300 Truth or Dare Questions – Dirty, Vulgar, Funny & Tricky

300 Truth or Dare Questions - Dirty, Vulgar, Funny & Tricky
300 Truth or Dare Questions – Dirty, Vulgar, Funny & Tricky

Truth or Dare Questions – Dirty, Vulgar, Funny & Tricky

Dirty, Vulgar, Funny & Tricky truth or dare questions to ask that are easy to answer, or ones that will immediately raise the degree of tension at a party?

Vulgar Truth or Dare Questions

1. If you wake up tomorrow morning in the body of a person of the opposite sɘx, what will you do?

2. Do you like to take intimate photos for yourself?

3. What will you never try sɘx?

4. What person will you never have sɘx with?

5. What do you think is cheating?

6. Is there someone you would be proud to have sɘx with?

7. Does the thought of being caught during sɘx turn you on?

8. How do you feel about sɘx on the first date?

9. Have you been cheated on?

10.  Have you cheated on anyone?

11.  Can you kiss a stranger on the street?

12.  Can you suggest sɘx to a stranger?

13.  Have you had sɘx with a member of your gender?

14.  Was there a threesome?

15.  Do you tell your friends about all your sɘxual partners?

16.  Do you use sɘx toys?

17.  What is the most unusual use of a sɘx toy?

18. Have you thought about your bisɘxuality?

19.  Have sɘx in a public place?

20.  Did you have sɘx on camera?

21.  What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sɘx in?

22.  How long you can go without sɘx?

23.  When was the last time you had sɘx?

24.  If today was the last day of your life, who would you have sɘx with?

25.  A year without sɘx or without alcohol?

26.  Have you had friendship sɘx?

27.  If you become invisible, who would you like to watch?

28.  The most vulgar compliment you’ve ever said?

29.  The most vulgar compliment you’ve ever received?

30.  The coolest erotic dream in your life?

31.  When you look at couples in public, do you imagine them having sɘx?

32.  Was sɘx for money?

33. Would you sleep with your boss for a promotion?

34.  Your sɘxy fetish?

35.  Have you had virtual sɘx?

36.  Which cartoon character would you have sɘx with?

37.  At what age did you first watch p@rn?

38.  How do you feel about role-playing games?

39. Would you like to do p@rn? What genre?

40.  The sɘxiest part of your body?

41.  How many p@rn actors do you know?

42.  Have you tried walking without underwear?

43.  Who is the sɘxiest Harry Potter character?

44.  Do you regret how your deprivation of virginity went?

45.  What is the sɘxiest quality in a boy/girl?

46.  Can you tie a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue?

47.  Have you ever run away after sɘx?

48. Have you ever lied about the number of your sɘx partners?

49. A couple of your friends invite you for a threesome. What is your reaction?

50. Your boyfriend/girlfriend’s boyfriend or girlfriend rolls up to you and hints at sɘx. What is your reaction?

51.  Would you get a tattoo in an intimate place?

52.  How many people have you kissed?

53.  The strangest thing that turns you on?

54.  If you could sleep with any living or pre-existing person, who would you choose?

55. You can date two people at once. Nobody will know about it. Will you make up your mind?

56.  How do you react to intimate photos from unfamiliar people?

57.  The sɘxiest part of a woman’s body?

58.  The sɘxiest part of the male body?

59.  The weirdest phrase you’ve ever said during sɘx?

60.  Who do you choose – a very unattractive person, good in bed, or someone who is very hot on the outside, but in sɘx, it is completely zero?

61. Weirdest RPG in your life?

62.  What’s your wildest erotic fantasy?

63.  Tell us about your most disgusting sɘx.

64.  Would you like to go to a nude beach?

65.  At what age would you like to lose your virginity, if you could go back in time and fix everything?

66.  Have you ever deprived someone of their virginity?

67.  How long was your shortest sɘx?

68.  How long was your longest sɘx?

69.  For sɘx with which celebrity would you be willing to do anything?

70.  The dirtiest message you’ve ever sent?

71.  The dirtiest message you’ve received?

72.  Have you ever participated in an erotic photoshoot?

73. Have you ever been approached by a member of your gender?

74.  Dirtiest p@rn you’ve watched?

Truth or Dare Questions About Love

75. Is there a person in your life now that you like?

76. How many times has your heart been broken?

77. Were you thrown by SMS?

78. Have you dropped someone by text message?

79.  Have you ever lied to break up with someone?

80.  State the name of the person you like.

81.  What is the name of the person for whom you have had the strongest feelings in your entire life?

82.  What does your dream boyfriend/girlfriend look like?

83.  What is true love for you?

84.  Did you like two people equally well?

85.  Are you planning to marry the person you are currently in a relationship with?

86. Have you ever liked the other half of a close friend/girlfriend?

87.  How do you feel about polyamory?

88.  What is the most romantic date of your life?

89.  The craziest thing you ever did for love?

90.  Do you follow new boyfriends / ex-girls on social media?

91.  How long does it take for you to get over the breakup?

92.  Could you live your entire life without a serious relationship?

93.  What age difference do you consider normal?

94.  Could you date someone 20 years older?

95.  Have you ever been rejected after a declaration of love?

96.  What was the name of your first love?

97.  Was your first kiss for love?

98.  Was your first sɘx for love?

99.  Have you ever lied about yourself to please someone on a date?

100.  If you find out that your best friend / best friend is cheating on the other half, what will you do?

101. Who in your couple loves more?

102.  Did you forgive the betrayal because you loved it so much?

103.  Who will you choose between your best friend and your loved one?

104.  Describe the appearance of the person you like right now.

105.  Describe your ideal date.

106.  Was there a crush on a teacher?

107.  How far did you have to go trying to make someone fall in love with you?

108.  Did you have love at first sight?

109.  Have you ever received a declaration of love from your best friend?

110.  Have you ever confessed your love to your best friend?

111. Would you handle a long-distance relationship?

112. Have you had a relationship that you still regret?

Funny Truth or Dare Questions

113. What’s your weirdest Google search query?

114. Is it better to walk naked or let others read all your innermost thoughts?

115. Are you eating food that falls on the floor?

116. Do you sing in the shower?

117. Do you have a stuffed toy to take with you to bed?

118.  Do you drool in your sleep?

119.  Are you talking in your sleep?

120.  What song is the best way to bathe in the shower?

121.  Were your parents called to school?

122.  Did you lie to your parents about your studies?

123.  What color are your panties?

124.  What’s your last message?

125. If every foul word shortened your life by one day, how long would you live?

126. Someone waves to you in the street and smiles, you respond in kind, but then you realize that it was not meant for you. Your actions?

127.  Do you like talking to taxi drivers about life?

128.  Describe the strangest dream in your life.

129. Was it such that after the party you did not remember anything, and when you were told the events of last night, you wanted to sink into the ground?

130.  What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

131.  Were you given nicknames as a child?

132.  Is the dish you cook so awful that it is amazing?

133.  What’s the most time-consuming app on your phone?

134.  Did you pretend to be sick to skip work?

135. You tell your boss that you are sick, and then you meet him at a party. Your excuse?

136.  Do you like to dance at home while nobody is watching?

137.  What are you sleeping in?

138.  How many selfies do you need to take to get something worthy?

139.  Would you rather lose 10 kg or gain weight?

140.  What’s your most useless skill?

141.  The most useless information in your head?

142. Have you ever tried pet food?

143. Can you share your toothbrush with a close friend?

144. What’s the stupidest excuse to get out of a bad date?

145. What if you forwarded a person’s message to him, and even provided it with a not very pleasant comment?

146. Comparison with which celebrity or acquaintance infuriates you the most?

147. What unusual science could you be a teacher of?

148. Which Gryffindor house would you be assigned to?

149. What’s your most useless purchase?

Tricky Truth or Dare Questions

150. Have you ever had to find your parents during sɘx?

151. Are you peeing in the pool?

152.  On what or on whom did you learn to kiss?

153.  How did your parents talk to you about sɘx?

154.  What’s your most embarrassing hobby?

155. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

156.  Have you ever caught anyone masturbating?

157.  The case for which you are ashamed of the most?

158.  Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror when you are naked?

159. After your mysterious death, the police decide to check your browser history and find something shocking. What is it?

160.  Have you ever stolen from a store?

161.  Have you set anyone up?

162.  The most inappropriate place you’ve ever had to relieve yourself?

163.  Have you ever been arrested?

164.  How many times in your life have you been drunk to the point of unconsciousness?

165.  Have you started rumors that ruined someone’s life?

166.  Was it such that you deliberately “forgot (a)” to pay someone a debt?

167.  How long have you not taken a shower?

168.  Have you ever done something illegal?

169. Would you part with the other half for a million dollars?

170.  Do you feel ashamed of your boyfriend/girlfriend?

171.  What’s the most shameful drunken act you’ve ever done?

172.  Are you peeing in the shower?

173.  What was the most embarrassing date experience?

174.  Is there something that you absolutely do not know how to do, but hide it?

175. The most embarrassing lie you’ve been caught on?

176. Did you beat someone off just because of their appearance?

177. What is the most shameful meeting of your parents in your life?

178. The most infamous job interview of your life?

179. The most brutal prank on your part?

180. Do you donate gifts?

181. Have you ever lied about your boyfriend or girlfriend to look your best?

182. Share someone else’s secret with third parties?

183. Do you ignore the messages of a person who has not answered for a long time to punish him?

184. Have you made anyone ridiculous for your own benefit?

185. Have you tried anything prohibited?

186. Have you ever had to lie about your age? Why?

187. Have you had to beat someone off very rudely?

188. What fact of your biography would make your mother horrified?

189. Friendzone (a) you someone for your own benefit?

190. Have you bullied anyone at school?

191. The stupidest joke you ever made that nobody laughed at?

192. What mistake do you think about before going to bed?

193. When you listen to music, do you imagine yourself as the hero of a music video?

Truth or Dare Questions That Will Make You Open Up

194. Which of the people you no longer communicate with do you miss the most?

195.  If you have to break up with all your friends except one, who will you leave in your life?

196. Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?

197.  What’s your worst habit?

198.  Would you have leaked someone else’s intimate photos to get revenge?

199.  How many points out of ten do you rate your appearance?

200.  What lies do you still regret about your lies?

201.  What or who do you depend on the most?

202.  How do you feel about drugs?

203.  Do you drink alcohol alone?

204.  Did you take revenge on someone?

205.  Did you have a happy childhood?

206.  Do you have a close relationship with your parents?

207.  What annoys you the most about people?

208.  Save a hundred people, but stay in the shadows, or save one and be known as a hero?

209.  What era would you like to be reborn in?

210.  If money didn’t matter, what would you like to do?

211. What kind of job will you never take?

212.  Back in the past, what would you have done?

213. When was the last time you cried and why?

214. What’s your biggest fear?

215. If you had a few months to live, how would you spend them?

216. Do you like spending time with your parents?

217. If you had the money for plastic surgery, what would you change in yourself?

218.  Have you ever wanted to be the most popular in school?

219. Do you want to have children in the future?

220. Lots of money and loneliness or average income, but a happy family?

221. Is there a person you hate?

222. The message that broke your heart?

223. Are you going to cheat for a friend?

224. Are you jealous of your best friend or his other friends?

225. Name five of your virtues that no one knows about.

226. What are five of your weaknesses that no one knows about?

227. Did you want to cut off all ties and go on a backpack hitchhiking trip?

228. Tell us about the best night of your life.

229. Tell me about the worst night of your life.

230. Do you like to celebrate your birthday?

231. What’s the best birthday surprise you’ve ever had?

232. If your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on the other half, will you cover him/her?

233. What did you regret most of all of your actions?

234. What would you like to change in your life?

235. Who can you call your mentor?

236. How do you feel about a marriage of convenience?

237. Is it better to be a smart poor man or a rich fool?

238. Can you trust your secret to a stranger if you never see it again?

239. Calm stable relationship or passion, scandals and breaking dishes?

240. For what sins could you go to hell?

241. What’s your biggest complex?

242. The cruelest words you ever said?

243. People are mistaken to think you are …?

244. Tell us about the most difficult period in your life.

245. What is the best advice you have been given?

246. Can you spend a week alone with yourself?

247. The dirtiest rumor about you?

248. What is the most dangerous adventure of your life?

249. Have you ever slept outside?

250. Would you like to make money on the show as the Kardashians?

251. What movie brings you to tears even on the tenth screening?

252. What is the worst dream in your life?

253. What literary / film character would you play better than any actor?

254. What actor would you hire to play yourself in an autobiographical film?

Truth or Dare Questions For Crush

255. Which one of us would you sleep with?

256. To whom would you send a sɘxy selfie?

257.  Who here has hurt you the most?

258.  With whom of those present would you like to switch lives?

259.  Which one of us would you go on a date with?

260.  How many people in this room know something about you that could ruin your life?

261.  Which person in this room makes you happy (oh)?

262.  Do you find (name) cute or rather sɘxy?

263.  With whom of the people in this room do you feel uncomfortable being around?

264.  The sɘxiest person in this room?

265.  What is the worst flaw of each of those present?

266.  Which one of us would you dance a striptease to?

267. Do you have intimate photos or videos of someone present on your phone?

268.  Which person in this room do you owe the most?

269.  Which one of us would you be the first to save from the fire?

270.  Who would you take to a desert island?

271.  Which of us would surely survive the zombie apocalypse?

272.  Which of us would die first during a zombie invasion?

273. With whom of those present would it be most difficult to build a relationship?

274. Are any of the people in this room causing you to cry?

275. Who in the audience admires you and is an example to follow?

276.  Which one of those presents do you envy the most?

277.  Which of us have you seen without clothes?

278. Which of those present here would you like to see without clothes?

279. Which person in this room will you call if you need to hide a corpse?

280. Your first impression of (name).

281. Which person in this room would you like to take a guy/girl away from?

282. Rate everyone on a ten-point scale.

283. Who would you rob a bank with?

284. What would you change in each of us?

285. Who would you like to change your appearance with?

286. What pisses you off the most about each of those presents?

287. Which of us would you like to see as the other half of your best friend or girlfriend?

288. Which one of us would surely please your mom?

289. Who could take the presidency?

290. Who would you give your first kiss to?

291. What is the sɘxiest quality of each person present?

292. Who flirts best?

293. Whose sense of humor do you envy?

294. Who jokes the most vulgar jokes?

295. What kind of dish would each of the people in this room be?

296. Who would you eat first?

297. If you become a superhero, which of us will you entrust your secret to?

298. You have 24 hours to live. You can have them with anyone in this room, and you can do anything. Whom will you choose and what will you do with it?

299. To whom of the people here have you long wanted to apologize?

300. With whom of us would you like to swim in the sea naked?

We hope that you have learned a lot of useful and interesting things from this article. Even if it is impressive in size, we wanted to answer all the burning questions as comprehensively as possible about the best funny, dirty, tricky, and vulgar truth or dare questions to ask for with your friends or girlfriend or boyfriend.

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