7 Date Ideas Inspired by Cult Romcoms

7 Date Ideas Inspired by Cult Romcoms. Summer is coming to an end, and we hope that you will have time to squeeze out the most unforgettable impressions from the last weeks of August. To do this, we advise you to arrange a date with a partner in the spirit of your favorite romantic movie. We talk about unusual ways to spend an evening together – here you and your boyfriend are waiting for master classes, evenings in the style of the 60s, meetings under the stars, and more.

1. Play paintball

Just like the bully Patrick and the straight-A student Kat in 10 Things, I Hate About You. The guy, although he was not in love with the girl, tried to seduce her for a long time – and in the end, he himself felt sympathy. In our opinion, the most amazing moment in the film is the couple’s game of paintball, where they eventually bond. A partner will definitely be surprised by this approach to a date. If not, shoot him with paintballs, we allow it.

2. Go to the planetarium

A quiet evening, a couple of glasses of wine, and just you and your partner surrounded by a myriad of stars – the perfect plan! So did Sebastian and Mia at La La Land. True, it was also possible to fly in their planetarium, but it’s okay if your musical is a little closer to reality.

3. Raft down the river

Before winning over starlet Mia, Ryan Gosling courted “Ellie” on The Notebook. When you are a poor guy who ruined your relationship with your beloved, and your chosen one is a girl from high society who is going to get married, you can’t do anything to impress her: you restore a 200-year-old house, stay with her to the last and support strength in a companion, fading due to Alzheimer’s disease … You don’t have to buy old housing, but it’s definitely worth swimming in a boat! To do this, you can find a pier in the city, where they rent vehicles on water.

3. Draw and pose

The scene from Titanic where Jack draws a naked Rose has become iconic – by the way, you can repeat it. You will need a place so that the posing partner can lie in a comfortable position for a long time, as well as a notebook, pencil, and eraser for the artist. Drawing skills won’t hurt either, but you can do without them. Grab some wine, take off your clothes and get creative!

4. Learn a new language

The whole movie is based on this! In Love Actually, the characters didn’t understand a word: Jaime didn’t know Portuguese, Aurelia didn’t speak English. However, a bright spark flashed between them, and the lovers themselves were not afraid to trust their feelings and later found the right words. Share their fate with your partner: try to learn a few basic phrases from an dialect unknown to both of you in a couple of hours

5. Recreate the atmosphere of the 50s

If you’re inspired by the brash John Travolta and touching Olivia Newton-John in Grease, the following scenario is perfect. You will need a vintage car, retro suits, and a film camera. The first can be rented from the owners, the second can be found at a flea market, the third can be bought at a flea market. Go on an adventure – and don’t forget to try an obscenely expensive milkshake at a diner nearby.

6. Make a waffle house

Henry from the film “50 First Dates” courted Lucy, who had lost her memory, day after day. Every day she sits alone in a cafe, carefully creating a waffle house, after which the man “gets acquainted” with her and joins the construction – why not repeat the cute scene? You will need toothpicks and ready-made Belgian waffles – you can bake them yourself, the order in a coffee shop, or buy in the nearest supermarket.

7. Host a karaoke night

The episode from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” became a classic – it was even ridiculed in the parody comedy “Isn’t it romantic?”. Here, the antagonist Julianne tried to embarrass her lover’s fiancee Kimberly by making her sing at a karaoke bar. Did she know that she couldn’t even hit the notes? Definitely, on that and calculation. But Kim was not at a loss and accepted the challenge.

The film shows that it is important for all of us to be spontaneous sometimes and not be afraid to step out of our comfort zone. Try your luck with a partner: go to the nearest music bar, download the app on your smartphone or find instrumental versions of your favorite songs on YouTube. And what about the fact that a bear stepped on both of your ears – that’s the whole point! 7 Date Ideas Inspired by Cult Romcoms.

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