness in Loving

Love is a condition in which the happiness of others is important to your own happiness. Robert A. Heinlein

Having a lover can bring happiness to life. The feeling of happiness will be more complete if it is felt together with a lover.

In fact, like these words of wisdom and pearls about this one love life, when someone loves a lover, he will prioritize the happiness of his lover rather than his own happiness. Because after all, the feeling of happiness felt by the lover can become happy together.

5. Happiness of Married Men

A happy man marries the girl he loves, while a much happier man loves the girl he marries. Anonymous

Everyone who can finally marry their loved one will feel happy. As if there would be no other happiness that could exceed the happiness he was feeling.

In fact, there are still other things that bring happiness after marriage. The key is to always show your love for your partner. That way, happiness will always accompany your daily life.

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Express Love to Your Lover Using Wisdom Words and Pearls about Love

So, After reading the collection of quotes above, are there any words of wisdom and pearls about love that inspire you? Is there anything you would like to send to your boyfriend to show affection?

However, one thing to remember is that you have to stay balanced in showing affection through your attitude and words. Because expressions of affection that are not matched by real action, will only look like sweeteners for the mouth. On the other hand, paying attention without ever expressing love can sometimes make your boyfriend doubt your feelings.

If you still want to find inspiration for other words, check out other articles on the Inspiration channel on the Lovepsychologys.com website. Here you can get inspired quotes for a variety of situations, from sad, happy, upset, angry, and so on.

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