5 Tips for the Perfect Relationship

5 Tips for the Perfect Relationship. Justin and Hailey Bieber’s marriage isn’t always perfect – but it’s full of passion. Partners support each other, although sometimes it is not easy for them. Here’s what advice the Bieber couple would give, based on their experience.

1. Remember that love will save not only the world, but also you.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin met back in 2009. In the same year, there were rumors that the singer and model were dating – the lovers themselves did not confirm or deny the gossip.

In 2016, they made an official statement, after another 2 years they parted for a short time, and then got married. In 2019, they played a magnificent wedding in South Carolina.

Justin noted that the decision to propose was not easy for him. However, after going through a severe depression caused by Lyme disease and other troubles, he realized: if there was a person nearby who was ready to support at any moment, then it was Hayley. After that, the singer did not hesitate to take his beloved as his wife, although at first, he was scared.

At first, I felt like I must marry. Find a soul mate, have children, that’s it. And the first year of marriage was incredibly difficult. Much hurt, we sometimes did not trust each other. It seemed to me that I was married to an “eggshell”, to the illusion of a happy life. And then we actually got something. Now we create common memories, experience significant moments together. Before, I didn’t expect anything from a relationship. Then it turned out that I simply did not find the one that I had no one to love. And now all this has appeared.

Bieber told GQ.

2. Difficulties won’t go away if you don’t work on them.

In 2019, the couple noted in an interview with Vogue that the first year of the relationship was not easy not only for Justin, but also for Hailey. So many tests fell on the Bieber family that the couple turned to a family therapist.

Marriage is harder than it looks. It’s something you have to give your whole life to, and it doesn’t always come easy.

Hailey said.

Those times proved incredibly difficult for the couple. Justin came to his senses after the mistakes of the past, now and then attended group trainings, tried to understand himself. Haley, being a calm and self-confident girl, was there and at the same time did not forget about her feelings – otherwise, why would they both go to a therapist?

Giving an interview to Vogue about the trials they experienced, the Biebers seemed to say: “All people make mistakes, and the main thing is to be able to admit them, and then work through them in order to move on in life.”

We did our best to sort things out. The effort was worth it. Justin is an amazing, incredible, and wonderful person. He is the best partner with whom I can live a lifetime. I got lucky with him.

Hayley noted at the end of 2020.

3. Feel free to talk about sex

Usually, this advice is given in the context of conversations with a partner. However, in the same 2020, Justin went further by telling fans what he and Hailey do in their free time. We hope the singer agreed this comment with his wife – otherwise, it sounds unethical.

Well, in general, we love to … chill in front of Netflix, yes. Because of this, we have just crazy and passionate weekends. It’s all we do alone, I guess.

Chilling in front of Netflix is ​​a euphemism that Americans usually use to refer to intimacy.

In general, sex for a couple was a sore subject. In 2019, after rekindling his relationship with Hailey, Justin gave up sex for a year. He decided that he needed to change his attitude towards intimate relationships.

Sex often hurts. Sometimes people do it to boost their self-esteem. I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to God for the near future, until I realized that I felt better.

Justin commented on his act.

However, now the couple is catching up and is not shy about talking about it.

4. Find what connects you

Some people choose a common hobby. Others rest in a special place where no one will disturb them – this helps to strengthen the connection. Justin and Hayley realized that they were united by a common faith.

The Biebers are Christians. In an interview with Elle, they admitted that following the covenants and respect for God is one of the most important components in their relationship.

It is important for us to share our faith with each other, to talk about spirituality. We are glad that we follow Jesus together and are part of the same church community. For us it is important.

5. Respect views and personal boundaries

Marrying Hayley, Justin realized that he would like to have children. Ellen DeGeneres asked him about this in March 2020 – the presenter was wondering how many babies the singer needs for complete happiness.

As long as Hayley wants, so much will be. It’s about her body, so everything will be as she decides. While Hayley wants to fulfill herself as a model, and she is not yet ready for children.

No matter how much a man invests in raising children, the main burden – especially during pregnancy – lies with the woman. Justin understands this, so he does not rush his wife with a serious choice.

The same is true in other situations, whether it is joint trips to a psychologist, vacation, even shopping. Sometimes the Biebers have a hard time, but they are ready to listen to each other.

There are also things in which they agree one hundred percent: Justin and Hayley never take phones to bed. Gadgets easily distract them from a spiritual conversation or sleep, so their place is to charge in the other corner of the room. 5 Tips for the Perfect Relationship.

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