5 things not allowed in a relationship under any circumstances

5 things not allowed in a relationship under any circumstances. Perfect relationships do not exist – it’s a fact. Of course, there will be quarrels, and scandals, and disagreements, and resentment. However, there are things that you absolutely cannot do in a relationship. They are able to quickly destroy even the strongest feelings.

5 things not allowed in a relationship under any circumstances.

Five of no return

  • Control. As much as you would like your partner to spend all his time with you, he simply cannot do this. Everyone should have their own life. Each person is a separate person, and this must be understood and accepted. There is no need to dictate to a partner how to live, with whom to communicate, what hobbies to get involved in and how to spend money.
  • Aggression. Basically, it can’t be in a relationship. Even the slightest signs of aggression on the part of a partner are a wake-up call and a sign that you need to run without looking back. Otherwise, the same aggression will become stronger each time, which can end very badly.
  • Doubt about your partner. Any relationship is based on trust. If you do not trust your partner, especially when he does not give any reason for this, there can be no question of a harmonious union. You will be jealous, scandalous and swear out of the blue, which is definitely incompatible with a normal, healthy relationship.
  • Blackmail. “Do this to prove that you love me”, “well, for my sake you can endure” and stuff like that are clinical cases that are practically not treated. If a person behaves in this way, it only means that in a relationship he pursues selfish goals, and there are no feelings. Of course, from time to time you need to give in – without it, nowhere. However, constant concessions will only lead to the fact that you become a puppet.
  • Criticism. It can relate to both appearance and character traits, behavior. Partners should support each other, and not help self-esteem break through the next bottom. If your partner constantly criticizes, he is a typical energy vampire and abuser.

Another point is the devaluation of merit. If you go out of your way for the sake of a relationship, and your partner takes it for granted, then it will continue to be so. The same applies to lies: in a harmonious union it has no place. Life next to a person who cannot be trusted cannot be calm and happy.

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