7 Life Facts About Open Relationships You Should Keep in Mind

7 Life Facts About Open Relationships You Should Keep in Mind. For some, the phrase “open relationship” sounds like something terrible. Indeed, from a conservative point of view, this is nonsense. However, in practice, this format of relations is becoming more common. It has its pros and cons, from which there is no escape. In addition, there are facts about open relationships that you must know before agreeing to such an adventure.

7 Honest Facts About “Freedom”

  • You have to be self-sufficient. Open relationships are not suitable for people who are used to being a classic “half” and relying heavily on a partner. At the right time, he may not be there, and you will have to come to terms with this.
  • Jealousy cannot be avoided. If you do not feel jealous at the moment when your loved one is with someone else, then you do not feel anything towards him. And an open relationship is a mutually beneficial union for selfish purposes.
  • All aspects of the relationship will have to be discussed. Permissible measures, the frequency of meetings with other partners, the format of relations between permanent partners and dozens of other issues. An open relationship is already tense enough to make any mistakes and omissions in them.
  • It’s best to make a list of people you don’t want to date. Let each of the partners write a list of non-grata people whom he categorically does not want to see next to his soul mate. And it is not necessary to explain why – just because you wanted to.
  • Don’t forget justice. If you are doing something, you should not forbid it to a partner. Still, in an open relationship, everything should be honest.
  1. You have to tell your loved ones. Share with friends and family that you are currently in an open relationship. Otherwise, “insider information” that your soul mate was seen hugging someone else cannot be avoided.
  2. Open relationships are not suitable as a salvation for a collapsing union. If you choose this format because your relationship is heading for the abyss, they will go there if you do not take drastic measures. And they have nothing to do with treason to the right and left. So you will only finish off the remaining feelings. 7 Life Facts About Open Relationships You Should Keep in Mind.

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