6 Best Horror Date Ideas

6 Best Horror Date Ideas. Very soon the most terrible, but cheerful holiday will come – All Saints Day. Usually, in large cities, zombie marches or theme parties were held in the main bars, but in 2020, fun in the middle of a noisy company can cause illness: the coronavirus has not yet gone anywhere. Here are some tips on how to spend Halloween for couples and arrange a date with a partner inspired by cult horror films and thrillers. This will help to spend the holiday not in another Zoom party, but in the company of a faithful and loving person.

1. Throw a feast for the whole world

Just like Dr. Lecter in the first season of the TV series Hannibal: here, a charming psychopath arranged a dinner party, which did not include a single vegetarian dish.

No, we do not urge you to imitate Hannibal in everything and try human flesh: this is at least immoral! However, nothing prevents you and your partner from repeating some of the recipes using available ingredients for this: you can be inspired by the blog of the food stylist of the project Jannis Poon and cook Sacromonte omelette with parmesan and turkey liver, oxheart tartare with balsamic vinegar, aspic of meat broth… All this should be washed down with a glass of chianti in tribute to the memory of Dr. Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs, of course.

2. Have a photo shoot in a cornfield

Let’s remember the film “Scream”, where the main characters always found the most unfortunate locations in order to hide from the maniac, and yes, the cornfield is one of them. Take this episode as the basis for your photo shoot. All you need is a camera, a pair of skillful hands, an antagonist mask – you can buy it at any joke store. It will be a little more difficult with the field, however, if you live in an agricultural town, you will certainly find the right location. Turn on your imagination and beware of guard dogs!

3. Spend the night like Morticia never dreamed of

We are sure that the Addams couple is the most romantic couple we have ever seen. What are the confessions of Gomez and the passionate tango of lovers worth!

Their love is eternal, like death, and you have the right to show each other that you are no less passionate. Decorate the house with candles carefully inserted into antique candelabra, hang fake gauze webs everywhere, put on the most noir outfits, turn on languid music, and dance to it so that the neighbors will literally hate you!

4. Run from zombies

In one of the articles, we mentioned a fun free offer Zombies, Run! With it, you can not just go for a run, but run as fast as you can from living corpses hungry for other people’s brains. We offer to take this service into service and arrange a Halloween for couples in the spirit of the Walking Dead series.

Discuss with your partner how you would protect yourself from the villains, pack your backpacks with the essentials (don’t forget the tasty snacks!), then put on comfortable clothes, and run to save your skins! Run to the nearest park, find a secluded spot, and have a good rest – you deserve it.

5. Learn the Time Warp Dance

Yes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show looks extremely strange even now, but damn it, the dance numbers are good there! Especially the one at the very beginning, where the unlucky newlyweds accidentally end up in the estate of the eccentric doctor Frank n Furter.

The dance itself is simple, it will not be difficult to learn it. So grab bright costumes in the spirit of the 70s, shoot the result on your smartphone and publish it in the same TikTok – now homages to old horror movies are just in trend. And yes, watch the musical – it’s 45 years old, so it’s a sin not to learn more about the masterpiece of trash cinema!

6. Go in search of the paranormal

If you and your partner are those X-Files fans, you will definitely like this method. All you need is a working camera (analogue or digital – you decide), a voice recorder, and a smartphone. This minimal set will allow you to briefly imagine that you are FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully. Halloween images for couples with such an idea, by the way, will not take much time and effort – even an office suit will do.

Download the free Randonautica app, find the location with the anomaly closest to you and go on an adventure. Do not forget about safety: we advise you not to walk late at night in unfamiliar places. 6 Best Horror Date Ideas.

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