7 reasons why a man does not marry and what a woman should do?

7 reasons why a man does not marry and what a woman should do? Emancipation, feminism, matriarchy – the words are all completely familiar, the terms are understandable. All of them are close to the zone of women’s freedom from men, they promise zealously that it is better to be alone: ​​I want halva from morning to evening, I want gingerbread. Down with everyday tasks, all the forces to build a dizzying career.

Priznaya to the actual problems

Only now the omniscient statistics stands in a secluded corner, but smiles at all these female attempts: to give a beautiful explanation for the fact that she is not called to marry, like a mother and grandmother, like friends, like a colleague shining like a copper penny, just returned from a honeymoon trip.

You can even name yourself 1000 Reasons for what takes you away, “dissuades” you, does not let you into an official marriage, but the fact remains. You have a long-standing relationship with your partner and seem to be quite strong, but he does not call you to the registry office, even discussing this topic for a long time.

Let’s not be upset and think that something is wrong with you, but let’s take it and deal with the oddities of slowing down your heartfelt friend in matters of obtaining a stamp in the passport.

Reasons why men get married

We decided to start an excursion into a sore problem not with what worries us now, not with an attempt to immediately understand: why a man is stalling for time and does not marry, but with reverse “secrets”. Let’s see what pushes a man to marry without any doubt.

The life observations of mankind, the verified “formulas” of psychologists give an almost 100% guarantee that the gentleman will lead the betrothed down the aisle in the following cases:

  • the first passionate love came to the ardent young man, when it seems to him that he will never meet the best party in his life, a sign is characteristic of young and not yet very experienced hot hearts;
  • a man, according to his inner canons, is absolutely sure that this is “his half”, “his woman”, “his fate” already loves, and not just in love, this option is close to the representatives of the stronger sex – monogamous who are faithful to their companion all their lives;
  • a “marriage of convenience” is vital for a gentleman: to solve financial problems, rapidly move up the career ladder, “close the loophole” of household chores, transferring everything to safe hands, find a mother for his orphaned baby, most often treats a companion with respect and friendly participation ;

Why does a man not want to get married?

  • despite the outward appearance of an intelligent knight, the suitor experiences a pathological fear of loneliness, is ready to close the insidious “chasm” that frightens him with any more or less suitable candidate;
  • a forced marriage, which is destined for a fate, to save a man in the life circumstances offered to him “from prison and from the bag” from the evil persecutors from his past, from holes in his health that require care, help, supervision, patronage;
  • a lightweight whim, having the same merry party with friends, balloons, fireworks and baby dolls that your closest friend recently had, this kind of union extremely rarely stands the test of time;
  • the notorious “knocking out a wedge with a wedge” when an imaginary prince on a white horse appears surrounded by a girl to wipe the nose of his former lover, after the wedding he often regrets his deed, becomes a tyrant and despot, or withdraws into himself.

Agree, my faithful reader, that not all the prerequisites for a man’s sudden desire to marry on this list seemed pretty to you. An unfortunate plus to this collection are crazy comrades, “fakirs for an hour” for whom a wedding is just an excuse to plunge into a new, unexplored adventure. Walked, sneered – and away into the bushes for the next adrenaline.

No duma, it’s in oblasti mezhlichnostny, it isn’t the case that the adamami and the other people who are there are on the one side and on the other. Now we will honestly tell you what reasons not to marry “for anything and never” or in the next 10 years, the stronger sex has deep, hidden, not unfounded reasons for themselves.

Why is a man not in a hurry with you to the registry office?

Mysterious, completely incomprehensible, such kind of relatives and at the same time such sometimes incomprehensible partners do not want to go to the registry office, guided by the following arguments:

  • there is no conviction that this particular applicant is hand and heart able to cover the entire burden of everyday tasks at the proper level, and he is used to “aerobatics” in this area by his mother or housekeeper;
  • I’m not quite sure that satisfaction in bed with this particular woman will be able to replace his inevitable desire to have a whole conditional “harem” that will allow him not to look for fresh intimate sensations, retain the brightness of novelty;
  • the companion does not meet some of the aspirations of the man for his “escort” to business events, corporate meetings, pastime in the company of friends and hobby comrades-in-arms;
  • a cordial friend does not know how to sing odes and hymns in honor of her idol, does not consider him a celestial, a representative of the divine Olympus, is stingy with praises and compliments;
  • the previous marriage became a real hell for a man, traumatized his psyche for a long time, planted in his soul the conviction that there are no “normal” women in the world a priori, pushed him into the society of “misogynists” who continue to use their girlfriend only for sexual pleasures;
  • prohibitions on an alliance with a loved one for national, religious, career reasons, work in secret units, clan family taboos of a serious nature;
  • the gentleman does not consider his girlfriend a standard of beauty, intelligence, well-being, good disposition, does not see in her virtues that can attract the attention of other contenders for the right to possess her undividedly legally, such an element as the desire to “hunt” and get tasty prey disappears, having won rivals.

The Group of Estimated Risks also includes such things as the thoughts of a potential groom about the bride’s windiness and her possible craving for betrayal. In the case of the most promising prospects, you will see the problems, as well as the “roof and table” in the given day. A man does not see a corner where he could return to “lick his wounds” after life’s collisions.

Members of the “male clan”, to all their oddities from the point of view of the female sex, are also divided into those who marry once and for all, making a similar decision 1 time and those who collect marks in the passport: “married”, “divorced ”, again “married” and this does not bother them at all.

Of course, you are already burning with impatience to get an answer to the question: where is the way out? How to make your loved one put the cherished wedding ring on your finger with minimal loss for peace of mind and not fill bumps?

How to lure a loved one to the registry office without a lasso around his neck?

If in a series of tips that we have collected for you above, you did not find answers to your questions, we will try to expand the list of tactics even more. What can prompt a male to a wedding feat, we found out, we are moving on.

If your heartfelt friend does not have those insurmountable obstacles on the way to an official marriage that we warned you about earlier, the following actions can become progress on the path to the registry office:

  • gradually, as unobtrusively as possible, “penetrate” into the partner’s possessions with your little things, today I forgot my toothbrush in the bathroom, tomorrow I put slippers on the shelf, a week later I won back the shelf in the wardrobe;
  • provoke anxiety and a feeling of jealousy, pretend that you have a new admirer, but in no case do not cheat on your chosen one, you will lose trust forever;
  • suddenly change your image, radically transform your appearance, let your counterpart know that a young lady is now in his power, capable of surprising, alternating masks, or even gives surprises of such a kind that one gets the impression: I see this woman for the first time;
  • make friends, spend time together, enjoy communication with happy married couples from your environment, a warm example is contagious, a partner will also want to constantly be in the epicenter of affection, tenderness, love, joy, aching romance;
  • honestly tell your companion that in the place of the main man of your life you don’t see anyone else but him – such frankness won’t get through, so maybe you shouldn’t fight so ardently for the love of an inert subject.

Finally, we cannot but tell you what confuses us in your relationship. Who loves, wants to possess, appreciates his girlfriend, to go or not to go to the registry office, usually does not hesitate. So think carefully about whether you are spending precious moments of your life on the chosen one.

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