3 Powerful Ways to Get Rid of Doubts About Money, If You Have An Experience Like This Don’t Hesitate To Share


No matter how successful you are as an entrepreneur, there will always be a voice in your head that says “I can’t do it”. This thought is something that is often referred to as “junk head”.

Here are examples of scenarios where this voice has a huge impact on your attitude and may have a very bad effect on you.

You’re nervous because you’re about to give a sales presentation to a group of entrepreneurs. You may be an expert in your field, but you don’t have much experience doing sales presentations and don’t want to appear “pushing” or “selling,” to use the words.

But of course you want to make a sale, otherwise your time will be wasted and your confidence will be lost.

Have you ever found yourself in a position like this, where you know your topic from cover to cover but still feel nervous about doing the wrong thing or worse, not meddling at all?

There is no place in the world to learn to silence this voice as important as money.

Listening to a sufficiently strong voice can hinder your sales goals and make your company less financially secure.

Here are three secrets quoted from entrepreneur.com to get rid of the garbage in your head about money.

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Secret #1 Perform Problem Identification

Think about one of the goals you have for yourself or your company or business. When you think about this goal of yours, your next thought might be something like this… I really want to achieve that goal, but…

  1. I can’t do it because I don’t have time.
  2. I can’t do it because I don’t have money.
  3. I can’t do it because I’m divorced.
  4. I can’t do it because I have kids.
  5. Because I live in the wrong city.
  6. Because I didn’t go to the right college.

Because because… and blah blah blah…

What is the problem with this way of thinking? We humans have an almost limitless capacity to make ourselves right.

Once you think about the reason, you’ll defend it to the death, because a lot of people would rather be right than be happy (or even be successful).

Secret #2 Understand how much you are losing to money

Once you have a better understanding of what exactly is trash in your head about money, it’s important to understand how much you can lose as a result of limiting beliefs.

Consider in terms of the time, money, profits, effort required to grow your business, the people you hire and the people you don’t.

List all the ways to hold on to head trash Certainty about money costs you not only in money, but also in time, effort and opportunity.

Secret #3 Making a decision

Once you’ve identified your trash head about money and realized how high the costs are, it’s time to make a decision. Decide that you won’t listen to that negative voice in your head again.

For example, I grew up in poverty in a wealthy environment. As a result, I ended up with a lot of self-doubt about money, along with the belief that I would never have money.

I have big goals and dreams, but I also have a negative voice in my head telling me that I can’t do it. So my head garbage would say things like:

“I want to speak to the whole world, but who will listen to me? My name is not John. I dropped out of school twice. I’m not special. Who will listen to me? ”

Even if you are saddled with all the head junk, you can throw it away and launch your business. Once you’ve identified his bullshit about money (“People will think I’m pushy”) and see how much it costs (the sales), you make the decision that you’re not going to listen to that negative voice anymore.

Thus our discussion this time, if it is underlined then our discussion has covered:

  • Secret #1 Perform Problem Identification
  • Secret #2 Understand how much you are losing to money
  • Secret #3 Making a decision

Hope it is useful

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