4 signs you don’t have a future with a girl

People often meet to never see each other again, and that’s okay. In one of the previous articles, we already considered situations where your mistakes can lead to the fact that you don’t want to go on the next date with you. Now we look at the situation from a different angle. You first invited her to meet in a cafe, the meeting took place, but something did not go the way you would like.

Maybe you can’t even explain to yourself what exactly went wrong? In this article, we’ll look at common reasons why you shouldn’t give her a second date. Don’t worry, nothing terrible happened, because in the world there are potentially another three and a half billion women waiting for your attention, but it’s better not to get involved with this particular one, because …

But how to behave on a date with a man, so as not to lose dignity, you can find out in our article further on the link.

Your life is not interesting to her

You met for the first time, and the first thing you should spend this time on is getting to know each other better. But your dialogue was a one-sided game: she willingly told all kinds of things about herself, but did not ask any questions about you and did not react in any way to what you said. You have received enough information about her during the evening, and it is possible that now she seems deep and multifaceted to you, but why do you need her if she is not at all interested in you? If it wasn’t, she’d bombard you with questions just as you asked her.

Perhaps this girl is so in love with herself that she simply does not notice other people. Or maybe it’s specifically about you, and everything that fills your life with meaning is beyond its understanding. In both cases, there is no point in getting upset, the next candidate may be much more interested in getting to know each other, and you may no longer meet with this one. Especially if…

She was catastrophically late.

Okay, girls are late for dates because they get ready for a long time, they preen, and that’s it. And this can be forgiven, but not in the case when you had to stand for an hour with a bouquet in a predetermined place. If a girl has exceeded all conceivable and unimaginable terms, most likely, she was indifferent to a date with you. Otherwise, she would have found a way to report the incident that made her late.

However, incidents should not be discounted. Imagine an amazing situation: a guy has to meet a girl at a crossroads near a poster, he knows that the girl should be wearing a green dress, and he is wearing a white shirt. Shortly before the meeting, it gets colder, and he puts on a jacket. It starts to rain, the girl is late, and the wet mobile phone does not give a chance to contact her.

There is still no one on the poster. Half an hour later, the gentleman, soaked to the skin, sees a girl in white at the other end of the street, who is getting wet … at another poster. Yes, as it turned out, shortly before leaving the house, she accidentally left a stain on her favorite green dress, and was forced to change clothes, and the couple still met and had a great time together. Many incredible accidents and coincidences would seem to betray this story as fictional, if only it had not actually happened to the author of this article. By the way, her cell phone also got wet and turned off, so during the date she didn’t…

Stays on your smartphone

Modern life is saturated with social networks and instant messengers, and there is nothing wrong with that, except when instead of communicating with each other you are staring at the screen of your mobile phone. If even on the first date a girl can’t tear herself away from messages, Instagram photos and comments on such important posts, you shouldn’t think that the situation will change in the future. If you start a relationship with such people, then virtual ones. Yes, the sex is also virtual, you wouldn’t want to make love to her while she’s fiddling with her cell phone, would you?

Whether it is worth taking a selfie with her as a keepsake is up to you, but in life you are unlikely to be on your way. People who are obsessed with social networks rarely show themselves as equal and honest partners in real relationships. When you see how different it is from your own photos without retouching, you will immediately understand this. By the way, the next item on our list is related to this …

She doesn’t look attractive

No matter how rich her inner world is, they are greeted by clothes. A girl is not at all obliged to have a model appearance and legs from her ears, but if she appeared on a date in untidy and dirty clothes, with disheveled hair and disgusting breath, it is hardly worth giving her a second chance. Of course, there may be several reasons for this behavior.

If she was a victim of the third wave of feminism and believes that smelly unshaven armpits are a symbol of a strong and independent woman, you are unlikely to get along with her if you do not share this dubious ideology. Perhaps the girl is simply not neat on her own, and whether you should try to make a princess out of Cinderella or just look for another option is up to you. And, of course, some crazy and incredible story can be hidden behind such an appearance, in this case, give her a chance to tell it and draw conclusions.

And many other reasons…

Of course, there are other ways to spoil the first impression, and we will not list them all. Remember the main thing: if your relationship has not yet appeared, you have nothing to lose. Feeling any form of rejection and discomfort in her company, you can always politely thank her for the evening and not meet again, because your story will not end there.

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