50 examples of phrases to write to an ex-friend

50 examples of phrases to write to an ex-friend. Life is cyclical. In each certain cycle, a close person comes to us, who takes the place of a best friend. The cycle is changing, and the person without whom you could not imagine your life fades into the background. So that it is possible to prepare it, this is not done until it is clear that it is in the same way as before.

It happens. Interests, outlooks on life, priorities change, and at the same time close people change. Former best friends fade from your daily life, but remain in your memory, along with warm, kind memories of the time you devoted to your friendship.

If you had a fight

  • I’m sorry that a stupid quarrel separated us for a long time. Forgive me, do not hold evil!
  • Please excuse my complicated nature. I didn’t mean to offend you at all. I am very sorry that this happened.
  • Let’s make peace!
  • We have quarreled with you many times. But never so much. Forgive me, I don’t want to lose you. You are very dear to me!
  • My beloved friend! Let’s forget all our grievances and renew our friendship again.
  • Excuse me, my good friend! I miss you so much. I want to return our happy time when we were very close.
  • I want you to become my close and dear person again!
  • I know that my harsh words offended you greatly. I am ashamed and very bitter that I hurt you. Please forgive me!
  • I am so ashamed of the conversation that was our last. Let’s start over. I will value and protect our friendship. She is very important to me!
  • My good man, more than anything in the world I want you to forgive me.
  • I’m sorry! I understand everything if you do not want to communicate with me. Just know that I am very bitter from our separation!
  • My dear friend, our friendship was the most sincere and bright. I am very sorry that she was overshadowed by our disagreements. The burden of resentment does not allow us to enjoy our moments together. Come on when the room and when the heat is there.
  • Our friendship has been going on for many, many years. Together we experienced the most precious moments in life. They were always there, shared both sorrows and joys. No, it is possible to say that it is too late. Forgive me for all the wrongs I have caused you.

If you are bored

  • I miss our heart-to-heart conversations, our joint adventures.
  • I am reviewing the photo and so I want to tell you: “do you remember …”.
  • My dear! I really missed our bursting laughter, because it did not stop for a minute while we were with you. It was so alive and real that it warms my soul.
  • My dear friend! I often remember our times with you, when we were inseparable. Our secrets, conversations, important moments – I miss all this madly.
  • How I missed you! I can’t wait for our meeting to hug you tightly and say that you are the brightest and kindest person in my life.
  • WE HAVE WITH YOU For a long time our own life, our worries, but I often think about you, because you were my closest and dearest friend. Missing You.

How to reconnect after a long pause in a relationship

  • I am very bored without you, without the hundredth glass of coffee, under a long conversation until the morning. Without your explosive energy, which raised me even from a dead state. I miss the way you pronounce my name.
  • When I miss you, I turn on our playlist . I carefully listen to every song that we once sang, because it was a wonderful carefree time.
  • I miss your support, your advice, your gentleness and affection. I miss you.
  • You have brought a lot of light and joy into my life. Protected me from rash acts. You are my dear person, whom I miss a lot.
  • Our dances, tears, laughter, conversations – everything is stored in my heart, at times I get our warm memories from my memory, at this moment I miss you very much.
  • You have always been more than a friend to me – you are my sister in spirit. I miss you, dear!
  • With You, I Shared the most intimate thoughts and feelings, Only you knew how real I am and accepted me and loved The way I am. I want to tell you that I love you and miss you very much.

Let’s be friends again

  • My dear friend! So much time has passed since we last saw each other. There have been many events in our life that we could not share with you together. Correct?
  • Let’s bring back our long conversations, wild laughter, strong hugs.
  • Girlfriend, I often remember our good meetings, walks until the morning, young adventures. Of course, this can only be carefully kept in memory, but we may be able to create a new strong friendship.
  • I understand that our way of life has changed. There were worries, responsibilities, new people. No, despite this, I want to invite you to resume our communication. Become close friends again.
  • Circumstances separated us, and we lost each other in a maelstrom of worries. I want to breathe life into our relationship again and ask you again: “Let’s be friends?”.
  • I remember every glass of wine I drink, every frank conversation, every unrestrained laugh. Let’s do it again, shall we?
  • We have not communicated with you for a long time, but my memory keeps all the good that we gave each other. I really want to renew our friendship and give you many more joyful moments together.
  • It’s sad when friends forget about each other, but I think about you very often and I want to offer to start talking again, as close and warm as before.
  • My dear friend! We have not seen each other for a hundred years, how about meeting and making up for the time that has passed with a sincere conversation, thereby patching up our friendship so that it no longer gathers dust in our hearts?
  • My stalls as against drugs. We may not be able to become as close as before, but I really want you to become my friend again.

Short phrases for a friend

  • Life breeds best friends in different STORons, but the friendship between them lives on.
  • The greatest success in life is meeting you.
  • If we are friends, then only because we were friends.
  • Friendship is a wealth that we were lucky to find with you.
  • You showed me what it’s like to love your friend no matter what.
  • I truly treasured you, and I keep in memory all our beautiful moments.
  • Many changes have taken place in our lives, but the memory of our friendship is firmly held.
  • Sometimes best friends forget about each other forever, it’s good that this is not about us.
  • In true friendship, friends give each other a piece of themselves – I carefully keep your piece.
  • I love you my best ex friend!
  • Life is so arranged that we lose friends, even when we do not want to.
  • We rarely communicate with you, but when it’s good for you, it’s good for me.
  • We have not communicated with you for a long time, but my memory keeps all the good that we gave each other.
  • We are far apart, but you are in my soul.

Letter to a former friend

The most frequent occasion when we remember people who were previously close to us is holidays and related events. You are covered with nostalgia for him and you want to write something that could make a former friend smile.

No how exactly and what could please a friend?

Greeting is the starting point of all communication

As you say hello, you will set such a timbre of communication.

Maybe you had some special greeting or you somehow affectionately unusually called your friend, who is tapatik hoya. It is worth using this when greeting.

For example: “Hello, Forget-me-not!” or “Hi, Bulldog”;

If there was nothing invented in the communication between you, then you can attach an emotion to the greeting about how glad you are that you can write to this person, despite the distance, time and lack of constant communication.

“Great, I so wanted to write to you …”;

“Hello, it’s so wonderful that the connection with you is not lost…”;

Of course, the usual “hello” and its formative forms, for example, “hello”, will always remain relevant between Friends, Even former ones.

The basis of the letter

If this is the case in the maximum number of minutes, it is possible to do this by the addressee. What tricks can you use?

If your letter is tied to some special day or holiday, then you can safely recall a funny or cute episode related to the event that united you.

“I remember how on one New Year’s Eve you and I sang to Allegro until the morning that we both woke up hoarse.”

“On the day of the city, remember, we missed the last bus and walked for 2 hours to the house and talked about everything in the world.”

To a pleasant memory, you can add your opinion, for example, “I have never sang so sincerely in karaoke” or “it was very valuable for me to discuss those topics with you.”

For such an algorithm of actions, the phrases: “do you remember …” and “for me …” are suitable. Just substitute a memory that is dear to both of you.

To please your ex best friend, you can describe in a letter those qualities that you really loved and appreciated in this person and why they were important to you.

“I So Loved Your laugh, So sincere and contagious, that it always put me in a good mood, even if I was upset about something.”

“How has brought me so many good moments.”

Emphasizing Individuality, You Show the significance of this person in your time, which allowed you to highlight these features and love them. It has great chances of success to evoke warmth in the soul of the reader.

Also, as an option, you can remember what your ex-friend helped you in life. By this you will show that you remember and are still grateful, and if it is still connected with some kind of funny incident, that is.

“It’s not necessary to program it to the sympathetic par, to one of the most beautiful people in the world.”

“It’s good that you then called instead of me, thanks to which I had to go for an interview. As a result, I finally changed my job to a more promising one.”


Saying goodbye is always difficult, even in a letter. The usual “goodbye” or “bye” is enough. But you can add “I love”, “I miss”, kiss, hug”, if any of these words are torn from your soul into the letter you wrote.

At the end, you can refer to a former friend with the phrase “waiting for an answer” if you want to continue communication or bzhubnodubut. Just don’t use the standard phrases “we’ll call you somehow” or “we need to meet somehow” – this always carries with it the idea that these are empty words that are not destined to come true.

If you are serious about meeting or talking on the phone, then write as specifically as possible when and what time you could meet or talk, without distracting factors. For example: “I’m going on vacation in a week, I’ll see you with pleasure”, “I have absolutely free this weekend – maybe I can call us”.

It’s good to have warm and pleasant, at times funny and even embarrassing, memories together. It’s very valuable to have a connection through the years with your best friends in the past. It is not necessary to wait for an occasion or a holiday to write to the person who brought good things into your life.

Write sincerely, kindly, with or without reason. This is sure to bring a smile to your best, albeit former, friend.

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