6 love myths that poison relationships


From childhood, we are instilled with various ideas about the ideal marriage. But in real conditions, many of them do not work. Life is multifaceted and what is good for one may harm another. In addition, there are myths about relationships and love that poison coexistence. Learn about the six main ones so as not to repeat the mistakes of others.

Myth one – everyone has a soulmate, destined for them by fate

When a person is in love, it seems to him that she is part of him, and no one else is needed. But if you believe the myth about the only one destined by fate, then in fact it can be searched endlessly, given the number of people living on the planet.

In fact, there are many men or women with whom it will be just as good and comfortable, perhaps even better. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t focus on one person.

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Myth two – the union is better for those who do not enter into disputes

In every couple, disputes and even quarrels can occur, this is human nature. We are all different with our personal worldview, and it may not coincide with the opinion of a partner.

Another thing is how we get out of the conflict, whether we know how to compromise, whether we hear our soul mate. If everything is in order with this, then disputes and short-term quarrels can only strengthen the union.

But if marriage is based on humiliation and insults, it is worth considering its expediency.

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Myth three – a couple is absolutely happy only 3 years

This is partly true, since in the first few years, the newlyweds live more in their own fantasies. They think up a lot, attribute non-existent qualities to their partner. After living together, new surprises open up and they are not always positive. During the grinding period, many couples break up. But if you have common interests and respect for each other, then you can live happily for many years.

The saying about three years of happiness can also be heard about intimate life. Allegedly, sex gets worse over the years. Yes, it is undergoing changes. The old passion is fading. But partners already know exactly how to please each other. Perhaps sexual intimacy becomes less frequent, but at the same time better quality.

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Myth #4: There is no love without jealousy

Many people think that a small amount of jealousy should be present in a relationship. However, even it can lead to quarrels and misunderstandings. Any manifestation of jealousy does not testify to a great love for a person, but to one’s own insecurity.

Even if you doubt your partner, you do not need to declare that he no longer loves you. Try to find out the reason for his behavior, in most cases this is enough for everything to fall into place.

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Myth #5 – Together forever

The most common myth since ancient times, even in the past they swore an oath “until death do us part.” This approach to marriage is quite rational, it is unlikely that anyone at their wedding thought about a subsequent divorce. But at the same time, there is a possibility that the characters of young people will not converge, how to live then under one roof? You have to break up and start a new relationship. And this is quite normal.

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Myth #6 – Without a relationship, it is impossible to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Of course, love for a person is not in last place. But only if everything is fine in your union, and you are happy with each other.

It can also be comfortable for a person to be alone. If his life is full of events, interests, hobbies, then it is better to be alone than paired with someone who causes pain and suffering.

We are all different, and even close relationships with the opposite sex will be built for everyone according to their own scenario. Adjusting yourself to the patterns of society, it is impossible to fully become happy in love. For example, there is another myth that at a distance people forget each other faster. It suits someone, while others can love one person all their lives and carry their feelings through the years.


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