30 original gifts for your boyfriend: Ideas for 2022

If a special date is coming up and you need the best ideas, you are in the right place! Next, you will find 30 original gifts for your boyfriend.

When it comes to giving a detail on a special date, most of the time we run out of good ideas to surprise that special being and we opt for ordinary gifts that, to tell the truth, the last thing they cause is amazement.

I will share with you an unmissable compilation with curious, fun, ingenious options that will surely make you fall in love and strongly attract your attention.

If you want to know how to make him see you as the most special woman in the world, bet on the novelty and continue reading.


Although each man is a different world, there are gifts that will definitely excite any guy and earn you thousands of points.

Although it is true that the traditional romantic dinner or the classic chocolates will never go out of style, originality will give your relationship a plus.

Therefore, the ideal is that you seek to refresh these special dates with great presents and gifts that leave you speechless.

Take a look at the alternatives below.

1. Socks for the pizza lover

Authentic gifts for my loved one

In case your partner is a pizza lover, but also loves colorful, bold, and crazy socks, this is the perfect gift for him!

These socks have a rather original design; that is, they are organized as if it were a pizza.

This detail will not go unnoticed and you will get more than one smile from your loved one.

Until the last moment it looks like a box with a delicious pizza inside, but what a surprise when he discovers the real gift. It will be unforgettable!

In addition, you can also find strategically packed socks in a sushi box; each one is assembled with the same Japanese delicacy and precision, therefore it is sure to impress.

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2. Privately owned boxer

How about giving your boyfriend a privately owned boxer shorts? He sounds a bit cheeky, but he will amuse you greatly.

It is a unique gift that you will appreciate for its originality; It is very likely that it will be the first and last time that you receive something so special from a partner.

Dare to impregnate a little humor to your relationship and why not a touch of intimacy and mischief.

Also, consult the article on Gifts for my boyfriend, you will find excellent ideas to have presents on a special date.

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3. Sexy kitchen apron

If your boy cooks better than you, loves preparing recipes and the culinary world in general, give him an unconventional kitchen apron to make his kitchen experience even more pleasant!

This apron has the particularity of having an engraving of the torso of a muscular man in a swimsuit.

They will have a great time and it will be a great opportunity to strengthen the trust and the bond that unites them.

Another good and curious alternative is to give him a nice work apron with several pockets for tools made of thick denim and leather straps. It’s a practical gift option!

Remember that a gift on a special date such as a birthday or anniversary is wonderful, but those unexpected gifts are the best and most appreciated.

If you constantly ask yourself: ” How to make my boyfriend fall in love every day “?; Surprising him with a detail of this type can be one of the most successful responses.

Work daily on your relationship and do not forget the small details to make a boy fall in love.

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4. 3D puzzle in the shape of a beer

Stylish gifts for your boyfriend

Most men love beer; that is why a puzzle in the form of beer will drive you crazy with excitement.

It is an excellent decoration choice for a man’s room, as well as a unique object to display.

Ideally, you should give him the puzzle disassembled to give him the challenge of putting it together, remember that boys love challenges, so it will be a present that he will know how to value!

Another detail that you should consider for your boy is a useful bottle opener that can be hung on the wall; he will be able to open his beers easily and quickly.

Do not lose sight of this small but practical present!

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5. BrewBarrel Craft Beer Kit

Gifts to surprise your boyfriend

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend who loves beer? I have the solution for you!: the fastest and most intuitive kit to prepare homemade beer.

Your boy will have the opportunity to prepare his own delicious golden liquid and get to know the universe of artisanal elaboration.

The best thing is that everything is included, you only need to follow the instructions and 20 minutes of your valuable time for preparation.

After this, you only have to wait a week to enjoy a fresh beer that you can taste directly from its tapped barrel.

I also invite you to read the article on redalyc.org, you will surely love it!

6. Multi-tool pen

This wonderful and useful pen combines several functions: scale ruler, touch screen stylus, screwdriver set, spirit level, and best of all, it is refillable.

The perfect gift for any guy who is practical; Furthermore, the appearance of him is absolutely elegant.

If you don’t know what to get your man because he has indecipherable tastes, this can be a good alternative!

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7. Wine bottle set

Wine is one of the most desired drinks by most people; therefore, if your partner is one of them, this peculiar case will be to your liking. What is it about?

In appearance it is an elegant bottle of wine, but inside, instead of the imposing liquid, we will find 3 pieces: a corkscrew-opener-knife, a wine stopper, and a drip ring.

The interior is padded in maroon color with magnetic closure.

If you add a meaningful message to this gift, your boyfriend will fall at your feet!

In case you don’t have many ideas to write to him, I invite you to read a Birthday letter for my boyfriend, make him fall in love with the power of words!

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8. Engraved whiskey glass

Amazing gifts for my husband

It is a glass specially designed for the person who receives it; that is, it will have the name and age of your loved one engraved on it.

It is a personalized gift that will not be easily forgotten; What’s more, it comes in a beautiful case ready for gift giving.

How to surprise my boyfriend on his birthday is a fairly common question that women ask themselves.

However, it is not as difficult to solve as it seems, it is a matter of impregnating it with an extra dose of love and your personal stamp with heartfelt details and messages of love.      

You could also consider the option of giving her a glass of beer in the shape of a woman’s torso, made of glass with a capacity of 1.25 litres.

It’s quite an original object, you’ll see how much he loves it!      

There are thousands of original gifts for your boyfriend, you just have to stop to think a little about his tastes and dare to buy it.

9. Keychain for couples

Anniversary gifts for your boyfriend

This special keychain consists of two parts; that is, your partner will have one half and you the other, but when you put both halves together, you will get a beautiful and unique design: a heart padlock with a key whose upper part also has a heart.

Although it is a symbolic detail, it is an original way to remind your boy how much you love him and how complementary he is in your life.

See Romantic Plans  and you will have more chances to make him explode with love.

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10. Tazas Mr. & Mrs.

This pair of mugs are perfect if you both love coffee or tea and enjoy sharing a good conversation while savoring the taste of these delicious beverages, this is the ideal anniversary gift for both you and your boy!

They are elegant ceramic and cork wood mugs with a lot of style; the design for the bowl of “Mr.” is a mustache and for “Mrs.” They are sensual lips.

Bet on a different present and reach the heart of that special being!

For more information see the following link.

11. Personalized digital lamp

Personalized lamp to give to your boyfriend

The lamp has the peculiarity of being able to be personalized with a photograph; In this case, due to the special date they are celebrating, it would be very romantic if they opted for a photo where both of them appeared.

The material is laser-engraved methacrylate and wood; excellent decorative object for the room or the room.

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12. Consoles and video games

Consoles and video games for my gamer boyfriend

Most men, especially those born in the 80s and up, love video games.

A nintendo, supernintendo, play station, and other consoles may be the right options for your partner.

Although it is true that you will have to invest a little extra money in this goal, it will be worth it because you will make your boyfriend very happy!

Keep reading if you want to know more options of original gifts for your boyfriend.

13. Gifts for your photographer boyfriend

Gifts for my photographer boyfriend

mug camera lens

It is a very ingenious alternative that will arouse the envy of your friends. You will surely be delighted to drink your morning coffee in this peculiar mug!

Alarm clock in the shape of a camera

This gift is a decorative element that will give a very original touch to your room. Your detail will help him to be more punctual, he will thank you!

14. Gifts for your adventurous boyfriend

Gifts for your traveling boyfriend


It is an essential element for any traveler since it will always be heading in the right direction and will prevent you from getting lost or losing your way; but most importantly, it will help him come back to you.

Travel diary

The memories of a traveler are very important, so this will be a detail that will become more than a simple notebook, it will be his diary of anecdotes, journeys, journeys, adventures and thoughts!

survival handle

Perhaps at first glance he is not very excited about the idea that you have given him a bracelet; however, when he finds out about its multiple functions, including whistle, compass, knife, rope and flint fire starter, he will be thrilled!

Do you want to discover more original gifts for your boyfriend? Keep reading and don’t lose sight of any details!

15. Original gifts for your geek boyfriend

Rubik’s Cube Mug

This funny and unusual mug will fascinate him because, in addition to being able to have a delicious drink in a very stylish mug, he will remember you every time he sees it and he will remember that you took the trouble to think of a good gift for him, which will increase his feelings for you.

superhero comics book

It is an excellent detail if you really want to surprise him, he will hallucinate with emotion!

Of course, look in stores specializing in this type of item or contact an expert collector online.

Tostadora Darth Vader

It’s a small appliance that will leave your beloved Star Wars fan gasping for breath; you will surely melt him with love!

16. Presents for your literature-loving boy

Gifts for your boyfriend who loves literature

Support for reading books

For constant readers, sometimes it is a bit annoying to have to hold the books with your hands; Fortunately, there are supports for them, which makes reading more comfortable.

You will find supports of all styles, think about the tastes of your reader boy, and choose the best!

night reading lamp

Most of us prefer the night to read; therefore, it will greatly appreciate this detail! Especially for its usefulness and because low light will no longer represent a problem for reading at any time of the night.

Book of your favorite genre

If your boy is an inveterate reader, the best gift on any date is a book; keep in mind his favorite genre or writer and, most importantly, buy him a good edition or, why not, a deluxe one. With this gift, you will win his heart!

17. Surprise breakfast

A good dose of energy and love make anyone fall in love, even more so in the morning.

Prepare a special recipe for the love of your life and make him have the best morning culinary experience.

Try to be very creative, look for ingredients that you think might fascinate him and that’s it, let’s get to work!

You can’t imagine all the points you’ll earn with that morning present.

18. Personalized Chocolates

Chocolates are a gift that will never go out of style

How about sweetening his life with some chocolates?

Although it is a very common gift, it will never go out of style and will always be a very special present, so make it even more special by sending it to be personalized with messages to make a man fall in love.

Let your imagination fly and make your heart beat faster!

19. Spa at home

It’s not as complex as it sounds; it is a matter of adapting the space and making an effort to make it feel very good.

Take into account the light, the aromas, and, in general, everything that stimulates your senses.

Buy oils, candles, incense, and use all your feminine seduction strategies to awaken her deepest emotions.

20. Unexpected trip

A surprise trip will refresh the relationship

How about organizing a trip and unexpectedly invite him? It does not have to be very far, you can even plan to go camping or an ecological walk, the most important thing is that you share time together and get away from the routine.

Now, if you have the opportunity to take a longer trip to a place that you both like, even better.

Analyze your possibilities and start thinking about the next destination; Traveling with your partner to strengthen the relationship is an excellent alternative!

Gifts for your boyfriend that you should avoid

Gifts for your boyfriend that you should avoid

When it comes to gifts, what counts is the intention; however, I don’t think you want to look bad with your loved one.

Therefore, I invite you to know what you should avoid giving your boyfriend, do not throw anything to chance!

  • Personal hygiene products
  • Teddy bears
  • Flores
  • erasers
  • common chocolates
  • Colonies
  • Clothes (unless you know their tastes very well)

Now that you know the more than 30 original gifts for your boyfriend, it’s time to think about what his ideal gift would be and surprise him enormously.

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