5 reasons men avoid serious relationships

5 reasons men avoid serious relationships! Many guys value their freedom more than anything in the world. For them, a serious relationship is tantamount to imprisonment. Men are afraid of them like fire! Let’s see why this happens and what such fears are connected with.

5 Reasons a Man Runs Away or reasons men avoid serious relationships

  1. General budget. It’s not that all men are tight-fisted and want to spend money exclusively on themselves. But women do not have the best habit of controlling all the expenses of a man literally to the smallest detail. When it comes to serious relationships, and even more so about the family, the guy’s knees are literally shaking at the mere thought that he will have to account for all expenses.
  2. Meeting reality. When a guy and a girl just meet, they are almost always in a good mood, they look cheerful and fresh. Serious relationships – respectively, and living together – help to look at things more realistically. We all get sick, sometimes we are not in the mood. Men (and women too) have terrible, stretched, but such favorite underpants, annoying habits, and everything that comes with it. The perfect picture is crumbling.
  3. Children. Practice shows that an increasing number of men not only do not want – they are afraid to have children. But this, in most cases, is a logical continuation of a serious relationship. The guys are afraid that they will not cope with their upbringing, they will not pull financially. Or they just don’t want to give up their precious freedom.
  4. Control. This reason is related to the first point. Women need to know where and with whom the beloved was. In a serious relationship, partners spend a huge amount of time together, as a result of which free time that can be spent on their “Wishlist” is automatically reduced to a minimum.
  5. Educational moment. Everyone knows that people practically do not change. But the girls, of course, will not stop trying. The flaws of a partner do not seem so obvious until the relationship becomes serious. Here, a woman almost immediately begins to actively “nag” her beloved, make claims to him and try to re-educate him.

So, if you want to “pull” a man into a serious relationship – do not push or limit him. Do not forget about yourself and do not immerse yourself in your partner completely. Behave in such a way that he appreciates every minute spent next to you.

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