7 Simple Things Every Woman Wants in a Relationship

7 Simple Things Every Woman Wants in a Relationship. Men’s and women’s views on ideal relationships differ in many ways. Guys value their freedom first of all – and this cannot be taken away from them. But what does a canonical relationship look like from a female point of view? Consider the main features.

What do women think?

  • No stereotypes. Girls do not want relationships like a friend or colleague. They dream of their own, unique story, which they will not be ashamed to tell the children about.
  • More touches. Even if you have been together for a cloud of years, do not neglect hugs, kisses, sleeping together, tactile contact. For women, this is incredibly important.
  • own interests. Many women have girlish hobbies that they would like to devote enough time to. Guys have a lot of these hobbies too. Do not deny yourself such pleasure! No need to think that lovers 24/7 should be together. You also need to take a break from each other.
  • No one points out flaws to anyone. Yes, perhaps a woman does not cook borscht perfectly, and it does not look like mother’s. Yes, perhaps a man does not know how to properly iron his own shirts, and this has to be done by a girl. But these are trifles that are not worth an ounce of nerves. Do not take out each other’s brain on trifles.
  • Surprises and gifts not only on holidays. This does not mean that a man cannot enter an apartment without a present for his beloved. But periodically to surprise and delight a woman for no reason is a must.
  • No calculation. There is no need to consider who, how much and what did, and who owes what to whom. In a relationship for love, everything happens disinterestedly – not in order to put a “tick” in the notebook of achievements, but to please your soulmate.
  1. Maximum feelings. Like tactile contact, this is important for girls. Pay attention to your loved one in the same way as at the beginning of a relationship. Don’t let life “eat” your feelings. Even if you have a lot of worries, problems and absolutely no free time, try to find at least a couple of hours a week to spend them together.

And, of course, an ideal relationship in the eyes of every woman is when a man looks at her with delight and doesn’t even think about moving at least an eye to the left.

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