4 Best Tips for the Perfect Relationship

4 Best Tips for the Perfect Relationship. The relationship between Spike Lee and Tony Lewis Lee is almost perfect: the couple has been married for a long 27 years, the partners support each other in all endeavors, and the children happily continue their work. So, Satchel and Jackson Lee were the ambassadors of the recent Golden Globes.

The union is held together thanks to teamwork: Spike and Tonya understand that relationships can develop on their own only in fairy tales, and life requires constant work and the ability to listen to a loved one. Here is some advice that the Lewis Lee couple could give.

1. Be on the same wavelength with your partner

Spike and Tonya first met at the Black Congress in 1992. Lewis recalls that as soon as Lee noticed her, he immediately burst into a hundred questions and compliments.

We walked past each other, Spike turned around and literally staged an interrogation with passion. Chattered something like: “Oh my God, are you an actress? Model? Singer? What are you doing here? Who did you come with?”

The director immediately became interested in a corporate lawyer. Later it turned out that they had a lot in common: although initially Spike and Tonya belonged to different worlds, both considered issues of racial discrimination, were interested in art, and thought in the same direction.

2. Don’t be afraid to work together

A year later, the couple got married, and then Lewis changed the field of activity, becoming a producer. This helped the partners not only to better understand each other, but also to promote interesting projects. So, Tonya worked on the Black History Month program, in which she talked about successful black artists. Later, the couple released joint books for children.

In addition, Tonya produced Spike’s series She Needs It Badly, about a black artist trying to make sense of life. Lewis later told EW that her husband is a great work companion.

Spike works well with colleagues. I’m not saying that all aspects were easy for him directly. Judge for Yourself: Nola’s Storyline (the main character – approx. ed.) it was a man prescribing, and Spike understood that perfectly well. I gave him a few ideas to help develop the character, and he accepted them calmly, saying, “Oh, great, but how do we implement them?”

The couple likes to emphasize their unity: at all social events, the spouses appear together, and certainly in matching outfits. Thus, Lee and Lewis show that they are not only lovers, but also best friends, and sometimes even colleagues.

3. Respect your contribution to family life

Often one partner takes the achievements of the other for granted. Just like in traditional couples, where a woman is forced to work, raise children, and take care of the house, while not even hoping for praise from a man. Things are different in the Lewis and Lee family.

So, the couple takes care of the home life together and brings up the children together. In addition, Spike and Tonya do not forget to honor each other and remind: the son and daughter grew up so wonderful thanks to their joint efforts.

My beautiful wife Tonya Lewis Lee deserves deep respect for how talented and great our children have become. Our son and daughter, Jackson and Satchel, learned a lot about this world just by listening to our conversations at the dinner table.

We always talk about important issues and the world we live in. The children saw my films, my wife’s projects – they were immersed in modern culture from childhood. At the same time, Tonya and I never read notations: rather, we entered into discussions.


4. Change the world for those who will live after you

Man is a social being, and it is difficult for him to isolate himself from others in order to live in complete solitude. From throwing garbage into a landfill to angry comments on social networks against the oppressed, our every action determines what kind of world will go to future generations.

Spike and Tonya remember this – the desire to make the world a better place for the sake of children led them to create the children’s books Please, Baby, Please; Please, Puppy, Please and Giant Steps To Change The World.

We had a little daughter in our arms. We looked at the world through her eyes and understood that there were not enough books in the stores where the characters were like her. My husband and I thought, why don’t we create these?

Tonya shares.

Later, the couple did not stop changing the world – everyone just went in their own direction. Spike focused on socially sensitive tapes where he can explore attitudes towards black people, Tonya was engaged in raising awareness of the loss of babies – in doing so, she helped the Minority Health Administration in the United States. 4 Best Tips for the Perfect Relationship.

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