50 Words of Congratulations on Indonesian Independence Day August 17, 2021

August 17, 1945 is the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. The day when the proclamation was voiced loudly by the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno-Hatta. Of course, this independence cannot be obtained easily, because it definitely requires the struggle and sacrifice of the heroes in order to see the Indonesian state independent from colonialism.

There are so many services for the heroes of independence, we can imagine how painful and difficult it was during the struggle to seize the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. They are willing to sacrifice their body and soul against the invaders with the capital of the spirit of unity. and in the end the suffering of the Indonesian people was declared independent on August 17, 1945.

Now we can enjoy a peaceful, calm and serene life. There is no longer such a thing as suffering, sadness because of colonialism in this red and white earth. Because this is the era of the revival of Indonesia. However, we must never forget the struggle for independence. By commemorating Indonesia’s independence day on August 17 every year.

There are many ways to commemorate and welcome the day of the Republic of Indonesia. Usually entering the month of August, we have started to fly the red and white flag in our yard. Or by organizing august activities such as climbing areca nut, sack racing and so on. That is a form of respect for the struggle of the Indonesian National Heroes.

However, if some of us cannot celebrate the independence of the Indonesian nation for some reason, we can simply wish them a happy independence day through social media. Because not infrequently, Independence Day is also celebrated on social media through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line, in the form of Captions and Memes that inspire enthusiasm.

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Just like the words of the following 17 August Indonesian Independence Day. You can use these August 17 sentences and quotes as motivational quotes to welcome the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

So, everyone must have their own way to welcome the Indonesian Independence Day on August 17th. Of course in a positive and educational way. So for that, here are the words to congratulate Indonesia’s independence day 2021. Independence!

50 Words of Independence Day

A thousand old people can only dream. One young man can change the world. INDEPENDENT.

Apart from being free from colonialism, the INDEPENDENCE of the Indonesian people is a celebration of unified differences.

Differences exist not to be disputed, but to be celebrated. Happy Independence Day.

Voices cannot be imprisoned, there resides independence. If you insist on silence, I prepare for you rebellion. – Wiji Thukul.

National independence is not the final achievement, but free people to work is the ultimate achievement. – Happy Indonesian Independence Day.

The independence of a country can be guaranteed to stand firm if it is based on the independence of the soul.

A nation that does not believe in its own strength as a nation cannot stand as an independent nation.

Pain in the struggle was only temporary. But if you give up, the pain will last forever, FREEDOM.

Make your shoulders strong like steel. Because there are still many of our brothers and sisters who still need a place to lean on. Celebrated the Republic of Indonesia’s Anniversary.

Your blood spilled on the heritage land. Your soul is guarding the establishment of Indonesia. You are my hero. You are my country.

Because independence that failed to be filled will only be a narrative full of pleasantries.

The pinnacle of independence is knowledge of boundaries.

Independence against the invaders has indeed ended, but the struggle against selflessness continues. Celebrate my Indonesia.

The struggle of the Indonesian people is not only from the past. Today, tomorrow and forever. our struggle is not over. Let’s fight for a just and prosperous Indonesia together. Celebrate Indonesia.

The red of my blood is an expression that the blazing spirit will not be extinguished until the last drop of blood, and the white of my bones is a mental steel that will never fade even though the heat of the bullet penetrates the body.

My struggle was easier because it expelled the invaders. Your struggle will be more difficult because it is against your own nation – Soekarno

If in a person there is still a sense of shame and fear to do something good, then the guarantee for that person is that he will not meet him with a single step of progress. (Bung Karno)

A great nation is a nation that respects the services of its heroes.” (Heroes’ Day Speech 10 November 1961)

What are our weaknesses: Our weakness is that we lack self-confidence as a nation, so that we become a nation of foreign plagiarists, not trusting each other, even though we are originally the People of Mutual Cooperation” (Speech of the Anniversary of the Proclamation, 1966 Bung Karno)

Independence is not a sign to stop fighting, but a sign to fight harder.

The independence that has been achieved for decades should be appreciated by continuing to work and achieve for Indonesia. – Happy Indonesian.

There is still a speck of hope, a dream that we keep. There are still goals that we can share. Independence is not just a ritual, but a place to build a nation.

A great nation is a nation that gives room for expression, which gives freedom to work, and which respects one another. Longevity Republic of Indonesia.

Indonesia is not just a name. There are memories, love and pain there. There is a place for adventure and a place to go home. There you and I are trying to improve, in our simple and tireless way. Greetings, my Indonesia.

The Heroes paid for this independence with blood, we appreciate that independence with the sweat of hard work to make Indonesia proud.

If we feel that we are free, then the feeling of weakness and helplessness should no longer be entrenched in us.

Independence is not a sign to stop fighting, but a sign to fight even harder.

Freedom is just a bridge, Even though it’s a golden bridge…, across the bridge the road is broken in two: one to the world is the same as feeling…, one to the world is the same as crying!” (Ir. Soekarno)

Now we can laugh with satisfaction. Fulfill your dreams freely. As long as you are diligent and not lazy. Continuing independence firmly. Happy 74th Indonesian Independence Day.

Service heroes, services full of memories. Services that cannot be bought with wealth, services that have the goal of “Freedom or Death”, Brother, let’s rise together. Build your beloved country. Happy 74th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia

The fate of our nation will not change. If we don’t change it. Let’s fight together. Improve yourself to be useful for the country. Happy 74th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence. Once independent, always free!

True human freedom is freedom that provides the greatest benefit to others, without discrimination based on race, religion, and historical background. Happy Indonesian Independence Day.

Be one. Don’t want to split up. Achieve your dreams and goals in a bright future. Achieve your best achievements, and make this nation proud. Happy Independence Day.

If we are not able to give the best for the country, religion and family. So plug it in with honesty, care for the people, and for yourself. Because without honesty, the country and its contents will feel fragile and will surely be easily colonized again.

My blood red is an expression that the spirit that continues to burn will not be extinguished until the last drop of blood. The whiteness of my bones is mental steel that will never fade even though the heat of the bullet penetrates our aging bodies. Celebration of the 74th Republic of Indonesia.

Whatever it takes to achieve victory, how sophisticated the weapons are, it is not a measure because strong determination is the main capital in achieving a goal that is indeed noble.

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Weak or strong in a struggle to fight for the value of a decent life is a death choice. Now the Red and White has flown freely in the sky. INDEPENDENT.

The red and white saka flutters, Looks beautiful waving, Our fighting spirit continues to burn, To achieve a prosperous and peaceful Indonesia.

Don’t think that all of us have done enough with the tricolor triangle, as long as there are still weeping in the huts, our work is done. ! Keep on fighting with profuse sweating. Happy RI. – Soekarno

This independence is not a gift from the Netherlands, this independence is not obtained for free, this independence is a drop of blood for the nation’s fighters. Appreciate the results of the struggles of those before us for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Make difference as a uniqueness in the nation and state so that it looks beautiful with many colors, and don’t make a difference as an arrogance of the most correct feeling in thinking and acting, because it is differences that cause divisions that make the nation and state weaken. Independent !!!

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