5 Types of Kisses and General Rules

5 Types of Kisses and General Rules. When it comes to kissing, inexperience is embarrassing like nothing else. It’s scary to do something wrong, to disappoint a partner, to become a laughingstock. However, these problems can be easily avoided by delving into the theory. Different people kiss differently, so it is advisable to prepare for everything. How to kiss for the first time skillfully, pleasantly, using different techniques?

Regardless of which kissing technique you choose, there are a number of general guidelines that you will need to follow. Main principles:

  • hygiene. Whole-body, but especially the oral cavity. Kissing an onion fanatic, a nicotine exhaust pipe, or just a sloppy person? No thanks. Shower, deodorant, toothpaste with a brush, chewing gum or candy are a must. If there is also a light pleasant aroma of perfume – excellent;
  • comfort zone. Kissing someone for the first time = breaking their personal space. You can’t be sharp without first making sure that the couple is also ready for such a step. You will have to be patient and do everything gradually;
  • renunciation of selfishness. Two people kiss, so let two people also get pleasure. It is better not to forget about his or her needs, comfort and follow the reaction, responding in time to changes;
  • tactile contact. It is extremely important. Partially, it is desirable to adjust it even before the kiss – take the hand, under the elbow, hug. Then there will be much less awkwardness in action.

With this approach, it will be easier to get a chance for a second date, relationship, deep sympathy. Elementary politeness and good manners play an equally important role.

1. “Gold standard”.

This is the basic technique with which almost all types of kisses begin. For this reason, it is better to devote even more time and attention to her than to others. If you thoroughly study this method of kissing, we can assume that all the others have already been studied by at least 50%.

The “gold standard” is great for the first kiss in life. It also fits perfectly into the concept of a couple’s first kiss. That is, even if a guy/girl is already considered a virtuoso in this area, in a relationship that has just begun, it is better to start with just such a technique anyway.

Approximate course of action:

  1. slowly approach the whole body or body (depending on the situation, the position of the couple) to the partner as far as possible;
  2. provide tactile contact – put your hands on your waist, shoulders, neck, face, stroke, hug;
  3. slowly, smoothly begin to reach for the lips, directing your gaze precisely at them (near “eye to eye” they will look strange or funny);
  4. close your eyes just before the very first touch, when the breath of the couple will be felt as clearly as possible;
  5. open your mouth, gently touch your partner’s lips, pressing them very lightly;
  6. try to carry out a series of weak “smacks” without straining the mouth muscles;
  7. lightly grasp the lips of a beloved person with your own;
  8. repeat everything in the same style, alternating the speed of actions, periodically changing points of contact (corners, middle, upper / lower lip).

This kiss ends in reverse order. The pace slows down, the force of pressure weakens, the mouth closes. Then you can slowly open your eyes, step back.

Such skill is suitable for people who are sensitive, romantic, tender. They will probably want to kiss for the first time just like that.

5 Types of Kisses and General Rules.

2. French kiss.

Kissing with the tongue is more passionate in nature and is known to require the use of the tongue. The movements carried out by this organ of the speech apparatus cannot be called systematized, but it is also better not to make them chaotic. Actions can be directed to:

  • exclusively in the language of the partner;
  • only on the tongue and lips;
  • on the tongue, cheeks, teeth, palate – on everything that can be reached.

The last kind of danger is that during it you can easily forget yourself and cause discomfort to a guy or girl. That is why the first two methods are optimal for a French-style opening. Subsequence:

  1. start with a simple kiss;
  2. gently, unobtrusively touch the tip of the tongue to his / her lips;
  3. if there was no protest, intensify the pressure, but do not make it rough or dirty;
  4. push the tip over the line of the lips to the teeth;
  5. meet the partner’s tongue and “tickle”, “stroke” him with your own;
  6. continue in the same manner, making sure that your own tongue does not end up in the couple’s mouth for more than half its length.

How to finish the lesson? It is better to switch back to a simple technique, and then stop completely. It is important not to break away abruptly.

3. Kiss passionately.

This is the most passionate view of all known. The suction kiss is rarely used for the first time, but there are exceptions, so it is advisable to learn it. Procedure:

  1. start a simple technique;
  2. go to the French style, but do not stick the tongue further than the line of the partner’s teeth;
  3. gradually, but surely, noticeably increase the pressure of the lips, the head as a whole, tighten the muscles of the mouth more;
  4. start opening your mouth wider (not to the maximum), move not only your lips, but also your chin, head (without excessively strong amplitude);
  5. it is desirable (but not necessary) at this stage to stop using the language – this can be fraught with injuries;
  6. try to completely clasp the lips of the couple with your own, drawing in air;
  7. add passion to the touch of hands, body.

Departure from this option is the most difficult. Emotions played out, actions became sweeping, poorly controlled. If you continue at this pace, then everything will obviously end in intimacy. If there are no such intentions, then it is better not to delay this type of kissing.

Completion is identical to the previous techniques, i.e. performed in reverse order.

4. “Mill”.

This species can be called one of the subspecies of french kiss. This technique is very common, popular, and therefore deserves separate consideration. How to proceed:

  1. go to standard technique;
  2. start kissing in french;
  3. at first, touch only with the tips of the tongues, teasing your couple;
  4. using the back already, try to make a circular rotation of the tongue around the partner’s tongue;
  5. adjust to the pace, find a comfortable rhythm, continue moving in a circle;
  6. occasionally change directions (clockwise and counterclockwise), alternate with other touches (standard, other French).

“The Mill” can be used as a first attempt at a French kiss. Movements are clearer, less improvised, and will appeal to those who like things to go according to plan.

5. “Fight of mouths.”

This “kiss” is quite playful, but at the same time passionate. It combines feelings, excitement, flirting, light rivalry. How to perform it:

  1. kiss in a simple way;
  2. increase pressure on the lips, but not to the maximum;
  3. start constantly clasping the lips of a partner, as if fighting for the right to possess them;
  4. add sucking of the lips to the touch, but without pulling – this will cause pain;
  5. turn on light bites, make sure that they do not turn into aggressive bites;
  6. continue in the same vein, alternately clasping either the upper or lower lip.

It is better to work out this option in advance on your fingers or the same tomatoes in order to continue to control yourself and not hurt the girl/guy. However, having mastered this technique, you can fully enjoy each other’s company, close contact.

Information on how to kiss for the first time is really helpful. Even if it is not completely remembered or completely forgotten during a kiss, it still gives confidence before the event itself. Namely, faith in oneself so delights, attracts others, makes kisses unforgettable and enjoyable.

5 Types of Kisses and General Rules.

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