55 Best Date Options For All Occasions

55 Best Date Options For All Occasions. It is unlikely that anyone wants to stoop to platitudes and repeat the same scenario for all meetings with their couple. But there is a desire to impress with resourcefulness and creativity. Where to look for suitable date ideas? In this article, of course! Here there are ideas for the first meetings, and possible plans for those who are in long-term relationships. It’s a matter of choice.

1. Active.

If a couple has a cheerful disposition and does not like to sit still for a long time, active adventures are suitable for her. Here are 10 great ways to have fun.

  1. Visit an amusement park. Take cotton candy, compete in a shooting range, jump on a trampoline and be sure to look at the roller coaster.
  2. Go to a dance party. It may be a nightclub, but the best is an outdoor disco. Dancing on the evening beach is a romance wrapped in fun.
  3. Go to a bike rental. It is better to take water with you in advance. You can travel around the city, but if the bike is still poorly mastered, it would be nice to find a place outside the city or away from the main roads.
  4. Use roller skates, skates, or a skateboard. Find helmets and knee pads for insurance.
  5. Create a personal tour around the city and visit previously unfamiliar places. Take your cameras with you or use the cameras on your smartphones.
  6. Go for a swim. Water parks, local natural or artificial reservoirs, swimming pools, or even spas.
  7. Devote a day to volunteering. To do this, you can look for volunteers on the streets, look at the city website, arrange your charity event.
  8. Play non-team games. Tennis (table and regular), badminton, squash. Bowling, billiards, darts are also suitable. If desired, you can arrange sports competitions, taking into account the capabilities of each other.
  9. Organize a flash mob. You can attract people through social networks, print ads, and stick them around the city. Or it is enough just to involve close friends.
  10. Check out the City Festival, fair, competition. Almost every locality has a page on social networks, which is maintained by active citizens. There are announcements of upcoming events.

2. With animals.

It is hardly possible to find a person who would not love animals at all. Their presence helps to relax, to behave more at ease on a date. Pets amuse, throw up new topics for conversation and help out with awkward silence.

  1. go to the zoo. In some of them, you can feed the animals with food sold near the enclosures.
  2. Visit an animal exhibition or go to the shelter as volunteers to care for the smaller brothers.
  3. Organize a horse ride. In warm weather, cities often also offer donkey rides or a cart drawn by a pair of horses.
  4. Search the websites of your city for a vacancy for a dog sitter. His duties include taking care of dogs, including walking with them. You can also “borrow” pets from your friends. And the animals will be walked, and the owners will rest.
  5. visit the circus. In addition to the performances of trainers, photography with exotic animals after the performance will also be an interesting activity.
  6. Check out the pet store. Look at the animals there or even ask the seller to take care of them. Will it be allowed?
  7. Take pictures of street animals, birds. Look for them near reserves, botanical gardens, forests, or other natural areas.
  8. Feed the birds in the park. If you are lucky and there is a lake with swans in the city, this will be a great opportunity for romantic conversations.
  9. Attention: for especially risky. Arrange a tasting of cat and dog food. Grab a couple of plates of activated charcoal in a pharmacy beforehand.
  10. Draw each other’s makeup on the face in the form of animal muzzles.

55 Best Date Options For All Occasions.

3. Cultural.

Sometimes the soul requires something high and developing. Then a date related to art and its manifestations will do. 10 ideas for this.

  1. Go to the museum or an art exhibition. If whole installations are organized in the city, even better.
  2. visit the opera, philharmonic, instrumental concert, other event that includes good music. You can also watch the performance of street musicians.
  3. Find ad about literary readings or apartment building. If one of the couple or even both write poetry, you can perform with your own works.
  4. Sign up for a pair dance course. Ballroom, including classical and Latin American, modern, stage, or even folk – it does not matter, as long as the choreography and movements bring pleasure.
  5. Walk around the city in search of street art. Capture beautiful pictures with your camera. You can paint your garage or yard.
  6. inquire historical monuments of your locality, compare architecture, learn the history of sculptures. It is a good idea to sign up for a tourist walk around the city with a guide.
  7. For those who are not averse to arranging a date with long-term preparation, suitable comparison of books and their adaptations. You can read the original both together and separately, but watching a film based on the work must be done together.
  8. Check out the karaoke club or a bar with live music. Here you can listen to good compositions, especially if it is jazz, and test your own vocals.
  9. Visit the quest room. It is advisable to know exactly the theme of the quests, because often they include horror elements. For people with a weak nervous system, such leisure is not suitable.
  10. Walk the streets lit up at night. Bright lights, a starry sky, silence, and the absence of a crowd bring them together well.

4. For home.

Bad weather, lack of mood, or temporary material problems force them to refuse to go outside. Why force yourself when you can have a date at home? Of course, provided that the couple has known each other for a long time and the invitation to visit does not look strange or ambiguous.

  1. Play board games twister, darts, table billiards, video games, cards, collect puzzles.
  2. Engage in cooking together. Pampering, jokes, and flirting are welcome.
  3. Have dinner together turn on a romantic comedy and take a bottle of good wine or whiskey with you.
  4. Try to create things for the interior with your own hands. There are plenty of articles and video reviews on the Internet on this topic.
  5. If the size of the bath allows, you can fill it with water, add foam, sea salt, and comfortably sit in it together. Scented bath bombs are a great idea too.
  6. Bring albums with baby photos and tell the story of each photo, describing the people depicted on it.
  7. Paint windows in the theme of the next holiday. For this, gouache, toothpaste, liquid eyeliner, varnish, ink, or, at worst, watercolor are suitable. You can then erase the art with water with the addition of a few drops of acetone.
  8. Arrange an erotic massage session for each other. It is better to immediately stock up on essential oils or at least creams based on them.
  9. Let a guy do his girlfriend’s makeup. Or ask your partner to choose clothes from the wardrobe that he likes the most. This is an occasion to laugh and at the same time get to know your partner better.
  10. Take a couple of tests. They can be serious, funny, or creative. Such activity will allow you to get closer, create a trusting atmosphere.

55 Best Date Options For All Occasions.

5. “With a twinkle.”

Want an adrenaline rush? Why not. Who said that you can’t arrange such dates?

  1. Go see a horror movie or a thriller with emotionally rich scenes.
  2. Sign up for paintball. Develop the skills of understanding and working with each other.
  3. Visit the fear room in the amusement park.
  4. Try if possible Skydivingbungee jumping, diving, or extreme sports.
  5. Join fire show. Be sure to ask about safety.
  6. Spend time in the rope park or at the climbing wall.
  7. Rent a motorcycle and ride through the night city.
  8. Visit the big range. Not in an amusement park, shooting elephants and giraffes, but a real institution where headphones and firearms are issued.
  9. Have dinner on the rooftop of some high-rise building.
  10. Book a table in an exotic cuisine restaurant. Work out the “poker face” first, otherwise, you won’t like the exotic.

6. Non-standard.

And if you suddenly want something completely unusual, then here are five more ideas on how to have an unforgettable and fun time together.

  1. Sign up for Tantric Sǝx Instruction and then practice it at home in a comfortable environment.
  2. Randomly select on the map of the city (region or even country) a point for travel. On the spot, you can organize a picnic, arrange a photo session or just enjoy the view, taking wine or beer according to your mood.
  3. Create a collaborative video. It is possible that two people appear in the frames all the time. Or you can separately record answers to the same questions and ask friends or a specialist to mount it all in one video.
  4. Play a “demo wedding”. Pick up “wedding” dresses, a bridal bouquet, buy champagne, create “wedding” rings from improvised means. Instead of a priest, let a mutual friend speak.
  5. Go through the questionnaire of psychologist Arthur Aron together. It contains 36 questions that, according to the scientist, make the interlocutors fall in love. They can also deepen and strengthen feelings that have already arisen.

These date ideas can be applied in full or in part. You may want to combine two ideas into one. Someone will find it funny to challenge yourself and try to complete ten points at once in one evening. The main thing is that the couple is comfortable and not bored together at a rendezvous. And what exactly it will be – everyone chooses for himself. However, this article will serve as a good helper in finding alternatives.

55 Best Date Options For All Occasions.

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