4 Tips for the Perfect Relationship

4 Tips for the Perfect Relationship. The long-awaited sequel to “Friends” will be released this week. The actors of the cult series will reunite again to remember the old days and chat with guest stars.

It’s been 16 years since the last episode aired. During this time, the artists managed to live their lives, star in new projects, create families. So it happened with Lisa Kudrow. She met her future husband, advertising director Michel Stern, while still working on Friends. The couple is still together. We tell you what principles Lisa and Michelle follow in order to maintain their union.

1. Never say “never”

Lisa and Michelle met back in the 80s. Stern was dating Kudrow’s neighbor at the time.

I then rented an apartment with a French woman, and Michel had just moved. So when we first met him, he was busy. I really liked him, and I wanted to get to know him better, but I was too polite to disturb my neighbor. So every time Michel came to visit us, I immediately went for a walk, plainly and without saying hello. He thought that I was still an infection.

Stern’s relationship with a neighbor quickly ended, but he met Lisa again only 6 years later.

I met him at a neighbor’s birthday party – they got along well – and since then we have not parted for a day.

The couple have been together since the 90s and still are. At first, Lisa did not believe that she would be able to chat with the guy she liked, but fate decreed otherwise.

2. Accept the inevitable, but work for the common good

In an interview with Glamor, Lisa said that she and Michelle looked at marriage without rose-colored glasses. They understood that life is changeable, and therefore they did not scatter promises that they might not keep.

When we decided to get married, we realized the following. We cannot and do not promise to love each other forever. Strictly speaking, no one can do that at all. However, we believe that our relationship can always be worked on, and that is what we should strive for. When you admit this, the bond will grow stronger, and love will take on a different form.

So, Kudrow and Stern do not fill their relationship with carbonated passion – it tends to quickly disappear. Instead, partners respect personal space and care for each other.

We accept our independence, and for me, this is not a euphemism at all. I’m not talking about open relationships. That’s the problem. I love to stay at home. So, if the husband wants to go on a trip, he has every right to do so.

Relationships fail when people feel they have to become one with their partners. And marriage is about teamwork, by the way. All players are different, but you have the same goal.

Lisa thinks.

3. Do not burden each other with rules

If at first Lisa and Michelle, like many other young couples, could not agree on domestic issues, now there are fewer restrictions and conventions in their relationship.

The older you get, the fewer rules you introduce. I don’t really want to judge myself or others.

Kudrow emphasizes.

Lisa and Michael give each other almost complete freedom of action. First of all, they listen to each other and find a solution that both of them will like.

4. Respect your child’s space

One of the goals that Kudrow and Stern have set for themselves is to work towards the well-being of their only child, Julian. There is a funny story associated with it. Michelle and Lisa started dating while the actress was filming Friends. She became pregnant while working on the fourth season, and the writers had to rewrite the story to introduce a plot about Phoebe Buffay’s stepbrother’s father and surrogacy. So Lisa didn’t wear props she was indeed expecting a child. Julian, if I may say so, appeared on the screen long before his birth.

Later, Michelle and Lisa completely changed the rhythm of life so that the child could live comfortably and grow up to be a worthy person. Efforts were not in vain: most recently, Julian graduated from the University of Southern California one of the top educational institutions.

Happiness, pride, tears. Not with him I have!

Kudrow wrote on Instagram.

Prior to that, she noted in an interview that the balance of work and personal life is important in education.

In general, it’s strange for me to talk about this, because most people simply don’t have a choice. Usually, both parents spend most of their time at work. We may not do that and that’s why sometimes I feel guilty, but I like my life.

I stopped doing films that required flights many years ago, and during the day I try to finish my business as quickly as possible so that I can spend as much time with my son as possible. It is very important to know what your child needs. Mine, for example, is not one of those who can move first to New York and then to London 4 Tips for the Perfect Relationship.

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