50 Words of Special Fireworks Greetings Welcoming the New Year 2023

Fireworks are synonymous with the peak of big days or the peak of big events, for example on New Year’s Eve, sports week, music performances, weddings, Christmas, welcoming the day of fasting, welcoming Eid, and so on. Fireworks seem to have become a symbol to end something that has passed or welcome something new.

One of the most lively fireworks displays is at the turn of the new year. The New Year’s event cannot be separated from fireworks. Almost all of us may agree that the peak in welcoming the new year is when a beautiful fireworks eruption echoes in the sky at 00:00.

New Year’s Eve will be even more meaningful if we enjoy New Year’s fireworks with the people we love, such as family, friends, and partners. But sometimes it’s incomplete if we don’t share the beautiful moments of New Year’s Eve with fireworks blazing on social media.

Because the splendor of fireworks parties usually also resonates on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, by giving a caption or a happy new year. Happy New Year’s words are usually in the tone of hope, prayer, and ideals so that this new year is better than the previous year. For that, here are the words of the new year’s fireworks.

New Year’s Special Fireworks Words

No matter how bright the fireworks are on New Year’s Eve, but if you’re not by my side. Everything still looks the same.

Always in love with the sky full of fireworks.

Our love is like fireworks that are very beautiful when lit but unfortunately do not last long.

Be like fireworks, even though it’s short but gives its own meaning.

Love is like fireworks. It’s more beautiful if it breaks into pieces.

No need to prepare fireworks, because your gaze is something we celebrate every day. In my chest your smile turned into a small explosion.

Every time I saw him smile, a firework lit up in my chest.

Age is like fireworks. Age will always decrease, but at least, in such a short age, humans should be able to shine as brightly as possible, even in the dark.

Our meeting was like the sound of fireworks, hundreds of words of happiness and a handful of hope.

Love is like fireworks. Beautiful in your eyes, but not necessarily beautiful in your heart.

You haven’t lit the fireworks yet but the wounds have exploded in your heart.

It’s not the light that sticks out of the fireworks, but your face before dark.

The most important thing is not about fireworks, but about being together.

Sometimes it takes fireworks when the dream is off.

Everyone has fireworks, but the best people know when to set off fireworks.

The fireworks haven’t been burned, you’ve disappeared without a word.

Missing nameless on New Year’s Eve. Refract your face between the sparkles of the fireworks. The sound of your voice breaking the noise of the trumpet

Life doesn’t just look like sparkling fireworks, but it turns out to be meaningless.

Watching the fireworks together, The wind that blows, slowly calms.

This world is like fireworks, sometimes the light will appear dim just because of one carelessness.

You haven’t lit the fireworks yet, the fire has already gone out. Now only flowers adorn the longing.

Sometimes it’s just fireworks without any taste.

I’m sure he’s an angel in disguise, brought down with the sound of fireworks.

Be the light in the darkness. Be an inspiration that can provide enlightenment. Happy New Year!

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I hope we’re not like beautiful fireworks but then quickly go away.

Tonight I find longing more boisterous than fireworks.

Why is New Year celebrated with fireworks? Because that’s life. It glows for a moment, then disappears without a trace.

While like fireworks. Your feelings ignite only to be extinguished forever.

The purpose of setting off fireworks is only to see them go off.

Although the light is bright and attractive, fireworks are only temporary. Just like a dream.

Some people like fireworks. They came because they were lit and then slowly disappeared.

Burning fireworks is the same as burning money. Better to donate the money to people in need.

Because fireworks and crowds don’t always make someone feel like they really have friends.

Silence is a million-word party. Firecrackers and fireworks from unrequited love. Beloved.

Even though I’ve never celebrated the new year with fireworks, it’s enough with prayers that tomorrow will be much better.

Human life is like fireworks, explodes for a moment in the sky, then disappears into the darkness of the night.

The new year is not just about seeing the beautiful fireworks, but how to introspect yourself to become a better person.

We were once fireworks for everyone, lit, colored, embellished, dimmed, and then disappeared.

You are like fireworks too short. And I’m like a disappointed child to question. Do beautiful things always end so quickly?

Life is like fireworks. You can close your eyes and be afraid, or you can open your eyes and enjoy it.

As the New Year begins with colorful fireworks, let them light up life like a candle in the night, and may it color the year like a rainbow.

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