30 Subtle Words of Sarcasm to Flirt

30 Subtle Words of Sarcasm to Flirt a Person’s Feelings One way to flirt with someone who is upsetting you is to use subtle words of sarcasm. Because with satire, you can still channel the resentment that is stored in your chest, without having to hurt other people openly.

Satire words, or what is commonly referred to as sarcasm, are subtle or harsh expressions that can be used to express annoyance and anger at others. Sometimes, the expression is pronounced in a form like a joke or scorn.

Because it is packaged in the form of a joke, it is not uncommon for the person to whom you send satire words will not really realize that he is being teased. So that you will not be immediately opposed when the insinuation you give is right on target.

The types of sarcasm you can use also vary. You can just use the words of the opposite subtle innuendo of the state and its true intentions, or reveal the truth openly.

Want to know what kind of subtle satire words you can send to annoying people? Check out the 30 Subtle Words of Sarcasm to Flirt that we have prepared in this article. Happy reading!

30 Subtle Words of Sarcasm to Flirt
30 Subtle Words of Sarcasm to Flirt

Subtle Satire Words for Beloved

1. Burning Flames of Love

Love is like fire. However, whether love will warm your heart in the end or burn your house down, you will never know. Joan Crawford

Feelings of genuine love will make both you and your partner happy. However, there are times when a fight breaks out that make you and your boyfriend annoyed with each other.

Maybe more or less the same as subtle satire words for this one lover. That the love between you and your lover is like fire. In pleasant situations, love can feel warm and pleasant, but when things go wrong, your relationship can be damaged.

2. Will not let go of the grip!

We always holds hand in hand. Because if I let go of her hand, she will go for shopping right away. Henny Youngman

Do you have a partner who loves shopping? Every time you walk to the shopping center, your lover will not be able to resist buying something that sometimes he doesn’t need.

If your boyfriend is like that, send him these cute, subtle words of sarcasm. Reveal that one of the reasons you never let go of his hand when shopping is because you don’t want him to spend too much of his money.

3. Like Owning a Doll

Every girl is like a doll, whether Barbie or Annabelle. Anonymous

Some women usually like to be said to be similar to a doll. Usually, a doll is likened to a toy that is beautiful, beautiful, sweet, and fun to look at, for example, Barbie.

However, when a lover is sulking and letting out his anger, the Barbie doll immediately changes shape. He becomes more like an Annabelle doll which is not only scary, but will always haunt you until you apologize to him.

4. What Really Happens in Love

This is what happens in love. One of you cried a lot and you both became sarcastic. Loorie Moore, Like Life

The feud between you and your boyfriend can sometimes make him cry. Even though you and your boyfriend don’t really want that, the feud still keeps happening. Over time, you and your partner will hurt each other.

That’s more or less what is meant by these subtle words of satire for this lover. If you and your partner let it continue without any resolution at all, the relationship can end just like that.

5. Relations and the United States

A relationship that is very similar to that of the United States. They only truly thrive when faced with outside threats. Laura Pedersen, Best Bet

At one point in a relationship, sometimes there will be feelings of saturation between lovers. Especially if there is no significant development in his relationship with the idol’s heart.

If this keeps happening, you and your boyfriend may need to talk to each other about the continuity of the relationship. Don’t let you and your partner get a threat to the relationship in order to really develop, just like this one subtle sarcasm.

Subtle Sarcasm for a Traitor’s Friend

1. Will Go Away

One day, I’ll be living in a big city, and all you can do is be evil. Taylor Swift, Mean

Having a fake friend in your life will irritate you. Especially if the fake friend often commits crimes that hurt your feelings.

To express your frustration with her, try sending these subtle words of sarcasm from singer Taylor Swift. Tell him that someday you will be much more successful than him and mean words will not make him successful.

2. Mama didn’t like her

My mom doesn’t like you and she likes everyone. Justin Bieber, Love Yourself

Have you ever felt confused because your parents didn’t like one of the friends you introduced them to? Even though usually your parents always like every friend they introduce to them.

However, when the friend starts to betray you, you may just realize what the reason for the dislike of your parents was. To show resentment, give the traitor subtle words of sarcasm from the lyrics of the song titled Love Yourself .

3. Difficult to Find True Friends

True friends are the hardest to find. Anonymous

Everyone must want to have a loyal friend. Friends who will always accompany and share in any circumstances, joy, or sorrow.

But unfortunately, after being betrayed by a fake friend, the sense of trust in the existence of a real friend will start to fade. Just like this one subtle satire, you may begin to feel like you can never find friends at all. In fact, it could be that you are just out of luck and there are other people who can be your true friends.

4. Will Not Underestimate

Always sleep with one eye open. Never take it lightly. Your best friend may be your enemy. Sara Shepard, The Lying Game

A betrayal by one of your friends can often take away any trust you have. Sometimes, you also want to remind others not to feel as betrayed as you once did.

One of the words that you can use as a subtle satire as well as a reminder is this excerpt from Sara Shepard’s novel entitled  The Lying Game. Tell them that it is much wiser to choose your friends carefully. Because sometimes, someone who is considered a true friend can turn into an enemy.

5. The Only Thing Needed

Sometimes I need the only thing you can provide: your absence. Ashleigh Brilliant

Because you often feel resentful at the traitor’s friend, you often wish you could get away from him soon. But sometimes, you are confused about how to tell him.

Now you don’t need to feel confused anymore because you can send these subtle satire words directly to the traitor’s friend. Express it that the only thing you need from her is her absence from your life, not anything else.

Subtle Satire Words for Ex

1. Making a masterpiece

If destruction is an art form, then you’ve turned me into a masterpiece. Anonymous

You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is constantly hurting and destroying feelings. In the end, you and your partner decide to separate.

If you want to insinuate your ex-lover’s behavior that has hurt you, try sending him these subtle words of sarcasm. Also explain that you are truly grateful to have been separated from him.

2. Only the Past

When will you understand? You are the past, I am the future. Go on, it’s my time to shine. Brandy Norwood & Monica, The Boy is Mine

Have you ever felt annoyed that your ex-boyfriend kept interfering with your life? Repeatedly he asked you to return to be his lover for various reasons.

To show off your exasperation with your ex, send me these subtle words of satire from Brandy Norwood and Monica ‘s  The Boy is Mine. Tell him that he is just the past and now that you are busy crafting a better future without him.

3. Turn to Cry

The bridge is on fire, now is your turn to cry. Justin Timberlake, Cry Me a River

One of the reasons you and your ex-boyfriend decided to end your relationship is because he cheated on you by cheating on you. However, after some time, he realizes his mistake and wishes you back.

Unfortunately, all the betrayal he has committed is enough to make you not want to return to his arms again. As a sign of resentment, put in some subtle words of satire from this Justin Timberlake song. Tell him that you have closed all relationships with him and do not want to come back with him again.

4. Can See the Madness of the Former

How could I be the only one who saw your madness? Foo Fighters, I’ll Stick Around

The things your ex-boyfriend did to end your relationship can sometimes make you feel really upset. Especially if he makes the situation as if you were the cause of the end of the relationship.

If you want to express annoyance with him, try using these words as a subtle innuendo. Express it that you feel that everything she does looks really crazy, and that you wonder how people don’t see the madness.

5. Keeping Friends

Don’t worry, I won’t block or delete you. I’ll still be friends with you, so you can see how happy I am without you. Anonymous

After breaking up with your ex, he may make it a point to tell you not to block or delete his number. He’s trying to stay in touch with you even if it’s just friends.

Even if you still feel lazy and annoyed, just send him these subtle words of sarcasm. Tell him that you wouldn’t do this so he can see the happiness you feel when you live without him.

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Subtle Satire Words for Wise People

1. Insulting How-to Tutorial

Forgive me. In order to insult me, I must first respect your opinion. Good business. Anonymous

Have you ever come across a smartass who tried too hard to teach him about life? Sometimes, he even unconsciously says things that hurt your feelings and insult you.

To show that annoyance, just give him subtle words of sarcasm for this one wise guy. Show him that it is in vain to try to make hurtful suggestions, because they don’t really mean anything to you.

2. How to Make the World a Better One

If you want to make the world a better place, try to look at yourself and make a difference. Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror

Sometimes, there are some people who try to teach others about how to make the world a better place. But apparently, he could only advise without actually doing it.

To let him know that wise behavior should start with yourself, send him this snippet of this one Michael Jackson song. Because it would be a waste if he tried to ask people to be better if he didn’t do the same.

3. Will Never Trust Other People Suggestions

Never trust advice given by people who are in trouble. Aesop

When you are in the middle of a problem, maybe one of your friends will try to give you advice. Sometimes, this can be a positive thing, especially when the suggestion really fits the problem you are having.

But sometimes, there are also people who pretend to give advice even though they themselves are facing a problem that has not been resolved. How can he think he can help others when his own difficulties have not yet resolved?

4. For Those Who Are Too Open-Minded

If you are too open-minded, your brain will jump out. Lawrence Ferlinghetti

In a highly developed world, it is as if everyone is forced to have an open mind. This can be positive, if not followed by scorn at someone who decides to stick to his old-fashioned principles.

If someone tells you that you are too old-fashioned and not open-minded, send them these subtle satirical words right away. Because even though being open-minded is good, it would be much wiser to stick to each other’s principles, so that later you won’t be dragged into the flow.

5. Experts in Educating Children

Everyone seemed to know best how to raise children, except for those with children. PJ O’Rourke

Have you and your partner recently had a baby or are you looking forward to the arrival of your baby? If so, you may have felt annoyed because everyone seemed to be trying to give advice about their beloved baby.

For people who always seem wise with all their advice about children, say these subtle words of sarcasm to him. That everyone seems very understanding about the child, except the baby’s parents. In fact, it is actually the parents who understand much more about their children.

Subtle Satire Words for Hypocrites

1. Not Intending to Insult

No, no, no. I didn’t insult you. I’m only describing you. Anonymous

A person who is hypocritical usually does something different from what he is talking about. When you mention any hypocrisy the person is committing, there is a good chance that he will feel offended and humiliated.

When that happens, just say the words of this one subtle satire to him. That you do not intend to insult him at all, but simply describe who he really is.

2. Talking Too Much

The more he talked, the more he sounded like a fortune cookie. Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Hypocrites usually appear convincing when they speak. Despite the fact, there is not a single word that can be relied upon.

In fact, the more words he spoke, the more things would be hard to believe. That is more or less what is meant by the satirical words of this novel entitled  Nevermore. Where the words of the hypocrites are not much different from the words contained in the fortune cookies, it looks very artificial and unbelievable.

3. Luckily the mirror can’t speak

The mirror couldn’t speak, luckily they couldn’t laugh either. Anonymous

A person who is hypocritical often doesn’t realize that what he is talking about doesn’t make any sense at all. Some of the people closest to him may not want to respond and just laugh behind his back.

If you know someone who is a hypocrite, use subtle satire to say that no one will listen to them, except a mirror. Fortunately, the mirror cannot comment on or laugh at the nonsensical things it says.

4. Not Google

Stop pretending you know everything, unless your name is Google. Anonymous

It must be frustrating to know someone who always tries to appear to know everything in this world. He never accepts suggestions given by others and feels that he knows better what is needed. In fact, it is not certain that what he knows is the right thing.

To show resentment over all the pretense he makes, try sending this one subtle satire to a hypocrite. Tell him that there’s no point pretending like someone who knows everything, because he’s not Google.

5. Reasons for Applause

I clap because you finally finished talking, not because you liked what you said. Anonymous

When someone who is hypocritical speaks, he will seek approval from others, at least to show that what he is saying is convincing. In fact, every little thing that was pointed out by other people could have been misinterpreted by him.

Maybe that’s what these subtle satirical words mean. That at times what looks like support could be an attempt to stop all the nonsense he has spoken.

Words of Subtle Sarcasm for Arrogant People

1. Already Arrogant, Stupid Anyway

Pride and ignorance become one, how efficient you are. Anonymous

Someone who is arrogant is very annoying. Sometimes, because he puts his pride too much on it, he actually shows his stupidity without realizing it.

If you know someone like that, just give him these subtle words of sarcasm. Add if you didn’t expect him to sink into pride so easily that he doesn’t even care if he seems nonsense.

2. Be whatever you want to be

You can be whatever you want. But in your case, you shouldn’t have your hopes too high. Anonymous

Everyone certainly hopes that all the things they aspire to can happen. In fact, there is a saying that anyone can be whatever he wants, as long as he tries his best.

However, when someone is so arrogant and shows off unnecessary things, you naturally feel annoyed with him. Especially if it seems that all the things he is proud of are not obtained by his own efforts. Instead of just harboring resentment, just send him these subtle satirical words.

3. Happiness for Others

Some people will make happiness wherever it goes, while others will make happiness every time they go. Oscar Wilde

Do you know someone whose presence always upsets those around them? Either because of what he said or the arrogance he showed, but you always feel that it would be much better if he left immediately.

As a subtle allusion to her, use these words from Oscar Wilde as your social media status. However, if he is still unconscious and you are too fed up with his behavior, it is better if you tell him directly.

4. Quiet Deliberately

It’s true I don’t talk much. Actually I just ignored you. EXO’s DO

When hanging out with other friends, have you ever felt lazy because someone was always boasting about themselves? In the end, you choose not to talk much. However, because it is not like you are usually, some friends even question why you continue to be silent.

If you decide to finally express what you are feeling, you can use subtle satire words from one of the EXO members. Tell them that you didn’t say anything because you couldn’t speak, but because someone made you lazy to talk.

5. Act Superstar

Who do you think you are? Some kind of superstar? Spice Girls, Who Do You Think You Are

Someone who is arrogant will often act as the most important human in the whole world. Sometimes he also thinks that he is the center of the universe that everyone will always talk about.

If you know someone who is annoying like that, just send him this one of subtle satire. If necessary, add that a  real superstar will not try too hard to prove himself.

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Use Subtle Sarcasm to Tease off the Person’s Feelings

After reading this article 30 Subtle Words of Sarcasm to Flirt, have you found subtle but painful satire words that are suitable for the situation you are currently facing? Are there any quotes that you have used to tease out the annoying person’s feelings?

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that it would be much wiser to try to remind him first. Only when he feels that he is too stubborn and has no intention of changing for the better, use that insinuation on him. With these insinuations, you can still vent your frustrations without appearing to be hurting the other person’s feelings.

If you still want to find other quotes according to whatever situation you feel, check out other articles on the lovepsychologys.com website. Here you can get quote ideas to express various kinds of feelings, from missing, upset, affection, sad, upset, angry, and many more.

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