4 golden rules for maintaining a long relationship


Toxicosis of love – many people understand this expression very vaguely. In simple words, this is the state that is filled with doubts about one’s feelings for a partner and for relationships in general. Such toxicosis touched everyone. But before chopping off both your feelings and your relationships, you need to slow down a little and work a little on what is happening. The best way is by no means brandy and a tearful call, but sound reasoning about yourself. After all, there is nothing easier than to estimate that since doubts have arisen, then everything means: love has passed, the tomatoes have withered. Not at all! This is a banal toxicosis of love. That’s what you need to get rid of.

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Back to the roots

Before you give your partner a derogatory characterization and send him after Makar with calves, you need to remember whether he was always such a “fu-be”. And do not hysterically procrastinate a pencil, like, there is no memory! Everything is! And in fact, it turns out that the partner is not so bad! He’s still the same, just older and a little different. Well, how else? Everyone changes: the worldview, the principles of life, the order, and the body. This is natural. Only the basic principles remain unchanged.

If a partner has lived all his life according to certain, rigid principles, such as drugs are evil, and then, once, he changed them, then yes, the matter is gone, and in all other cases, everyone develops as they need.

In general, you just need to remember why the partner became a loved one. And that’s it.

Telepathy and other nonsense

A favorite feature of many doubters. And why on earth do people decide that they have telepathic abilities ?! “I know him (her) too well!” Familiar? Yes, where is it! What an idiotic habit to think for a partner? You can know how much sugar to put in his coffee and what is his favorite position in sex, but you know what a person is thinking about … Phi, what arrogance! We can only speculate, not be sure.

The whole problem is that, surrendering to such things, the latent internal humiliation of the partner begins. Faith in his worthlessness grows stronger, first, indifference appears, they say, what to expect from him, and then irritation. And this is fundamentally not true. And if this kind of thought suddenly flew into your head, drive it with a filthy broom, and run to your partner for clarification. By the way, in no case can such things be clarified with the help of instant messengers: intonation is erased, facial expressions and other non-verbal things are not visible, which means that the interpretation can be extremely erroneous.

Who remembers the past, that eye out

Great saying! And it works in all directions. For some reason, many people think that their past is an invaluable experience for themselves, and for a partner it’s just a past that does not matter to him. In this case, the partner must accept it. Well, it was and it was, so what now. But as soon as this requirement arises from the beloved – that’s it! Hysteria, neuroses, and other mental impulses. It is necessary to understand: everyone has a past! It has the right to exist, but it is strictly forbidden to procrastinate.

What is the manner of presenting a partner with his past relationship in an accusatory manner? What a stupid reason to periodically poke him like a puppy “oh, is that your (your) ex (s) did that?! Oh, you compared me (a)? Yes, no one compares or remembers anyone. A person lives in new relationships and does not drag the past into the present. And if he requires something, then it’s just a habit, nothing more! Is it really difficult to cook oatmeal porridge for breakfast if your partner is used to it?

Another mistake, already personal, is the endless comparison of the current partner with the previous one. This begs the question: if the former partner was so good that his habits are constantly remembered and set as an example, then why did the relationship with him fall apart? You can’t compare! In no case! New man, new book! No one, after all, when opening a fairy tale about Baba Yaga, expects that she will behave like a bun? So here. The past must remain in history.

Rubbish from the hut

This is most often the fault of women. Incorrigible lovers forever blacken their man in secret all over the world. The fact that he is a goat must certainly be known by a girlfriend, and a neighbor, and a sister, and a mother. He will also post the story on social networks, and create a topic on the women’s forum. Well, Christmas trees! What happens in such a case? The more the partner hangs around with someone without hitting, the more negative things accumulate about him.

Especially powerful is the accumulation from strangers: they do not know the person, do not know the background, do not know the ending of the event. They perceive information in a distorted way. But the verdict has been passed, and the person looks like a moral monster. But how can you trust the opinion of some freaks out there?! Are they judges? Are they gods? How can you give them your destiny? Rave! You can share with your mother, with a close friend, but nothing more. And then, only with the aim of looking at the situation from the outside, with a fresh eye, and helping to get out of this event correctly. It would be nice to remember, by the way, that a goat’s wife is a goat, not a lioness. Calling your person that way, this epithet is automatically glued to your beloved. Alas!

Toxicosis of love is familiar to everyone, you just need to be able to survive it. It’s like during pregnancy. No one, after all, runs to get rid of the child in this case. So it is in love: sick and stop.

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