6 Signs Of An Ideal Relationship

6 signs of an ideal relationship. What is an ideal relationship and do they even exist? Some are accustomed to believing that such an alliance depends on the favor of fate. Others see the ideal in hard work on relationships. Still others, in principle, do not recognize exemplaryness as possible, prefer not to complicate their lives by searching for it, accepting what is already there. Which opinion is closer to the truth? What signs can be considered characteristic of an impeccable union?

What is an ideal relationship?

An ideal relationship is a strong long-term union between people that fully meets all the needs, expectations of partners from each other, makes them happy.

There is no universal formula for exemplary relationships, since each person has his own requirements for a couple. One online dating site conducted a survey on what traits in a partner most attract and repel different people. The results turned out to be:

  1. sense of humor // lie;
  2. the ability to show and accept love // ​​symptoms of a manipulator;
  3. reliability // hot temper, anger.

However, these results could be completely different if they were carried out in another country, for a different age category (people aged 18-34 participated in the survey). Therefore, it is impossible to create a clear algorithm for an impeccable union that would suit everyone. However, there are signs that contribute to the development of such relationships. They increase the chances of creating a trusting bond between people.

6 signs of an ideal relationship.

6 signs of an ideal relationship.

1. Common interests.

No matter how common the idea that opposites necessarily attract, it works flawlessly only in physics. And in the psychology of human relationships, community of interests turns out to be a more important, effective condition. It is because of her that people, in principle, want to get to know each other further, they begin to get closer.

It is not necessary that absolutely all hobbies coincide. 2-3 topics are enough for partners to freely and enthusiastically communicate. These interests bring together, allow you to maintain a high level of communication in a couple, which is very important for a healthy relationship. In addition, similar hobbies or preferences form an understanding between different personalities, make them accept each other as “one of their own”.

2. Personal space.

Couples in love at the beginning of their acquaintance cannot suppress the desire to be together around the clock. This is normal behavior at this stage, but it passes, the partners gradually cool down, get distracted by other things. This is also a healthy response. It does not announce the fading of feelings or the beginning of a routine decline. It’s just that the hormones gradually calm down and everything returns to the previous way.

Common interests will continue to nurture emotions, keep in touch, infatuation with each other. However, there will be a need for personal space. In an ideal relationship, no one treats this with jealousy or pretensions.

Guys go hunting, fishing, sit sincerely with a male company in a garage or bar. The girls go shopping, discuss the latest news with their friends in a cafe, karaoke. Or the man goes out to spend time with friends while the woman stays at home to meditate or paint in seclusion, for example.

3. Same goals.

People easily converge if they have different characters, opposite temperaments, but the same requirements, expectations from life. Conversely, kindred souls with almost identical natures, in the absence of common goals, quickly end their relationship.

An unequal vision of the future, if it is fundamental, becomes a serious obstacle. If one wants children, and the other ascribes himself to childfree, nothing good will come of such a couple in terms of love. The same applies to situations where:

  • one seriously dreams of living abroad, the other is an avid patriot or simply does not want to move anywhere;
  • the first loves to live one day, spend money as soon as they appear, the second is used to saving, saving, limiting himself in something for the sake of a big goal;
  • one is an ambitious careerist, ready to do a lot for the sake of work achievements, the other dreams of a friendly family in which parents will always be together, will not be away often or for a long time, etc.

The correct idea is that partners in a promising union do not look at each other, but in one direction. Because adjusting, sacrificing, ignoring = making yourself miserable.

6 signs of an ideal relationship.

4. Acceptance.

It is difficult to resist the temptation and not “correct” your couple at least a little. Although usually “a little” rarely stops. This is a big problem. If someone says “I will fix her / him”, “he / she will change with me”, or quietly hopes for it, you can immediately say that such an alliance will become a failure.

The ability to accept a loved one with all his minuses, minor mistakes, troubles, not always correct or understandable habits is a golden skill. Of course, a person can change, and in a relationship he will most likely do it gradually, but not under a whip, demands, manipulations, but only at will or because of circumstances. You can encourage, positively motivate a person to something, but you can’t put pressure on him or control him.

5. Ability to solve problems.

Disputes happen even in ideal relationships, but they do not develop into scandals. It is normal to defend your opinion, which differs from the views of the chosen one or the chosen one. It is only important to do this without forgetting about respect for your opponent. That is, screams, insults, unceremonious accusations, tactlessness, rudeness – this is no longer a constructive argument, but a nervous senseless squabble without a favorable outcome.

Reasoning and calmness are the best allies in such a situation. Some people use their imagination. For example, one can imagine that someone else is present during the dialogue – a critic-observer. Such a fantasy will reduce the intensity of emotions and the desire to splash them out in a sharp form.

6. Frankness.

It’s not just honesty as a character trait. This is an opportunity, a desire to be yourself next to a partner, not to be afraid to show yourself real. In an ideal relationship, this openness is at its peak. You can talk about frank intimacy if the couple is not embarrassed with each other:

  • fool around, play around, be funny;
  • show any emotions – from tears to violent joy;
  • express disagreement, inconsistencies;
  • talk about problems;
  • show themselves sleepy, disheveled, tired, sick.

At the same time, no one has a feeling of guilt or strong shame (there may be slight embarrassment). Such openness is achieved through trust and confidence that the partner will accept his loved one by anyone.

The ideal relationship is not a fantasy. They do exist, but not everyone can build them. To gain such a privilege, you will have to work very hard on yourself. In addition, it is important to find an appropriate partner, which can also be a difficult task. However, the happiness, ease, closeness, comfort that these relationships give are definitely worth all the effort.

6 signs of an ideal relationship.

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