7 Signs It’s Time for You and Your Boyfriend to Move in

7 Signs It’s Time for You and Your Boyfriend to Move in. For many, living together is a serious step in a relationship, perhaps identical only with a wedding. Life coach Cali Rogers also partly thinks so: in an interview with Bustle, she noted that people are often in a hurry in their desire to move in together as soon as possible, which causes trouble over trifles. Either the lovers cannot divide the responsibilities among themselves, or things do not go well with personal space, sometimes it turns out at all that the newly-made cohabitants have no idea how to manage the budget. Let’s figure out what you need to make sure if you and your boyfriend want to get even closer.

1. You and your boyfriend understand who likes what.

Little things that are not noticeable at first can infuriate over time, especially about six months or a year after the start of a life together: it is usually at this moment that stormy love is replaced by a sober look at the habits of a partner. A guy can be annoyed by mugs left at the computer desk just like you are not hung up after going to the shower with a towel. One of you loves to bask in bed with a dog, the other would like to give the pet away as soon as possible. According to Chris Armstrong, founder of the Maze of Love Center, these are all important things to consider if you and your partner decide to live together.

Make sure you don’t get into an argument with your boyfriend when you move in with him. To do this, get out together more often in nature or even stay with each other for a week or two: this will help determine how much your living habits differ.

2. You know how to keep track of money

New York-based relationship expert April Masini notes that people often tend to hide expenses or lie about salaries – the truth is revealed too late when the couple is faced with financial difficulties. Before you move in, make sure you are able to speak honestly and openly about the financial side of your relationship. You have the right to divide the budget or combine it, but try to ensure that each of you invests in a life together.

3. You understand that living together is more convenient

Although this is not the main reason, it is also important. When it seems that it’s much more convenient to take and leave things with a partner than to constantly trudge to him through the whole city with a bag full of skincare cosmetics and towels, when you are sure that you almost never go home, when you are tired of paying bills for that place, where you spend a night or two in a month is a sign that you and your boyfriend are ready to live under the same roof on a permanent basis.

4. You are realistic

Yes, it’s great to think that life with a partner is infinitely cozy evenings with cocoa for two and hot nights. However, the reality is different: sometimes it will be difficult for you to get used to the habits and habits of another person, sometimes all the strength and desire to arrange a romantic atmosphere may disappear – and this is normal. If you and your partner can talk about difficulties, you will be able to avoid conflicts and mismatches.

7 Signs It’s Time for You and Your Boyfriend to Move in.

5. You can spend time separately


If you can’t live without each other for even a minute, there is a risk of codependence that erases any line between you. In order not to lose mutual interest in each other, dating coach Karenna Alexander advises sometimes to do things separately from each other: be sure to remain passionate about those hobbies that only you like, meet friends, learn new things separately. The ability to live your own life will inflame the sparks of your relationship for many years to come.

6. You also know when to be around each other.

Relationship coach Ravid Yousef argues that a good couple, where partners are able to live together, understands when it is worth remembering the good old romance. Traveling together to visit parents or friends is, of course, not bad, but nothing replaces an evening when you spend time alone with each other. Before moving in, make sure that you and your partner respect personal boundaries, but at the same time do not stop paying attention to your beloved.

7. You are capable of problem-solving.

Moving in with a partner means dealing with unforeseen difficulties. For example, Bustle columnists Kristina Felizar and Lea Rose Emery noted that they faced the boiler shut down seven times when they first started living together. They did not get angry at each other – all thanks to the ability to listen to a partner and invest in solving problems together.

Family therapist Pella Weissman agrees with this: in her opinion, people who live together experience not the most pleasant moments day after day, however, if they are ready to work together on common well-being, the effect of troubles is not noticed. 7 Signs It’s Time for You and Your Boyfriend to Move in.

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