5 Tips for the Perfect Relationship

5 Tips for the Perfect Relationship. 

1. Be inspired by each other, not compete

Plisetskaya and Shchedrin could not but meet – two outstanding talents revolved in the same creative circles. They met at Lily Brik’s apartment, but love, at first sight, did not happen. Plisetskaya was then going through a breakup with her first husband, ballet dancer Maris Liepa, their marriage lasted only three months.

Then Shchedrin saw Plisetskaya in a ballet class and fell in love with no memory. Maya reciprocated.

She is an outstanding ballerina, he is a composer in demand all over the world. Such unions are rarely successful: it is difficult for creative and equally talented people to get along together. Maya and Rodion became an exception, each other’s fame and ambitions have never been an obstacle for them. They chose not to compete, but to be inspired. Shchedrin wrote many compositions for Plisetskaya that extended the career of the great ballerina for decades, and said more than once that he fell in love with ballet only because of her:

For me, Maya remains a phenomenal person who never ceases to amaze me.

For Plisetskaya, Shchedrin is always an unconditional authority and object of admiration. She marveled at his ability to accurately paint the parts for every instrument in the orchestra without ever owning them. He hears music like no other.

I can live Shchedrin’s music, which for me is the light in the window.

– Plisetskaya said when asked if her life was empty after she left the ballet.

2. Put love over popularity

A creative career goes through many stages from highs through failures to stable popularity. Plisetskaya and Shchedrin became incredibly successful at what they did, but they were able to easily cope with periods when one had to live in the shadow of the other. At first, Rodion stood a little apart against the backdrop of the great Plisetskaya, although his talent was never questioned. Then it was Maya’s turn to leave her career and move to Munich for her beloved, where Shchedrin was in great demand.

3. Live by each other’s interests

Even in great love, a long life together is not an eternal holiday. But for Shchedrin and Plisetskaya, the 57-year marriage never turned into an effort or a feat. According to Shchedrin, he was not burdened by Maya’s problems, but worried about them more than about his own. They were absolutely sincerely interested in each other, and such gifted and in love with art people simply could not get bored together.

We’re nothing for this for a long life together – approx. ed.) do not do it artificially. It looks like the Lord God connected us. We`re the right combination. We never get bored when we are together. We live by the interests and concerns of each other.

Shchedrin said in an interview.

4. Do not quarrel over trifles

Conflicts in the life of Shchedrin and Plisetskaya, of course, happened, like any couple, but they tried not to make domestic disagreements a reason for them. People of art, they are both far from pettiness and disputes over household chores.

It is difficult to understand who dominated in their pair. Maya said that “the problems of everyday life are exaggerated,” and Rodion always took care of her and tried to do everything himself. Shchedrin calls Plisetskaya very caring and sympathetic, at home she is not at all a world star, accustomed to applause.

We live peacefully and do not quarrel over trifles. And certainly, there are no problems because of who will wash the dishes. I will wash the dishes. And if people can think of dispersing because they didn’t share their plates, then let them disperse.

Shchedrin joked.

5. Be committed to each other to the end

Maya Plisetskaya, although she reached Olympus in ballet, was subjected to hardships for a long time. She, the daughter of an enemy of the people, was monitored by the KGB, they were not allowed on tour, performances were canceled, and denunciations were written. Friends and colleagues, previously friendly and admiring, refused to communicate with the ballerina, for fear of falling under a roundup. At the moment when Plisetskaya needed support and care so much, only Rodion Shchedrin was nearby, and for this Maya Mikhailovna was grateful to him all her life.

It must be fate that such a temperamental rebel was lucky to meet an understanding and devoted husband. The magic of the personality of the great ballerina captivated Shchedrin: he signed the music for her performances with dedications: “Maya Plisetskaya forever”, “Maya Plisetskaya forever”.

In an interview with Vladimir Pozner, Plisetskaya said that Rodion Shchedrin defended her, restrained the rash acts and statements of the ballerina, which could harm her reputation and provoke the special services.

No one knows how to care as much as Shchedrin. He literally thinks about me every minute, what I need, if I forgot to have lunch.

– said Plisetskaya

Not only their quotes, but also their gestures speak of devotion to each other. Family friends said that after many years of living together, Shchedrin and Plisetskaya always held hands. Two great artists, recognized throughout the world of talent, have always chosen each other, not being afraid to lose demand and success. In the modern world, such passionate love, like that of Plisetskaya and Shchedrin, touches to the core, because it looks like a fairy tale, a gift of fate. 5 Tips for the Perfect Relationship.


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