30 Wisdom Of Words For Beloved Friends

30 Wisdom Of Words For Beloved Friends, Aphorisms for Beloved Friends who are Full of Meaning.

Confused about how to express gratitude to friends? Just send him words of wisdom and pearls for friends that we have summarized here! Curious? Let’s read this article to the end!

Friends are a gift from God for which you should be grateful. Apart from being kind to him, you can express your gratitude by giving words of wisdom to friends.

Here, there are many inspirational quotes that you can choose from. For example, aphorisms for dear friends, quotes for long-distance friends, wise expressions about friendship, and so on.

Just choose words of wisdom or pearls that best describe your friendship. Hopefully, your best friend is happy to get these words

In addition, you can also make quotes for friends as status on social media. Who knows how many of your followers will like it.

Can’t wait to know the words of wisdom and pearls for friends that you can read here? Immediately, consider the full explanation below! Hopefully, there are lots of quotes that you like. Happy reading!

30 Wisdom Of Words For Beloved Friends
30 Wisdom Of Words For Beloved Friends

Wisdom Of Words for Beloved Friends

1. Most Valuable Treasure

Friends are my most valuable treasure. Taufan Prakoso

When asked what is the most valuable in life, maybe you will answer friends. Without realizing it, having a friend often makes your life more colorful.

Conversely, maybe life will feel lonely without the presence of a single friend who is loyal to accompany you. So, be grateful for those of you who currently have a true friend.

2. Like a Wall

Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes you are comfortable just knowing that they exist. Anonymous

When you feel really tired, what do you do? In addition to sleeping, you may try to find a comfortable place to lean on your tired body, such as a wall.

Likewise with the existence of friends in your life. It is like a wall that is ready to give you comfortable support when you are tired. Even knowing that they are always there may already make you feel very grateful.

3. When There Is A Problem

Friends show their love when there are problems, not happy times. Euripides

When you have a serious problem that is difficult to solve, do you think there is a friend who is always ready to help you? If there is, maybe he deserves to be called a true friend.

That is what Euripides is trying to describe through the aphorisms for the friend above. Yes, friends who really love will help you when you have problems, not just when you are happy.

4. Find Myself

In my friends, I find another myself. Isabel Norton

Do you know what the short aphorisms for true friends are written by actress Isabel Norton? You get so close with your friends that you often feel like you have a lot in common with them.

Not only you, it turns out that your friend also feels the same way. When he is close to you, he often feels like he is looking in a mirror because of the many similar things he has discovered.

5. Irreplaceable

Friends are not replaced by wealth and power. Nonier

Have you felt the meaning of a friend’s presence? If so, maybe you will agree with the words of wisdom for the friend of the author Nonier above.

Wealth and power can be sought, while true friends you may not be able to find in this life. For that, keep in touch with your best friends if you have found them.

Wisdom Of Words for True Friends Forever

1. Valuables

A true friend is a treasure more valuable than gold or gemstones. Prentice CD

Perhaps many agree with these words of wisdom for friends delivered by Prentice’s CD. A true friend is like a valuable treasure that cannot be bought.

Even if there are people who want to replace it with gold or gems, maybe you will reject it. Because you love your friends so much, you always try to keep your relationship with them so that they go well.

2. Without Talking

There are many things that two true friends can understand each other without having to say anything. Tere Liye

Believe it or not, sometimes friends are more able to understand you than other closest people, such as family. That closeness ultimately led to the adage that friends are like siblings born to different parents.

So close, you and him easily understand each other, without even having to speak once. Just from seeing his actions or actions, you can easily guess what is in your friend’s heart or mind.

3. Protect from Enemies

Only true friends can protect you from your eternal enemies. Richelle Mead

You can’t force everyone to like their personality or their actions. Sometimes there may be someone who doesn’t like or even thinks you’re an enemy.

If so, maybe what is needed is support from those closest to you. One of them is a true friend who will probably always try to look after and protect you.

4. Feels Comfortable

True friendship will come when the silence between two people is comfortable. Dave Tyson Gentry

Maybe all this time you are still wondering, what true friendship will be like. If you are still confused, maybe you can listen carefully to the quotes for Dave Tyson Gentry’s best friend above.

When you feel comfortable being friends with someone, it is likely that they are true friends. More than that, the friendships that are formed may become stronger when you and he trust each other.

5. Become My World

A rose will be my garden. A true friend will be my world. Leo Buscaglia

The aphorisms for friends conveyed by the writer Leo Buscaglia seem to have quite a deep meaning, yes. Even if only one rose bloomed in the garden, it might smell good all over the place.

Likewise with the existence of true friends who fill your life. Even though there are many people you know, maybe he is the only one who succeeded in making your world more lively and colorful.

Wisdom Of Words of Friends of the Struggle

1. Stronger

Friendship is stronger than the heat of hostility. Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Friendship will bring you closer to two or more people. Whereas hostility can break or even destroy the relationship.

Therefore, keep your friendship stronger and more immovable. Just because of a problem that is difficult to solve, don’t let your relationship break down which leads to hostility.

2. Understand and be understood

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is understanding and being understood. Seneca

Do you know what is most beautiful about a friendship? According to the philosopher Seneca, one of them is when you and your friends can understand each other.

Usually, without being asked, he will always accompany you both through joy and sorrow. Likewise, you are ready to help friends when experiencing difficulties.

3. Tell You

A friend can say to you things you don’t want to tell yourself. Frances Ward Weller

Friends usually always try to support every decision that you think is good. Not only that, but he can also be the best reminder of the mistake you made.

So, don’t hesitate to ask friends about your strengths or weaknesses. Even though it was bitter, it was likely that he would tell the truth. Instead of trying to corner, maybe your friend is doing it so you can learn from your mistakes and then develop for the better.

4. Invaluable Assets

And is not the most priceless treasure of friendship? Fiersa Besari

From the previous description, many figures said that friendship is a priceless wealth. Through the words of wisdom for friends in the above quote, the writer and musician Fiersa Besari also said the same thing.

According to him, friendship is a treasure priceless by anything. If you still judge your friends based on their social status or abilities, chances are that your relationship is not yet at the friendship stage.

5. Good Friends

A good friend will not let his friend make a big mistake. Ruth Priscilla Angelina

A friend’s concern for you is not only shown through the support, but also the correction he gives. When trying to remind you of every mistake, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you.

This is done as a form of affection for you. In his heart, he also hopes that in the future you will be more careful so that you don’t make the same mistakes again.

Wisdom Of Words for Long-Distance Friends

1. Not Always Together

Not always have to be together, but always understand when there should be. That’s real friends. Boy Candra

Have you thought that a true friend should always be by his side? If so, try to absorb the words of wisdom for the friend of the Boy Candra writer.

You don’t have to always be together, most importantly you and your friends understand when there should be. Suppose he is always beside you but never cares, it would be like having no friends, right?

2. Looks So Wide

Nothing makes the earth seem so vast as having friends at a distance; they make latitude and longitude. Henry David Thoreau

No need to worry if you are currently away from friends. Being far away will actually make you feel that the world is so vast.

In addition, long-distance friendships can also enrich your horizons. This is because you and your friends can share about where you live and live with each other.

3. Always There

A friend will always be there for us, anywhere, anytime. His presence can be felt even though he is not next to you. Primadonna Angela

If you have a close friend who is always there for good and bad times, then maybe he or she deserves to be called a true friend. You also feel that he is always close even though he is far away.

More or less, that is the meaning of the words of wisdom for the friend of the beloved writer Angela above. Be grateful if you have friends like that because not everyone can have them.

4. It’s in the Heart

Strong friendships don’t require daily conversation or togetherness all the time. As long as friendship is in the heart, true friends will not be separated. Auliq Ice

When in a friendly relationship with someone, you cannot always be close to him. For some reason, sometimes you and he also have to stay apart. For example, you have to continue your studies or work in a different area.

With the help of communication tools, you and your friends can still connect and exchange news with each other. You can also send pearls of wisdom to friends as written in the quote.

5. True Friendship

Indeed, a friendship will not be timeless and the distance that separates it. Erlita Pratiwi

Friendship can last if it is supported by a number of factors, one of which is mutual trust. Supported by trust, your relationship and your friends will run warm and harmonious even though you live far away.

This condition is also what the writer Erlita Pratiwi tries to describe through the quotes for her friends above. The relationship of friendship will be stronger if you and your friends succeed through every test that comes, including the distance that separates.

Heartfelt Words of Friendship

1. Friends are the bidder

The bidder for fifty enemies was a friend. Aristotle

Better to make friends than enmity. Unfortunately, you can’t force everyone to do that. Sometimes, there are people who don’t like you or are even hostile to you.

Even so, there is no need to be sad because there must be people who still love you, friends for example. Their presence can be a cure and antidote for your depression.

2. Shady Trees

Friendship is a tree of shade. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Have you ever taken shelter under a tree when the weather was hot? It must be really cool, right? That’s how it feels like when you have a true friend, just as the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote in the quote.

A friend’s company often gives you a sense of comfort when you are close to him. The love and care that you give to your friends will make them feel good.

3. Nothing scary

Nothing is scary enough when you have friends. Bill Weterson

In addition to providing comfort, the presence of friends can often make your heart feel calm. As long as there is a true friend, there is not the slightest fear hanging in your heart.

Maybe that is how cartoonist Bill Weterson feels through the quotes for friends above. The full support from friends is finally able to make you confident in the decision you have chosen and not be afraid to carry it out.

4. Be Yourself

A friend only demands one thing; be yourself as the person he knows. Ilham Gunawan

It feels good to be yourself and live life as it is. If you have a close friend who always encourages you to live your life like that, maybe he or she deserves to be called a true friend.

Conversely, if someone is always pushing his will, you should not make him a friend. Apart from being tormented, you may not be comfortable being friends with him.

5. Hard to find

True friends are hard to find, hard to give up, and impossible to forget. George W. Randolf

What answer would you say when asked to describe what a true friend is like? If you are confused about the answer, maybe the wisdom words for a friend from attorney George W. Randolf above can help you.

In looking for the best friend, you have to be patient because it is difficult to find it. Even when you have it, it can be difficult for you to let it go. More than that, chances are you will never forget him and the good he has done.

Wisdom Of Words about Friendship

1. The amount of sacrifice

Friendship is not judged by the length of time, but the amount of sacrifice that knows no time. Tisa TS.

It seems like aphorisms for friends conveyed by screenwriter Tisa TS. there is a point. Yes, close friendship is not judged by how long you and he are together.

More than that, sometimes it takes sacrifice to test how strong the friendship is. If you and he are both able to face the problems and trials that befall him, the strength of your relationship with him also seems unquestionable.

2. Risk Sharing

Friendship marks life even deeper than love. The risk of love turning into an obsession, friendship does not risk other than sharing. Elie Wiesel

Perhaps many think that if love is more than friendship, maybe that includes you. In fact, the opposite could happen, for example, what the novelist Elie Wiesel wrote through the words of wisdom for a friend above.

Elie thinks that friendship is much more meaningful than love. Love relationships can run the risk of having an obsession with belonging, whereas friendship carries the risk of sharing and caring for one another.

3. The Only Adhesives

Friendship is the only glue that will hold the world together forever. Sara Tee

Do you agree with the words of wisdom for friends conveyed by the Sara Tee writer? According to Sara, the only thing that can hold the world together is friendship.

Without friendship, perhaps the earth will be filled with contention and enmity. On the other hand, the world will be peaceful and beautiful if the people in it are friendly and love one another.

4. Become Friends

The only way to have a friend is to be a friend. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

For those of you who currently crave the presence of a true friend but haven’t found it yet, try to introspect yourself. Who knows as long as there is something wrong with the way you are friends.

You know, to make true friends, of course, you also have to learn to be good friends. That way, it’s likely that the people closest to you will be comfortable being friends with you.

5. Can Grow Separately

The most beautiful discovery of true friends is that they can grow apart without growing apart. Elizabeth Foley

After feeling like you’ve really found a true friend, how do you feel? Maybe you will always feel close even though sometimes you have to be away from him.

This condition may be in line with the aphorisms for friends written by Elizabeth Foley above. It doesn’t matter if you are separated from a friend now as long as you and he stay in touch and don’t stay away from each other.

Which Words of Wisdom and Pearls Do You Want to Convey to a Friend?

Those are the words of wisdom and pearls for friends that you can see in lovepsychologys. From all of them, which quote do you want to convey to a friend the most? Hopefully, after reading it he likes it.

From the collection of words of wisdom for these friends, you can also learn many things. One of them is that true friendship will make you stronger. His presence will be able to change your life that was difficult and scary to be beautiful.

Apart from the list of quotes above, here you can also listen to other useful articles. Some of them are the history of smoking, the types of e-cigarettes, and tips on how to quit smoking. Happy reading! www.lovepsychologys.com

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