50 Words of Happy New Year’s Greetings 2022 with the Best Meaning


Goodbye 2021, welcome 2022. Finally we can celebrate Christmas again and welcome the new year 2022. Of course, there are many hopes and stories that have been engraved in 2021. Stories of sadness, emotion, jokes, laughter, happiness, and sadness are like a rainbow that adorns the sky with different colors.

Many have a hard time leaving this year because it may have a lot of meaning and memories. There are also those who are so happy and excited to welcome the new year, because they feel this year is very difficult to go through, and will finally start a new chapter in the new year.

Many hopes and prayers are offered to welcome the new year 2022. One of them is a prayer of wanting to become a better person, or continuing the hopes, dreams and aspirations that have not been achieved in the past year.

Of course, we all want that, because life must look forward, not backward. The past will later become a story, and sometimes we can even make a story out of it. But the future is a mystery and a reality.

Celebrating and welcoming the new year 2022 is a moment that most people will probably never miss. Because the new year only happens once a year.

In general, the New Year’s celebration is spent by partying with friends, friends, girlfriends or family.

The excitement of the new year reached its peak when the clock showed 12 pm (00.00) or in other words the arrival of January 1, 2022. Suddenly, the colorful fireworks adorned the sky as a euphoria to welcome the new year 2022.

Not only that, the splendor of the new year also applies on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, in the form of a happy new year 2022 caption.

Many people don’t seem to want to miss making a status in the form of wise, motivational, and romantic words of wisdom in the form of a happy new year or a happy new year 2022.

Words of congratulations for the new year 2022 are sometimes an expression of joy, hope, and prayer that show that we are individuals who are always optimistic about the future and are ready to welcome the turn of 2022.

Let the past pass, as well as in 2021. Say goodbye and thank you for all the wonderful memories that happened this year. Then, forget all the bad memories that have passed, because the year 2022 is in front of our eyes.

Welcome the new year with new hope, new spirit, new belief and confidence that this new year 2022 will be more meaningful and will provide better moments than the previous year.

Just like the words of the following 2022 new year greetings. You can use the wise sentences and quotes below as captions and motivational sayings so that we can welcome this new year with prayers and hopes for the better.

So, if you are confused about choosing words to welcome the new year 2022, here is a collection of words for the new year 2022.


Time goes on and it doesn’t feel like we’re going to enter 2022. Hopefully what doesn’t happen this year. can be realized in this new year. – Happy new year 2022

Don’t regret the past, don’t worry about the future. live and enjoy the present. There is always hope in the new year. – Happy new year 2022

The moon and stars smile longingly, watching the light of the lamp, it is so beautiful to open time, welcoming January the first. – Happy New Year 2022

The past is history. Today is a scratch, Tomorrow is hope, Welcome 2022. As memories go, Welcome hope.

My hopes are poured out in the new year, and so are my hopes for you. – Happy New Year

Yesterday we were at the end, now we are back at the beginning. A fresh start, and always will be. – Happy New Year

Every moment in our day has its own meaning. The morning brings hope, the afternoon brings faith, and the night brings dreams. May we all have that in this new year. – Happy New Year 2022

Be the light. Be a twinkle in the dark. Be the inspiration that makes a big difference. – Happy new year 2022

Feeling sad? Feeling forgotten? Try to cheer yourself up. All good things will welcome you, believe me. Happy New Year 2022

Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes passed turned into hours. The short time is like a dream. Make this year more beautiful than last year. – Happy new year 2022

Welcoming hope. Goodbye Memories. Welcome hope. 2021 will pass. 2022 is coming.

There are so many hopes for next year that all his dreams can be achieved, we can only hope that this year we can achieve them with real actions…

Be the light in the darkness. Be an inspiration that can provide enlightenment. Happy New Year!

Opportunities that were wasted last year will surely come up with bigger opportunities next year, because these opportunities come over and over again even though they are different and not the same.

Leave all forms of sadness that have passed, let it pass, let it go, let’s start navigating a new life with enthusiasm and passionate optimism. – Happy new year 2022

Today is a reality. yesterday is a memory. tomorrow is hope. – Happy New Year 2022

Stop doubting your abilities, don’t let other people rule your life. #2022better

The best gift to start the new year is the one we give for the achievements we have made so far. Don’t forget to always be grateful and surrender.

The sun sneaks behind the hills, hides the memories of life, keeps the old sheets, welcomes the young days that will soon be approaching. – Happy new year 2022

Sometimes it means nothing. sometimes meaningless. Hopefully this year every page will be more meaningful. – Happy new year 2022

Days change, months change, years change. New year, new hope, new spirit. – Happy New Year 2022

Footsteps continue to walk, welcoming the beautiful and bright sun, hoping to meet the form of hope. May your hopes and dreams come true in hope. – Happy new year 2022

happy New Year 2022. Hopefully the world is getting better.

Sprinkling water wets the earth, the beauty of the world is like the sun, the cold dew refreshes the atmosphere, I welcome the new year with a million colors. – Happy new year 2022

Thank you for all the storylines and the memories that exist until now are at the end of the story here year 2021. You are strong, you are great!

I always hope, sunshine illuminates your heart, success is always with you, happiness comes to answer your prayers and a smile is present on your face, during the New Year. – Happy New Year 2022

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a beautiful story.

May this new year be blessed and better than the previous year.. Amen. – Happy New Year 2022

Our unrealized dreams! Good luck in the new year. – Happy New Year 2022

Let’s pick up the delayed success in 2022. – Happy New Year 2022

Happy new year may all wishes come true. – Amen.

May it be a beautiful beginning of all beauty. – Happy New Year 2022

Thank you 2021 for giving me so many memories. Hopefully 2022 will be even more beautiful. – Happy New Year 2022

Thank God. For all that has been done, for all that is being done, and for all that will be done. – Happy New Year 2022

Hopefully in 2022.. God always teaches me to always be grateful and make me a simple person. – Happy New Year 2022

We wish you good health and long life in this new year. – Happy New Year 2022

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – Happy New Year 2022

Another year has passed, another year has arrived. I always hope, every year, whatever it may be, – Happy New Year 2022

It’s a new year. New beginning. And a new path. – Happy New Year 2022

Heading into the new year and another opportunity for us to do it right. – Happy New Year 2022

The most glorious light this year is sweet hope. – Happy New Year 2022

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Let’s be a better human. New Year is a time to improve for a better world. – Happy New Year 2022

May you always be surrounded by hope and guided by the stars. – Happy New Year 2022

Hopefully the new chapter in this year will always be better than the last chapter in the last year. – Happy New Year 2022

As the year ends, don’t look back on yesterday’s disappointments. Look ahead, God’s promise has not yet been revealed. – Happy New Year 2022

Write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year. – Happy New Year 2022

365 new days, 365 new opportunities. – Happy New Year 2022

We can find new hope every new day and every New Year. – Happy New Year 2022

It’s not just a new year, it’s a new opportunity for everyone to start over. – Happy New Year 2022

Forget your failures! Fix your mistakes! New dreams and new achievements await you in 2022. – Happy New Year 2022

The past year is a learning process, and the next year is a process of improving what is lacking. We are lucky to get a second chance, so be grateful and live life to the fullest. – Happy New Year 2022

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