30 Beautiful Words about Life

Beautiful Words of Life that Most Heart Touching! Are you looking for beautiful words about life that are suitable to be used to express your heart’s content or can be an inspiration for a troubled heart? Just watch this article because we have provided some really cool quotes. Come on, watch!

Happiness and sadness are two things that come and go in human life. To express it, you can say beautiful words about life that touch the heart.

This way, people will understand how you feel without having to say the details. In addition, the most beautiful words you share may also inspire people who have had the same experience as you.

If you can’t make an interesting sentence, you can, really, pick up quotes from famous people in this article. Not only beautiful, but these quotes can also give you the strength to rise from deep sadness.

So Are you interested in reading the 30 Beautiful Words about Life that we present and their explanations? If so, what are you waiting for? Come on, immediately read the following description!

30 Beautiful Words about Life
30 Beautiful Words about Life

Aphorisms for the Spirit of Life


1. Self Blessing

Blessed is he who eats from his own sweat delighting in his own efforts and progressing by his own experience. Pramoedya Ananta Toer

It is undeniable that humans often compare someone with others, whether in matters of education, wealth, achievement, and so on. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are willing to do anything, including things that are not good, just to get the recognition of others.

Well, for those of you who feel that their life is still mediocre because they are too honest, there is no need to worry. Don’t pay attention to what other people think because you should feel proud that you can live until now thanks to your own efforts.

2. For the Diligent

For those who strive earnestly in all good things, God lends a helping hand. Aeschylus

To achieve what you want, sometimes you need to go through steep and winding roads. In fact, not infrequently, the difficulty of the terrain makes you fall repeatedly.

However, don’t let all of that become a barrier for you to keep going. Rest assured, if you are diligent and earnest in trying, God will bring miracles in the form of help from unexpected directions.

3. Is an opportunity

Don’t let a crisis go to waste. They are opportunities to do great things. Ralph Emanuel

When you are going through difficult times, you may feel hopeless and feel that there is no way to get up. When in fact a time of crisis is the right time to start extraordinary things.

How not, when you feel comfortable, you will not possibly try new things that have a better chance for your life. However, when you are in crisis, you can’t help but try other opportunities that you know will bring you greater success in the future.

4. Building the Future

We can’t always build a future for the younger generations, but we can build the younger generations for the future. Franklin D. Roosevelt

As the present generation, maybe you want to do your best so that the future can be more beautiful than today. Not without reason, maybe you do this because you realize that your offspring will live life in the future.

But unfortunately, not all of the efforts we have made to create a better future have been successful. If so, try to see the beautiful words about life above. It doesn’t matter if you can’t build a future, but build the younger generations so that they can make their own times better.

5. How did it happen?

What happens if our life is only in “light without darkness” or “darkness without light”? Anne Avantie

Maybe complaining is a human habit that is very difficult to break. When it rains, people want it to be hot, when it is hot, they want it to rain. Likewise, when it is dark, humans want light, but once it is light, people complain and say that the light makes the eyes hurt.

So in your opinion, can humans only live in one condition as Anne Avantie said in the beautiful words about life above? The answer is of course not. Humans must feel two things that are contradictory, such as happiness and sadness in turn to better understand how meaningful life is.

The Most Beautiful Words of Motivation for a Successful Life


1. Enough with Science

To be able to visit other regions, cities, and countries, you don’t have to have a lot of assets. Enough with science. Science can take you anywhere. Firly password

Perhaps when you see friends who have lots of money and can visit cool places, you will feel sad that you don’t have enough money to do the same. However, how else, no matter how hard you try, that is God’s provision for now.

Eits… but don’t be sad just yet, if you feel that way, look carefully at the beautiful words about life above. Yes, even if you don’t have much wealth, you can go anywhere if you have the knowledge, whether it’s by getting a scholarship or a job that allows you to explore amazing places. So, don’t ever be lazy to study, huh!

2. Not giving up

It’s not that I am very smart, it’s just that I persevere in dealing with problems for longer. Albert Einstein

Of course, you’ve heard the name Albert Einstein, haven’t you? Yes, he is a scientist who is so well known and very meritorious for today’s science thanks to his various discoveries.

However, there is one secret that you seem to need to know. This secret was revealed by Einstein himself in the most beautiful words of life above. It is true that he is a very intelligent person, but his intelligence could not possibly produce anything meaningful if he did not have perseverance.

3. The Importance of an Optimistic Attitude

A pessimist sees difficulties at every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty. Winston Churchill

Everyone must have experienced difficulties during life. However, each has different ways and attitudes in dealing with difficult times.

People who have an optimistic attitude can always find a bright speck of light even in the dark. Meanwhile, people who are pessimistic will only look at the dark world even though the conditions around it are not as dark as they think.

4. The Power of Thought

It is not you that keeps you from progressing, but when you think that you are not like those who are successful. Denis Waitley

Maybe at some point, you feel like a failure. Everything you do does not produce maximum results. In fact, you begin to envy and envy the achievements that your friends have made.

Even though without realizing it, thoughts like that are actually a barrier to progress. Just try not to be too busy with jealousy, jealousy, and thoughts that throw yourself down mentally, surely now you can be as successful as them.

5. Always Trying

I haven’t failed. I just figured out 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work. Thomas Alfa Edison

It seems all the great scientists who managed to find something you can imitate their passion for success. Thomas Alfa Edison, for example, the inventor of this commercial incandescent lamp, stated that he failed 10,000 times before he finally succeeded.

So, for those of you who have just been trying for a while, but have given up, try to absorb the beautiful words about life above. The number of failures you experience can actually make you avoid the same failures. If you are diligent in trying, surely the peak of success will be closer.

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The Most Beautiful Aphorisms About Love Life

30 Beautiful Words about Life
30 Beautiful Words about Life


1. About Sincerity

Love is not always about ownership. But love is about sincerity. Thank you for all the flavors. Wira Nagara

When you are in love with someone, you want to have that person, right? Once you have him, you may want him to stay by your side for good.

Yes, that is something that is natural. But keep in mind, not all events that occur in the world can be according to your wishes. If it turns out that your idol has to go away one day, you also have to be able to let it go.

2. More Sturdy

Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. Thomas Fuller

When two people are close to each other, the feeling of love will get stronger and make the two people who are in love as if they will no longer be separated. They are so happy, maybe they will feel this world only belongs to the two of them, while other people only contract.

However, that does not mean that when you are apart, that love will just evaporate. If the love you feel is truly sincere, the long-distance will only sharpen the love due to the accumulated longing.

3. The Meaning of Love

The meaning of all love in the end, the desire to experience all things together, to learn from each other’s differences. Guillaume Musso

When asked about the true meaning of love, maybe everyone has different answers. However, everyone certainly agrees if someone says that love makes someone always want to be with their idol.

Now, when you decide to be together, a couple will try to adjust to their differences. And no matter how big a difference, it can still unite two people if they both have a strong sense of love.

4. True Love

True love will not know a broken heart even though you cannot have it. But true love has always been tested for its endurance and is timeless, rain, heat or wind. Eidelweis Almira

If you have ever fallen in love, of course, you understand that everyone who is in love will want to have their crush. Whatever is done and sacrificed for the sake of getting his attention.

However, a different attitude will show people whose love is genuinely sincere and people who are just simply interested. Those whose interest is just that they will soon leave, while those whose love is sincere will last forever.

5. After being tired of being hurt

The right person doesn’t always arrive on time. Sometimes it comes after you’re tired of being hurt by someone who doesn’t know how to respect you. Fiersa Besari

Each person has a different love story. There are those who fall in love directly with someone they love for life, but there are also those who have to meet the wrong person first before finally being able to be with someone who is sincere.

For those of you who are currently feeling sad because your loved one cannot appreciate you at all, try to consider the most beautiful words from Fiersa Besari above. Rest assured, sooner or later someone will come to heal all your hurt with his sincere love.

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Very Cool Short Words about Life


1. The Incarnation of an Angel

Mama is an angel incarnate that God created for us. Deassy M. Destiani

All humans start their life on earth as a baby. Over time, humans will grow into toddlers, children, adolescents, and eventually become adults. Well, in every stage of life, parents, especially mothers, are people who play a very important role in the development of their children.

No matter how much wealth or affection you give to your mother, they will not be able to match what she has given you. However, there’s no reason, showing your love for her through beautiful words about life above can certainly make mom happy.

2. So Valuable

Life is very precious, and I have to cherish it even more. Norman Edwin

When you are facing serious problems, you may begin to think that life is very meaningless. After all, perhaps you feel that there is no way to get out of these difficulties.

In those circumstances, take a trip to see how people are less fortunate than you. Get together with friends who can invite you to be more grateful. As stated in the beautiful words about life above, because this life is very precious, so treasure it while you still can.

3. Be Appropriate

Always give without remembering and receive without forgetting. Brian Tracy

Most humans will remember the good they have done to others and easily forget the goodness of others towards them. Even though it should be the opposite, it is easy to forget our own goodness to others and continue to remember the goodness of others to us.

In this way, you will not expect to receive the same kindness that you give to others. By always remembering the goodness of others, you can also be a kind person. Want other people to realize this too? Just make the beautiful words about life above as a status on social media.

4. Be Sensitive

The most important thing in communication is hearing what is not said. Peter F. Drucker

In a relationship, whether in love, friendship or brotherhood, communication is very important. Understanding each other what other people want will make the relationship even more harmonious.

However, sometimes something is too difficult to express and is only shown through gestures. If this is the case, of course, you have to be a sensitive person to understand what if other people want, as explained by Peter F. Drucker in beautiful words about life above.

5. Like Sea Water

Money is like sea water. The more you drink, the thirstier you will be. Arthur Schopenhauer

It is undeniable that water is very important for human life. In addition to bathing and washing, the most urgent is to relieve thirst. However, the only thing that can treat thirst is freshwater because the salty seawater will only make you even more thirsty after drinking it.

Yes, this parable of seawater is no different from money. The more you want money, the greedy and willing you will be to do everything, including bad ways to get a lot of money. Now, if you want to make friends aware of the dangers of placing too much importance on money, you can make the most beautiful words above your social media status.

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The Most Beautiful Words are Simple with Deep Meaning


1. At last

Wherever our feet go and wherever we choose to build our life, we will eventually come home. Salim Darmadi

During his life, humans continuously travel. There are those who were born in City A, but choose to work and live in City B. There are also those who come from Country C but choose to live their adulthood and have a household in Country D.

However, no matter how far humans migrate, sooner or later they will definitely return to their hometowns. The place where the parents who raised him were, and the place where he was born.

2. Human Ambition

Tomorrow always believes that technology can conquer anything. But how will technology beat humanity’s greedy ambitions? When they finally don’t want to give in and destroy each other. Tere Liye

As the times progress, technology is also getting more advanced. You can also see it for yourself, we previously had to bother sending the news by letter, now we can ask about people who are far away by telephone, and there are many other examples related to technology.

However, even though the technology is currently very advanced, there are still many humans who have ambitions to create other things that are more powerful, such as flying cars, or even nuclear weapons. Each party competes to create something to be recognized by the other party for its greatness. If this is the case, instead of progressing, the mistakes of this earth will be damaged.

3. Don’t Forget

You can forget about the people who laughed with you, but never forget the people who have cried with you. Khalil Gibran

Of course, no one has any objections to being happy or having fun. So, do not be surprised if there are many people who want to approach you when you are filled with happiness. Conversely, when you are down, the people who were on your side just seem to disappear, leaving only one or two people.

Now, people who live in difficult times are true friends you shouldn’t forget. To show how grateful you are for what they have done so far, just send the most beautiful words above directly. Or if you are embarrassed, even making it an Instagram caption is not a bad idea.

4. Receive Sincerely

One of the hard things in life is accepting whatever happens, including accepting forgiveness, then forgiving. Alfian Daniear

Accepting good things, of course, everyone will. But unfortunately, not everything that happens in our life is something good. Sometimes, like it or not we also have to be sincere about accepting hurtful things, forgiving people who have carved wounds in the heart, for example.

Yes, no matter how hard it feels, you should do forgiveness for your own peace. Now, if you want other people to know that forgiveness is very important, just make the beautiful words about life above as a status.

5. Stop Trying

Too bad that most people stop rowing as soon as they come to the helm. Alfred Polgar

It is said that achieving something is easier than maintaining. That’s right, this is a fact that unfortunately often happens in real life. Why is that, the answer is because most people become complacent after achieving something.

As described in the most beautiful words above, often someone even stops their business because they feel they are at the top. Yet without realizing it, many people are trying very hard to reach that position.

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The Most Beautiful Islamic Wise Words about Life


1. Because of Lust

Basically, man is a creature that has a gentle and intelligent nature, it’s just that in the course of his journey bad passions have polluted him. Jefri Al Buchori

Humans are the most perfect living creatures created by Allah. With the thoughts and feelings they have, humans are assigned as caliphs on earth who are supposed to care for and preserve the surrounding environment.

However, in reality, there are humans who do bad things for the benefit of their group and themselves. If, according to the late Ustadz Jefri Al Buchori, in his beautiful words about life above, it turns out that this is due to lust which they cannot control.

2. Reflected in Behavior

Islam is not only Allah in your soul but Islamic life becomes real through your behavior. Ahmad Dahlan

For those of you who are Muslims, understand that the level of faith is not only measured by how much you love Allah. Because a good Muslim can also be seen by how good his attitude is towards Allah’s creatures.

When faith resides in the heart, automatically the person concerned will show good morals and soft speech. In fact, there is a hadith that states that a Muslim can be considered good if other people are safe from his speech and hands.

3. There is always an opportunity

Indeed there is no word twice for the same opportunity, but Allah opens thousands of doors for new opportunities. Word of Nofeki

Maybe all this time you have been willing to be patient in order to wait for the best opportunity to come. However, sometimes something unwanted happens, so you can’t make the best of this opportunity.

However, you do not need to drag on deep disappointment. Listen carefully to the most beautiful words above, rest assured that God will present new opportunities, although different, but maybe even better for your life in the future.

4. No Need to Explain

Don’t explain yourself to anyone, because those who like you don’t need it. And those who hate you don’t believe it. Ali ibn Abi Talib

Bad comments from other people often affect humans even though the number is less than even good comments. If you feel the same way, from now on let go of the burden on your heart by thinking that there is no one person in this world that everyone can like. There must be some people who do not like it, either because of disagreement or jealousy.

Also, think about the most beautiful words of Ali ibn Abi Talib above. There is no need to bother explaining the reasons for your actions to others, because your righteousness will forever be the fault of those who hate.

5. Still have to walk

Life and death are in Divine grasp. Destiny is certainty, but life must go on. Prince Diponegoro

Humans live by the permission of Allah, likewise, the soul will leave the body by the will of Allah as well. Even though every creature will eventually die, we must not give up on life.

It is our duty as humans to make the best use of the opportunities of life that Allah has given us. The main goal, of course, is to collect acts of worship as a provision for living the afterlife.

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Which Beautiful Words About Life Are You Favorite?

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