6 Ways to Enjoy Your Honeymoon on a Budget

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Honeymoon on a Budget. A wedding is already an expensive event, and the cost of a honeymoon only hits the budget harder. Even if you and your partner have enough money for a honeymoon, not all countries accept guests from Russia without a vaccination certificate, a certificate of recent covid, or a negative PCR test. We figure out how to organize a pleasant vacation after the wedding, which will turn out to be cheaper than a trip abroad.

1. Book a Spa Treatment

On a honeymoon, you can not only stay in bed with your partner for days on end, but also take care of each other. Find the best spa in your city and try treatments you never cared about. Many complexes provide entire programs for couples. First, you can go for a grape seed peeling, then a steam bath in a hammam, then a chocolate wrap, Thai massage, floatation … Don’t forget to share your impressions after the procedures and decide how you will take care of yourself next time.

2. Book a room in a luxury apartment

You can choose an unusual building in your city to take as many couple selfies as possible in interesting scenery, and then walk around the yet unexplored corners of your hometown. If you don’t like outdoor activities, book a room in an expensive hotel and enjoy top-notch service. By the way, some complexes have their own pools and spas – take the opportunity and try them out.

An option for those who like it hot is renting a room in a sex hotel. In major cities, there are entire chains with themed rooms with mirrors for autosexuals, cute environments for connoisseurs of vanilla intimacy, or fasteners and whips for experienced practitioners.

3. Take a trip around your home country

Holidays in Russia are usually compared with something shameful: many still remember the high prices in resort areas and the sloppy appearance of coastal cities. In fact, in our country, there are many pleasant places where you can relax together, and they are located not only in St. Petersburg.

Take a walk along the old streets of Kaliningrad, paved with paving stones. Find hidden art objects in Yaroslavl. Enjoy the views from Mount Mashuk in Pyatigorsk. Arrange a road trip to Kamchatka, fixing everything important in the blog. Go to Baikal to see seals with your own eyes. In short, find an area in which you want to spend the next couple of weeks, and plan the program in advance.

This way to spend a honeymoon may not always be budget. However, if you buy tickets for a flight or a trip in advance and book a hotel room, you can save on travel.

4. Forget about household chores for a few days

And turn your home into the most luxurious area: get silk bedding, prepare comfortable pajamas, order a buffet set with your favorite delicacies. After that, turn off your smartphones and don’t even think about doing laundry or washing dishes. If mountains of unwashed dishes and unwashed T-shirts annoy you, invite a cleaner – you deserve a rest after a long preparation for the wedding.

Some, wanting to recreate the festive atmosphere at home, go further by glamping in the backyard or turning the balcony into a seating area. Do the same: get beautiful garlands, turn on pleasant music, and pay attention only to each other. If you don’t know what to do, check out our tips for movie dates and horror nights.

To diversify everyday life, arrange a romantic evening in turn. If you decide to stay at home, let each of you take care of the treats and dinner theme. For example, today you can arrange a Mexican-style evening, and tomorrow your partner will organize gatherings in the spirit of the Spanish siesta.

We decided to take a walk or even go to another city – give each other the opportunity to diversify the rest. Take turns choosing restaurants, bars, and recreation areas that you have not been to; find unusual activities, trying to tell more about your hobbies in-between times. Perhaps your partner enjoys rock climbing – give him the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. Or, for example, you have long wanted to introduce your companion to live music – invite him to attend a concert of your favorite band.

5. Do a good deed

Often people get married after several years of living together – during this time they have time to learn everything that their partner likes or annoys him. In this case, there is not always the strength and desire for a simple rest in bed. Diversify it by doing a socially significant act.

You can become a volunteer and take part in waste sorting or spend time with animals from nurseries. Some people prefer to donate blood as a special symbol – try to do the same if you have no health contraindications. Later, when you look back on your honeymoon, you will know that you made someone’s life better and more enjoyable.

6. Learn to SUP

Summer is the perfect time for SUP or SUP tourism. The bottom line is that a person does not lie on the board, but stands and rows using a long oar. It is believed that Sapah riding was invented by swimmers who tried not to wet their cigarettes or cameras.

This way of rest is unusual, meditative, and energy-intensive: with an hourly workout, you and your partner can spend 600-700 calories each – even running does not take so much. In addition, SUP allows you to train the vestibular apparatus and get new sensations.

In large cities, you can find enthusiasts who gather beginner swimmers to teach them or even take them on tour. On average, the services of specialists cost from 1 to 5 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the route – this is much cheaper than planning a vacation abroad. 6 Ways to Enjoy Your Honeymoon on a Budget.

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