50 examples to evaluate compatibility

What will help a couple find topics for conversation, get closer, get to know each other better, assess their chances for a serious relationship? Of course, questions about love. They perfectly clarify the fundamental life views, the inconsistency of which can easily result in serious conflicts, betrayals and other problems. What topics related to love can be brought up in the discussion? In what wording? Below are 50 detailed examples of such questions.

1. Loyalty.

  1. Can, in your opinion, a person who sincerely loves his partner commit treason?
  2. Can you forgive infidelity if it was committed under the influence of alcohol or during a temporary break in relations?
  3. If a person cheated, but sincerely repents of it and does everything to make amends, not to repeat such mistakes, will you give him a second chance?
  4. Where do you think cheating starts – sex, kissing, flirting, or even just thinking about the other person?
  5. Have you ever cheated on a loved one? Why? What was it that stopped/pushed you to do it?
  6. If cheating was a one-time mistake that could destroy a happy family, is it worth talking about? Or is it better to remain silent, without risking the well-being of the couple?
  7. Are dreams about sex with other people just dreams, a subconscious desire for variety, or a direct harbinger of infidelity?
  8. Is it okay to watch pornographic movies or maƨturbatǝ while in a relationship, especially when you’re in a relationship? Or is it offensive?
  9. Are healthy people with normal physical needs capable of living together all their lives and not cheating on each other?
  10. What will you do if, in a long and happy relationship with me, you suddenly want to sleep with another specific person?

50 examples to evaluate compatibility

2. Family and future.

  1. What kind of family can truly be happy in your understanding? What is its hierarchy and model, features in general?
  2. At what age do you want to get married/have children? If it’s done, don’t you think you’re in a hurry?
  3. How do you want to raise your children? Is there any specific model? Can children be punished with spanking/belt?
  4. Do you think you will be happy with me after 10, 20, 30 years of marriage? Why do you think so?
  5. Is a wedding a sign of deep love and confidence in your choice, or is it just religious prejudice?
  6. Is it possible to live happily in love without entering into an official marriage? Would you like to live like this?
  7. Can spouses live without love and still be happy?
  8. Does marriage of convenience have development prospects? Would you join such an alliance?
  9. Is a magnificent wedding a signal of a serious perception of the event and relationships, is it just a tradition or a waste of time, effort and money?
  10. Is the prenuptial agreement/contract an ordinary precaution, doubts about the feelings of a spouse or a sign of dislike and distrust?

3. History of relations.

  1. Could you have imagined that we would be together when you first saw me?
  2. When did you realize that you love me? Or when do you think that moment might come?
  3. What do you feel when you are next to me, take my hand, kiss me, hug me?
  4. Did/would it be hard for you to admit your feelings? Is there anything I can do to make this situation easier for you?
  5. What made you choose me and influenced your love experiences?
  6. Is there anything you would like to change in the course of our acquaintance? Why?
  7. What words, gifts or actions from me made your heart beat faster?
  8. Have you had moments when you had doubts about whether you should get close to me, fall in love with me, communicate further?
  9. What words would you use to describe your feelings about me the day we first met? What has changed since then?
  10. Feelings for me came as a surprise to you or did you know that they would arise because I was your type or immediately made a good impression?

50 examples to evaluate compatibility

4. Priorities.

  1. What will you choose: spend time with your loved one after work or work longer for the extra time off that will fall on your couple’s working day?
  2. Where will you go after work, feeling tired – to friends or to your couple to resolve the conflict that occurred in the morning?
  3. Relax at home together or go to some institution together? How specifically would you like to spend your time?
  4. Recognition in pre-prepared, personally written verses or in simple words composed on the go?
  5. How important are gifts to you as a way to express your feelings? If a person does not give gifts at all, does this mean that he does not love?
  6. Do you find a person more in love if he compliments a lot or tries to do more chores around the house?
  7. Is it better to live with a person whom you love yourself or who loves you?
  8. If your parents and your couple have equal problems at the same time, who will you go to first?
  9. Is it important to love yourself or your man/woman more?
  10. If your child and a loved one get sick at the same time, and the first has a mild cold, and the second has a severe one, who will you take care of more?

5. The essence of love.

  1. Do people in love always want to spend time together 24/7? If a person wants periodic solitude, does this mean that he does not love his couple?
  2. Phrases “I can not live without you”Without you, I’m nobody”You are my Everything” and do people like this say really people in love or people with obvious addictions and internal problems?
  3. Is it possible to love more/weaker? Or is love a given that cannot be more or less?
  4. Is it possible to love at a distance without seeing each other in reality? And if it is for life, and not temporarily?
  5. Can love bring suffering? Or everything that hurts is not love?
  6. Do you believe in eternal feelings? What about platonic love? How do you feel about open relationships?
  7. Does falling in love change a person? Why, how much? Are the changes permanent or are they canceled over time or with the end of the relationship?
  8. Is love purely a biochemical process, something mystical or one of the natural forms of socialization? Can it be explained at all?
  9. Can animals truly love, or is it only the privilege of people, as the most developed creatures on the planet?
  10. Does this feeling arise only between a man and a woman, or maybe between representatives of the same sex? Does friendly love exist? And what about an interesting business, hobbies? Or are such relationships and emotions called differently?

These questions about love will come in handy at any stage of a relationship – from dating to marriage. That being said, they are not only useful for the future of the couple, but also serve as a great way to have fun while talking. Awkward pauses in the conversation, its monotony, meaninglessness or superficiality – these problems are also easily solved with the help of such a list. Only two tasks remain for the interlocutors – to create an atmosphere for sincere communication and try to be sincere.

50 examples to evaluate compatibility

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