34 valuable quotes and sayings by JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU

Are you looking for inspirational Jean-Jacques Rousseau quotes? Then you have found what you are looking for here! Rousseau was not only one of the most important French writers and philosophers, but also a successful natural scientist, teacher and composer. Through his commitment, he is also one of the pioneers of the French Revolution.

In this collection of sayings, I would like to introduce you to his most important wisdom and quotes.

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34 valuable quotes and sayings by JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU

Rousseau championed that like no other Reason and the individual rights of the individual a. Especially through his comments on free will, he took decisive Influence on psychoanalysis and educational theories throughout Europe. Use the following short and long quotes from the philosopher to get inspired by his values.


  1. “Nature never cheats us. It’s always us, who deceive ourselves.”
  2. “All wickedness comes from weakness.”
  3. “You have to have learned a lot to be able to ask about what you don’t know.”
  4. “The only way to avoid error is ignorance.”
  5. “The greatest pleasure is being satisfied with yourself.”
  6. “It is far more valuable to always have people’s respect than occasionally their admiration.”
  7. “A teacher should not be a servant, otherwise he will make a second servant out of the student.”
  8. “All people will have the perception that on high mountains, where the air is pure and thin, one breathes more freely and feels physically lighter and mentally serene.”
  9. “The world of reality has its limits, the world of fantasy is limitless.”
  10. “Trust your heart rather than your head.”

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  1. “Everything is good when it comes from the hands of the Creator of the world, but it perishes as soon as it comes into the hands of man.”
  2. “The money one possesses is the means to freedom, that which one pursues is the means to bondage.”
  3. “Those who want to get to their destination can take the stagecoach, but those who really want to travel should walk.”
  4. “A single blatant lie by the teacher to his pupil can destroy the whole benefit of education.”
  5. “Why seek hell in the afterlife? It is already present in this world, in the hearts of the wicked.”
  6. “The more I go into myself, the more I read the words written in my soul: Be just and you will be happy.”
  7. “I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.”
  8. “The trees, the bushes, the plants are the decoration and the robe of the earth.”
  9. “To write a good love letter, you have to start without knowing what you want to say and end without knowing what you said.”
  10. “It is not the man who has lived the most who counts the highest years, but he who has felt his life the most.”


  1. “Man is born free, and everywhere he lies in chains.”
  2. “Let us beware of imparting the truth to those who are unable to grasp it.”
  3. “Many children have parents who are difficult to train.”
  4. “Gratitude is a duty that should be performed, but which no one has the right to expect.”
  5. “Man’s freedom does not lie in his being able to do what he wants, but in not having to do what he does not want to.”
  6. “There are always four sides to a story: your side, their side, the truth, and what really happened.”
  7. “Plants are improved by breeding and people by education.”
  8. “All true patterns of taste are in nature.”
  9. “If only lies can save us, then it’s over, we’re lost.”
  10. “Free people, remember this maxim: We can take freedom, but once lost it is never regained.”
  11. “It is human nature to patiently endure the necessity of things, but not the ill will of others.”
  12. “The insults are the arguments of those who have no arguments.”
  13. “Reason shapes people, feelings guide them.”
  14. “For the rich, boredom is the great scourge.”

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Rousseau is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment. I hope that I was able to inspire you with his quotes.

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