30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships

30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships with Beloved People

When you have a crush or boyfriend, you often want to express affection for him. But sometimes, you are confused about how to express it. Especially if there is distance and activity that makes you rarely meet. One of the best ways to express your affection is by sending romantic love words.

The feeling of love is the most beautiful gift that can be owned by every human being. Love can make a person change into a much better person. Words of romantic love can appear thanks to the existence of love.

In a relationship, expressing feelings for a lover is quite important. Starting from being an encouragement to maintain a relationship so that it becomes more lasting, to being used as a rattle to seduce a sulking lover.

In addition, quotes about feelings of affection can also be sent to express feelings to your crush. The hope is that the crush’s status will soon turn into a lover.

Want to know what romantic love words you can send to the people you care about? Just check out the article below.

Funny Romantic Love Words

30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships | Funny Romantic Love Words
30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships | Funny Romantic Love Words

1. Love is like back pain

Love is akin to back pain. Even if it’s not visible on the X-ray, you know it’s there. George Burns

No one can see what true love looks like. You may also feel confused if you have to explain what love really looks like.

Maybe that’s what is meant by these cute romantic love words. That oftentimes, love is not much different from back pain. You can’t show it to other people, but still, you can feel it.

2. When a Boy Loses Interest in His Car

A boy is clearly in love when he begins to lose interest in his vehicle for days. Tim Allen

Some people will behave differently when they fall in love. However, there are still men who don’t easily show their feelings, especially those who are quiet

Even so, there are still vague things that can indicate if someone is feeling in love with someone else. An example is what these words reveal, that when a man seems disinterested in his hobby, it could be that at that time he is in love.

3. Magical Creatures Just for You

She is my unicorn. That’s why I fell in love with him, as if I had found a magical creature. Rivka Galchen

There are many reasons why you might fall in love with your loved one. Starting from his charming face or kindness, to his uniqueness and cuteness.

To show that his uniqueness is what makes you feel in love with him, try sending these cute romantic love words on this one. Tell your lover that he is like a magical creature that you managed to have, unique and very valuable.

4. Love is like poison

I think love can be labeled poison and we will still drink it. Atticus

In this world, no one wants to be poisoned, and neither do you. Everyone will choose to get things that please him, such as love.

When it comes to love, everything in this world must be very beautiful. In fact, just like these words of romantic love from Atticus, sometimes people will not hesitate to drink poison when they are told there is love in it. Like a person who will do anything to get his love, even though he knows that there are painful things that he also got.

5. True Love

Love is when you tell someone you have hair extensions. Natasha Leggero

Because you love your boyfriend so much, you want him to always look gorgeous. But sometimes, there are things that make your boyfriend look less attractive. At that time, you will not hesitate to remind your beloved idol.

An example is the words of romantic love from Natasha Leggero. Sometimes, you won’t hesitate to remind your boyfriend if you see a  hair extension so he can fix it right away. If it weren’t for love, you probably wouldn’t bother reminding him.

Words of Romantic Love for a Far Girlfriend

30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships | Words of Romantic Love for a Far Girlfriend
30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships | Words of Romantic Love for a Far Girlfriend

1. Really Missing and Needing Your Beloved

Know that I miss you so much when you have to go; know that I need you as well as the air I breathe. Lang Leav

After meeting your boyfriend, you may feel that you don’t want to be separated from him again. But sometimes, there are things that inevitably cause the two of you to separate, such as work or important tasks.

To show your longing for your lover, try sending these romantic words of love. Let him know that you will always miss him because his presence is so important in your life, like the air he breathes every day.

2. Keep Loving Even Far

Even though I can’t hold your hand right now, but I love you with an affection that no one else will be able to understand. Anonymous

When the middle distance separates you and your lover, you can’t help but find it difficult to show direct affection. You won’t be able to hug, kiss on the cheek, or just hold your lover’s hand.

Even if you find it difficult to express affection directly for your boyfriend, it doesn’t mean you will feel less affectionate, right? Because later, when the time comes and you can meet again, you can hug him again.

3. Reasons for Lack of Sleep

You will always be my favorite reason for lack of sleep. Anonymous

Sometimes, it’s not only distance that separates you and your lover, but also time. Good morning greetings that you say, can be answered with greetings of good afternoon, evening, or even night. Not infrequently you have to sacrifice sleep time to be able to chat with your lover.

Even though you have to lose sleep, you don’t complain about it at all. Because just like these romantic love words, you prefer to chat with him rather than sleep.

4. Not about Time

Love is not about how many days, weeks or months we spend together. Love is how much love we give to each other every day. Anonymous

You may have heard that lovers should meet often and spend time together. However, when you and your partner are separated by a distance, of course, you cannot continue to meet and spend time together.

In fact, love should not be about how often you meet, but how much love is given to each other. Because after all, the amount of affection you have is far more valuable than the amount of time spent together.

5. Connecting Lines

When you sleep tonight, remember that we are lying under the same sky. Shawn Mendes, Never Be Alone

When distance separates you and your lover, there will often be a strong sense of longing. Sometimes, a lover will reveal that he can’t wait to meet and spill all that longing.

When that happens, express the words of romantic love to your dearest lover. Tell him that at least, you are still in the same sky. Afterward, let him know that you too can’t wait to meet him soon.

Words of Romantic Love for the Crush

30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships | Words of Romantic Love for the Crush
30 Words of Romantic Love to Strengthen Relationships | Words of Romantic Love for the Crush

1. Not sure how to express it

I don’t know how to put it, I don’t even know it’s real. But I like how I feel, and I seem to fall in love with you. Nicole Kinder

After feeling confident about your affection for your crush, you may think you want to express it using romantic love words. Unfortunately, at that time you feel confused about how to tell him.

One way to express this is to use these romantic love words from Nicole Kinder. Afterward, don’t forget to prove that the feelings you have are not just kidding.

2. The most beautiful thing about meeting your crush

The most beautiful thing is, I didn’t even look at you when I found you. Anonymous

Sometimes, you can find love in a variety of ways. In fact, sometimes you can get to know your crush in an unexpected situation.

This fact can be a sweet thing when revealed to a crush. Just like these romantic love words, when you don’t pay much attention to them, still you can find them.

3. Confession for a crush

This is my confession. No matter how dark my life is, I will always find enough light to admire every inch of you. Johnny Nguyen

There are many reasons why you might like someone and want to make him your girlfriend. One of them is because its existence makes you seem to have found a light on the path of life.

The same is the case with these romantic love words that you can send to your crush. Let him know that you will always find his attractive side to him.

4. Crash-Made Magic

That’s the magic he made, he can still make me see the sunset, even on the darkest day. Atticus

When you love someone, everything can look so beautiful. It is as if the person you care about becomes a light in the darkness of life that you have been passing all this time.

Maybe that’s what Atticus’s words of romantic love mean. That it seems, his existence that can beautify your life is a sign that he is the right love in your life.

5. Loving Simple

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without hassle or arrogance; so I love you because I don’t know any other way. Pablo Neruda

After expressing your feelings for your crush, there are times when he will ask him how much you really feel. It’s usually because he is hesitant or afraid that you will just play with his feelings.

To show the sincerity of your feelings to him, try expressing these romantic words of love from Pablo Neruda. Afterward, don’t forget to prove that your feelings are genuine from the heart, not just sweet in the mouth.

Short Romantic Love Words

1. Best Artwork

In a room filled with art, I still look at you. Anonymous

Have you ever been to or even frequently attended art museums or exhibitions? Have you ever invited your loved one to come to one of the museums or art exhibitions in your city?

If so, maybe you can say these short romantic love words to show your love for your boyfriend. It will be more romantic if you say it when you are taking him to a museum.

2. Loving All Years

Will you love me in December like in May? Jack Kerouac

No one can guarantee that the love that exists between you and your lover can last forever. Even so, of course, you want to be able to continue to have love with your idol forever.

To ensure that your relationship can continue well in the future, express these romantic love words to him. After that, add that you will always hope that your relationship will last forever.

3. Love is like Rain

Fall in love as the rain loves the earth, gently and with full loyalty. Dhiman

There are many expressions that can be used as parables of people who fall in love. One of them is the romantic love words about the rain on this one.

That sometimes, loving someone feels very beautiful when done like a light rain that soaks the earth. Be done gently, slowly, and without hurry.

4. A kiss is medicine

Because with the right person, sometimes fondling can feel like a healer. Lisa McMann

When you have a boyfriend, you want to be able to kiss him. Sometimes, the fondling is not just to satisfy lust, but to show affection.

Because after all, just like this quote, a loving kiss from a partner can sometimes be a cure, especially if you have just faced a problem. A sweet kiss from your lover seems to help ease the burden on your shoulders.

5. Love Quotes for Lover

Every love quote I come across reminds me of you. Anonymous

Sometimes, when you are looking for words of romantic love for your lover, you will feel confused about which quote is most appropriate to give. It feels like you want to send them all because every single word seems appropriate for a lover.

Instead of being confused, just send him this one phrase. Tell him if you are confused about which words of love to send him, because every quote always reminds him of him.

Words of Wisdom about Romantic Love

1. The Wisdom of Love

A heart full of love is true wisdom. Charles Dickens

A person who has a love for others in his heart will usually feel happiness in his life. With happiness, things can be seen more clearly, so that the person can become wiser in making decisions.

That is more or less the meaning of the words of romantic love from one of these old school poets. That the love that is in the heart can make someone a wiser person.

2. Don’t Force Love

Don’t look for love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love, because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall right away. Hannah

Sometimes, being alone too long, some people will rush to find love. In fact, if the time is right, later love will find it.

More or less the same as romantic words about falling in love on this one. That feelings of love for others should not be forced. Because just like when you fall, you will just fall, not to force yourself on purpose.

3. Happiness is More Important

Love is when someone else’s happiness is more important than your own. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Have you ever wondered what love really means? Are the feelings you have for your lover really love?

Maybe these romantic love words can be the answer to that question. Try to pay close attention, have you been more concerned with the happiness of your lover or yourself? If you are concerned with the happiness of your idol, it means you really love him.

4. Become Light in the Darkest Part

Whoever makes you feel the light in the darkest parts of your soul, is the one you must not let go of. Haleu MacLeod

After having a relationship with a lover, sometimes problems will arise and lead to feuds. Not infrequently, even the words wanting to say goodbye can be said on your lips. Before making any decisions that you will regret later, try to calm yourself down first and clear your mind.

Think carefully about how your lover will play in your life. Can it always light up the darkness that you have in your heart? If so, it would be much wiser for you to try to keep it.

5. Make Wings for Lovers

Never ask him to be the rock you lean on. Instead, make wings for him and point him at the sky, he will teach you how to fly. Atticus

Sometimes, you hope that the existence of a lover in your life can be a place to lean on. Where you can complain about all the problems you are experiencing and then hope it can make you feel better.

In fact, it would be much wiser if you do not add to the burden of problems you have on your boyfriend. If you try to enjoy your happiness more, all these problems can slowly be resolved. Because after all, if you genuinely enjoy happiness, then later you will be able to think more clearly.

Islamic Romantic Love Words

1. Perfection of Love

Love is not looking for the perfect partner, but accepting our partner perfectly. Asma Nadia

Nobody is perfect, not even you or your partner. Therefore, never expect your idol to become a perfect person.

Because just like the words of romantic love from one of these writers, love should not be about finding the most perfect person. Supposedly, love can make you accept all the weaknesses and strengths of your partner perfectly.

2. Not Behind Men

There is no woman behind a great man. The woman is beside him. He was with her, not behind her. Tariq Ramadan

Have you ever heard the term about a great woman behind a man who looks great? This is to show that the woman will always support her partner so that she becomes a great man.

In fact, it is far more correct to say that a great woman will always be by her male side. Both of them will support each other and walk side by side towards a better future.

3. There will be the best for those who want to try

There will always be good men for women who continue to try to improve themselves. Also, there will always be nice women to men who always try to improve themselves. Tere Liye

You may have read Surah An-Nur verse 26 in the Koran about good women for good men, women are not good for bad men, and vice versa. However, does that mean that someone who has sinned will not be able to find a good partner? In fact, you once knew a man who did not look good and was matched by a good woman.

Maybe in fact it is much more precise like these words of romantic love from Tere Liye. That a good mate can be obtained as long as everyone is still willing to try to become a better person.

4. Do not be separated

I don’t want a love separated by death. Because someday I want us to be reunited in heaven. Anonymous

Many people pray that their relationship with their lover will last until marriage, age, and death do apart. You and your partner may have thought like that.

In fact, wouldn’t it be much better if the love you and your lover had did not end just because death was separated? Because you certainly still want to be paired with your lover when you are in heaven, right?

5. Pray for One Another

The sweetest thing is when two people love each other, but don’t talk to each other. Instead, the two of them pray for each other in their respective prostrations. Anonymous

When you and your lover are separated by your busy life, sometimes you will rarely talk and spend time together. Not infrequently, there will be concerns about your next relationship.

When those worries arise, send this one as an encouragement in your relationship and lover’s heart. That it does not matter if you rarely chat, as long as you pray for each other so that your relationship will continue to be in a better direction. Even so, you and your lover should still try to meet and spend time together to strengthen the relationship even more.

Express Love with Words of Romantic Love

After reading the words of romantic love above, have you found the one that best suits your current situation? Is there a quote that you’d like to send your boyfriend or crush? Hopefully, after you send out those words, your relationship will become closer and more intimate.

If you still want to find inspirational quotes that can be sent to those closest to you, try checking out the Inspiration channel on the lovepsychologys.com website. Here, you can find various kinds of quotes on various themes, such as love, sadness, anger, and many more.

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