30 proven ways to make a girl happy

How to make a girl happy? 30 proven ways to make a girl happy. It’s not hard to please a girl, especially if she loves you. But as a man, you have a responsibility to give her more reasons to smile and feel loved and special. 

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to understand a girl’s emotions, but you can try different strategies to keep her happy.

30 proven ways to make a girl happy
30 proven ways to make a girl happy

Proven Ways to make a girl happy

Here are 30 things you can do to make your woman filled with joy and happiness.

Tell her you to love her

How to make a woman or girl happy? Take her hand, look into her eyes and say these three. This is one of the simplest but most important rules in any relationship

If you let her know how much you love her and how important she is to you, you will surely delight her. And you don’t even have to shake your wallet!

Write a love letter

Let your girlfriend read what you think of her. This is one of the nicest things you can do for her.

Surprise her with flowers

It is easy to please women and girls. You can drop into her home or office unexpectedly and give her a bouquet. Also giving her flowers for no reason is one of the best ways to delight a woman.

Send her a cute text message

Send her sweet messages, let her know that you miss her. Your message is not just a piece of text, it is her happiness.

Call her

At least call her once a day to ask how her day is going. She will appreciate it and feel you care.

Respect her

Be a knight for your girlfriend, treat her like a princess. She will definitely love your politeness.

Make her feel safe

Your masculinity will help you make your girlfriend happy. 

When a girl feels safe with you, she will understand that you are someone she can depend on. She will instinctively feel happier around you.

Praise her

Women and girls love compliments, it makes them feel more valuable.  

How to make a girl happy? When you see something nice about her, praise her, she deserves it. Appreciate her smiles, admire her tastes and say that you love her!

Listen to her

Pay attention to her when she talks to you. Girls need to sometimes express their worries and feelings. 

Spend time with her

This is one of the most important things to consider in any relationship.

No matter how busy you are, be sure to pay attention to your girlfriend. Do things that will make your life together unforgettable.

Make an unexpected gift

You don’t have to buy expensive gifts. Your favorite ice cream, a box of chocolates, or a movie ticket are sometimes enough to make a girl happy.

Pamper her

Girls love to be pampered. Buy her anything she wants, read romantic poems, or sing her favorite song.

Make her laugh

It’s not difficult, you just have to share funny thoughts. If your jokes don’t work, you can just try to make funny faces.

Apologize to her sincerely. 

Feel free to apologize if you make a mistake. Let her know that you care about her feelings. Of course, do it sincerely.

Hug her

How to make any girl or woman happy in a relationship? Hug her often. She will feel like you always miss her.

Make her feel special

Make her feel like she is unique and different. Show her that you are making an effort to keep her happy.

Thank her

Show your appreciation when she does something special for you. A simple “Thank you” can brighten her day.

Cook for her

Don’t worry if you are not a chef. Prepare something simple. This will make her happy, she will appreciate your concern.

Hold her hand in public

She will feel protected. The thought that you are proud of her will make her happy.

Help her

You don’t have to be Superman. Just save her from solving simple everyday problems, from carrying heavy luggage to installing a refrigerator. Trust me, these actions will make you a superhero in her eyes.

Include her in the decision-making process

You are in a relationship, so you must act as one mechanism. While you decide which direction to go, consider her ideas as well.

She will see that you value her opinion, and this will make her feel more significant and happy.

Be attentive to her

Be kind to her, no matter how long you have been together. This will prove every day how much you love her.

Have a romantic date

What does it take to make a woman happy? Arrange a date! 

It doesn’t matter where you are – in a restaurant, in a movie theater, in a park, or at home. It is important that it is romantic.

Be faithful to her

Loyal men are rarely found these days. If you can prove your loyalty to her, it will definitely make her happy.

Be kind to her friends and family.

Your interaction with her friends and family will give your girlfriend peace of mind. She will live without conflicts among people who are close to her heart. She will be glad to know that her boyfriend, friends, and family coexist harmoniously.

Share with her

It can be something tangible, like your bike, or intangible, like your secrets. She will be happy if you share something with her without any hesitation. 

Take a trip together

This will definitely make the girl happy, and it will also help bring back the passion and excitement in your relationship. 

Girls have some goals in a relationship, and traveling together is probably one of them. 

Show her that you are interested in her life.

You probably don’t care about the TV show she’s obsessed with. You don’t need to actively support all of her interests. However, you must show her that you acknowledge them. 

Appreciate her point of view

Respect her point of view as much as you expect her to respect yours.

Be true to your words and actions

Never lie to her. Make her happy because your loving and cheerful heart tells you so, and not just because your girlfriend wants it.

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