5 hidden signs of male sympathy


A connoisseur of non-verbal and verbal signals, he can easily recognize the signs of a man’s sympathy for a woman. They can be expressed in various poses, meaningful looks, actions. If you learn to read the signals in the behavior of a man, you will easily understand when he is indifferent to a woman, and when, on the contrary, he wants her with all his heart. It is worth considering 5 main signs of male sympathy.

Common signs

When a guy is in love or has a strong sympathy for a girl, he demonstrates this with all his behavior. Even if the declaration of love did not follow openly, one can recognize his interest by certain signs.

  • The first sign is the tilt of the head to the left or right during a conversation. To check if he is really interested in you, change the subject of the conversation. If the position of the head has not changed, he feels sympathy for you. When changing the position of the head, for example, he straightened up, this indicates that the person is interested in the topic of conversation, and not in your person.
  • The second sign is neatness in the image. When meeting with you, a man is always neat, his shoulders are straightened, he follows his posture. You can also see how he often straightens his hair or tries to shake invisible dust particles from his clothes.
  • The third sign is a change in behavior. Behavior may vary depending on the temperament of the man. Some become liberated and open at this time, trying to attract the attention of the girl they like. Others, on the contrary, experience fear of meeting with the lady of the heart, and at a rendezvous they become isolated, become confused and unsure of themselves.
  • The fourth sign is that a person’s facial expressions are changing. This is expressed differently for everyone. Someone begins to bite or lick their lips, someone has dilated pupils and raised eyebrows, some constantly smile, etc. That is, this behavior is not characteristic of a person at another time.
  • The fifth sign – a man in company with a woman shows increased care and attention. This is especially noticeable if you are in a society. At the same time, the guy’s concern is directed only towards one person.

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Reasons for the hidden sympathy of a man

If a woman tends to show emotions, then men are in no hurry to reveal their feelings. There are some reasons for this. The most common are the fear of rejection or self-doubt. In this case, the girl can take the initiative and take the situation into her own hands by making an appointment or thinking about spending time together. At the same time, you should not focus on his feelings, just drink a cup of coffee and have a casual conversation. Such a development of events will instill confidence in the young man and perhaps new steps towards rapprochement will follow.

Another reason for hidden sympathy on the part of a man is the presence of a family. In this case, the choice will be up to the girl, to continue such a relationship or stop them in the bud.

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The manifestation of sympathy depending on the sign of the zodiac

Astrologers say that each zodiac sign shows sympathy in different ways:

  • Aries – does not hesitate for a long time acts boldly and decisively.
  • Taurus – they do not open immediately, they first study a person, after which they begin to act.
  • Gemini – if they are interested in a person, they become eloquent and give a lot of compliments.
  • Cancer is the most subtle and sensual sign; when courting, it is as gallant and attentive as possible.
  • Leo – has increased artistry and openness, which attracts the opposite sex.
  • Virgo – this sign has an increased sense of responsibility, therefore, when showing sympathy for a woman, he will protect her and try to help her.
  • Libra – will show an increased interest in the life of the woman she likes.
  • Scorpio – having increased intuition, this sign will try to unravel the inner world of a woman.
  • Sagittarius – courtship will be stubborn and energetic, Sagittarius do not know how to hide their feelings.
  • Capricorn – this sign is the most restrained, shows emotions in small quantities, can behave unpredictably.
  • Aquarius – banality is not about him. Expect incredible surprises and unpredictable gifts.
  • Pisces is a very caring sign, they will immediately take you under their care.

Learning to do romantic things

Every man shows affection differently. But still there are a number of unifying features listed above. By recognizing them, the woman will know what to do next.


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