5 fears of girls when dating and on a date and how to dispel them

5 fears of girls when dating and on a date and how to dispel them. Today we will dig deeper than the creation of a fleeting attraction. Let’s talk about secret demons – fears that control us. Let’s do it in such a way that we manage them ourselves: we will smash the girls’ fears to smithereens so that they fall into your arms with joy and relief.

What are girls so afraid of when going on a date or when they meet new people? Now I will talk about these fears and tell you how to dispel them and use them to your advantage.

Let’s look at the problem a little wider, because everything is known in comparison. To begin with, we throw in 5 main fears of men when meeting, and then move on to women’s, so that it can be better seen that these are two non-intersecting lines. And that with the usual and understandable methods you will not be able to save the girl you like from her doubt.

5 fears of girls when dating and on a date and how to dispel them.

List of the 5 Biggest Dating Fears for Men

  1. He will be rejected by her. Perhaps because he will make some mistake, break one of the “rules” of the game.
  2. He will lose his freedom if a relationship starts.
  3. He will be considered stupid or a loser, an uninteresting interlocutor.
  4. He will not be able to satisfy her in bed.
  5. He doesn’t know how to respond to her emotions or how to deal with them.

I will not dwell on them in detail, today we are talking about the other side of the coin. About female phobias.

Girls’ biggest fears when dating

  1. She will not be physically/sexually attractive to him. (Afraid not to be liked).
  2. She will not feel emotional closeness.
  3. Fear of looking ridiculous.
  4. He would give up his status and identity to please her.
  5. She will scare him away when she shows her real self.

Whether we like it or not, but each of us has different needs in the context of relationships, and we will always be different from each other. The best thing to do is to learn manage and overcome these differences, rather than fight them.

Note that:

– Men’s fears are related to ego, competence, and independence. He is afraid that he will be inadequate in her eyes and trapped.

– Women’s fears are related to their feminine identity, the need for communication, and emotional dependence. She is afraid that she will be unattractive and lonely.

Girl, you are very cute to me!

There is nothing stronger than a woman’s desire to be beautiful. And as a result, there is nothing more terrible than becoming unclaimed because of your appearance. Don’t like it.

You can show on a date that you are not indifferent to a girl with compliments, an admiring glance, a phrase, an offer of a new meeting, after all. I am sure that you already know how to cope with this most powerful female fear, if you leafed through my blog a little.

I want to emphasize that it is not enough that she will really like you. The main thing is that you SHOW it to her. For her to understand. I saw. I heard.

I didn’t guess, dear men, but I found out. From you.

Can’t you? See my article with examples of compliments to a girl.

You don’t give me any emotion

It’s funny, but the second female fear (not being on the same wavelength) contrasts sharply with the 5th male – the girl’s emotionality. But really. woman feels something experiences, and then uses these feelings as the basis for his decisions and actions with a particular guy.

If she feels like everything is going well, then her logical decision would be to continue dating this guy.

But after all, for you, men, emotions are like a litmus paper of the time spent. If they are pleasant, then the time has not been in vain.
Therefore, we will not say that this is some kind of nonsense, but we will turn them to our own good.

But first I would like you to accept one fact.

There are girls who really don’t suit you. By temperament, by character, by outlook on life, by …

You can continue for a long time, but one thing remains the same – it does not suit you. Not your person. It’s not worth getting upset here. Looking further.

Your emotions from the meeting are no less important than hers. And first of all, you must navigate to your feelings.

And now a few tips on how you can emotionally “combine” when meeting or dating.

– Create confidential atmosphere – tell a story about yourself, ask her what she thinks about anything that follows from this story. Talk about the environment – what you like or maybe vice versa.

Empathy – nod, and do not argue with her on every little thing. Supplement her answers, clarify their details.

Sincerity and kindness. Be surprised, rejoice, laugh. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Straighten your shoulders.

Let her be vulnerable and have weaknesses. “Oh you, my little one!”, “You are my baby!” and others. Even strong women want to be tender and cared for by a strong man.

I wrote in great detail about the conversations that have women and show your personality in the article “How to become an ideal interlocutor.” You can learn a lot of useful things from there on the topic of girlish emotionality and its taming.

What an embarrassment

There is nothing worse than on a date to sit in a puddle with a person who you care about. But, this is true for a person of any gender. Freeze stupidity. Come out of the toilet with paper stuck to the sole. Dip in wine. Roll that flew out of the plate…

With the mind, you seem to understand that it’s okay, it’s something every day. But as a rule, only in my head: “Ah, what a punishment, how now to look this person in the eye ?!”

Humor and your understanding will come to the rescue. Understanding that she is uncomfortable and unpleasant. And also the ability to quickly switch attention from this event to another.

Don’t try to please

We have reached the most incomprehensible, but important point. Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  1. How do most guys behave with the woman they are interested in?
  2. What do they do then to get this girl with them?

Take a few minutes to think about this. Make a list.

I’m serious. I’ll wait.

Now take a look at your list. I am sure that almost everything on your list is an external manifestation.

Something like: “Invite her to dinner” and “Give her a compliment”, “Give her flowers” ​​and “Call/text more often”.

In other words, men are trying to use props to let the woman know that they are interested in her. However, this does not affect her feelings for you in any way.

Of course, if you are already in a relationship, then signs of attention and other romantic joys for each other are the norm of any relationship. But there is one important point:

No material gifts, compliments, dinners, and other signs of attention will ever compensate for the lack of BE INTERESTING.

Gifts, food, flowers, and other items have ZERO value to a woman when she doesn’t feel anything for you.

Every attractive free girl wants a guy who turns her on. Awakens in her passion (for life, for intimacy). She wants to feel happy. She wants to experience, tremble and laugh. She wants to think about you and experience all sorts of romantic nonsense with you.

No amount of compensation will solve the problem of your desire for her attention and approval. Women don’t want you to give up your status, “masculinity” and individuality. First of all, you must be a person with your own views, goals, hobbies, and not a “boyfriend”.

If you are interested in reading more about keeping your personality and how to make it more interesting for a girl, then you can find it on the blog too.

Burdock girl

If the young lady agreed and came on a date, then she is interested in you. You must understand that this interest can sometimes exceed yours. That is, the girl really wants to start dating (with you).

And now her corresponding fear is to be exposed. Still, the role of a hunter is a male prerogative. And then it turns out that she puts this role on herself and feels uncomfortable in it. Yes, and ashamed to somehow cling to a person.

You, as a man, will not be able to help her here. Just keep in mind that if a girl clings to you, then consider this as a symbol of higher interest. 5 fears of girls when dating and on a date and how to dispel them.

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