7 Tips for Getting the Attention of a Guy You Like

7 Tips for Getting the Attention of a Guy You Like. The question of how to attract a guy for a serious relationship has been worrying more than one generation of women. Most likely, it is relevant from the very moment of the formation of the human community. A huge number of psychological dissertations have been written on this topic, and many sociological studies have been carried out. What can I say, neither glossy magazines, nor television, nor the Internet bypass this topic.

So where is the truth? Are there any real ways to attract male attention? Will all young ladies be able to use them and do the advice of psychologists and experienced temptresses really work?

This question remains relevant for all women. And it doesn’t matter whether She met the object of interest spontaneously (for example, at a table in a cafe or in line at a local supermarket), or she is interested in how to revive the fading interest in her own person of a permanent partner.

Knowing the basic recommendations on how to attract a guy is simply vital for her. By and large, there is nothing surprising in this. Whatever woman would like a universal solution to the issue of attracting the attention of a loved one.

By and large, the advice of psychologists and experienced temptresses is very similar to each other. Let’s dwell on the most important of them.

Strict control of your appearance

Not without reason, people say that they are met by clothes. This is indeed true. And, if you constantly appear in front of the chosen one with an unwashed head, bad breath and in dirty, unwashed clothes, it will be almost impossible to win his sympathy. Moreover, even if the guy is in love and feels sincere sympathy, an untidy appearance will sooner or later kill all positive emotions, leaving behind only disappointment, and possibly disgust.

Don’t waste your time or money on yourself. With regular care, it will be quite a bit. Dress up for your date like you’re about to audition for the best modeling agency in the country. Hairstyle, makeup, manicure – everything should be at the highest level.

The fashion industry can help lovely ladies in many ways. Her many secrets will help visually correct the figure, hide possible flaws in case it is not perfect. For example, high-heeled shoes will make a woman slimmer and “stretch” the silhouette.

Every woman who really evaluates herself really knows both the advantages and disadvantages of her figure. It is quite natural that the existing advantages should be emphasized as much as possible. For this, there are many recommendations of stylists:

  • Beautiful legs will look more advantageous in short skirts and dresses;
  • The wasp waist is further emphasized by dresses with wide belts or tunics narrowed at the waist;
  • Inspiring breasts will not go unnoticed in a blouse with a not very large neckline, however, just like the graceful lines of the neck.


If you are going to win the heart of the man of your dreams, self-confidence is indispensable. After all, if, when talking with your chosen one, you begin to shade, blush and, being unable to cope with excitement, carry frank nonsense, it is unlikely that you will be able to increase the level of sympathy for yourself.

If you are not distinguished by firmness of character from birth, try to play such situations in advance, imagining what words to say, how to behave. Play in advance both your facial expressions and gestures. The best assistant in this matter for you will be a mirror.

Psychologists have long confirmed the fact that a woman in whom self-confidence lives is always in a positive mood, and her irresistible charm in itself will attract enthusiastic male gazes. It is among these views (at the request of the Real Woman) that sooner or later HE will turn out to be the one, the one and only.

Control your speech

If you think that by demonstrating to the guy you like that there are no less obscenities in your vocabulary than in the arsenal of a village shoemaker (however, just like common village words that have nothing to do with pure Russian speech), you will become more cute, you are very badly mistaken.

Only a hardened criminal or a completely uncouth dork can perceive such communication. Although, to be frank, the representatives of the male half of these classes, no matter how strange it may look, deep down feel sincere sympathy for girls, in whose conversation there is not even a hint of rude swearing, criminal slang or common speech.

Eliminating obscene expressions from colloquial speech (even better, eliminating them even from your subconscious) will give you a much better chance of winning the attention of the guy you like. Perhaps, over time, you will allow some, not quite cultural words, alone with him. It is possible that they will even “turn on” a partner and serve as a catalyst for the start of sexual games. But, at first, it’s not worth taking risks and tempting fate.

From a smile the world will become brighter

Yes, no one will doubt that a sincere smile on the face of the interlocutor is able to tune in to positive and transform the mood of everyone around. The guy you like is no exception. In any case, he will be given an excellent disposition of your spirit and an optimistic attitude.

It is unlikely that a guy, even in his thoughts, will want to establish contact with a frowning “evil” who is constantly angry with the whole world. This is especially true of new acquaintances – who wants to start a relationship with a woman, on whose face it was originally written “all around me there are only problems and troubles.” So one of the main tips on how to attract a guy is to smile more.

At the same time, if you meet your counterpart with an open, radiant and without fail sincere smile, his desire to communicate with you one hundred percent will become simply irresistible. Moreover, in dealing with such a girl – a holiday, it will be much easier for a guy to show his own initiative in the development of relations.

Conversation on topics of interest to the interlocutor

In no case, at the first meetings with a guy, you should not show exaggerated egocentrism and talk with him exclusively on topics that interest you. In fact, this should not be allowed in long-term, and even in family relationships. But during the “binding” of the guy you are interested in to yourself, such a tactic of behavior is completely unacceptable.

If you are unable to support topics of interest to him (cars, computers, fishing or oil production in the Far East), do not despair. Try to simply translate the dialogue into an expert-amateur channel. It is quite natural that a loved one should act as an expert. Building such a strategy of behavior is quite simple. For example, you can complain to him that, not being an advanced computer user, you cannot cope with any program you need. The guy will certainly advise you, and there, having started, the conversation by itself will go into the track you both need.

As for what makes your cat sick in the morning or how well the master of your favorite beauty salon does a manicure, he doesn’t need to know at all. Especially at first. You can easily discuss these issues that concern you with your friends later.

Initiative is not always punishable

Many life situations teach us that in most cases the initiative can be punished. But, in the case of just starting relationships, this statement is not always correct.

The thing is that not always both the guy and the girl have sufficient self-confidence. It happens that a girl does not take away confidence, but the guy she likes, on the contrary, is modest and shy. In this case, if you wait for the moment when he dares to ask for a phone number or invite him to the next date, there is a very real risk that he will never come and the first meeting will automatically become the last.

If you see a guy’s interest in your person and understand that banal timidity prevents him from taking a phone number, do not hesitate to take matters into your own hands. In order to smooth out the awkwardness of this moment, you can turn the conversation into a playful direction. It will be even better this way – the joke will smooth the moment and the guy will not feel a hint of his timid behavior. That is, if you need this particular guy, do not hesitate to take the initiative in your own hands.

Treat him with compliments

Quite in vain, many representatives of the weak half of humanity think that a compliment is the lot of men and only they should constantly emphasize female beauty, intelligence and uniqueness. Not at all, who does not like to be praised. Believe me, here even the most self-confident machos are no exception. They, just like timid first-year students, need at least from time to time to hear flattering words and statements addressed to them.

The only thing to pay attention to in this case is that all compliments and words of praise must be sincere and not feigned. Agree, from the outside it would look ridiculous if you showered flattering words on the eagle gaze of a guy on whose nose glasses with diopters flaunt. Here it already “smells” not of a compliment, but of outright mockery.

If you decide to take the initiative and be the first to praise your companion, talk only about those character traits or external data that he actually possesses. And, no matter what exactly we are talking about – a sense of humor or punctuality, increased energy or a positive attitude towards what is happening around, praise him only in that he really deserves it.

A kind word spoken to the guy you like at the right time will certainly bring the desired result. In addition, the guy will perceive compliments in his direction as a manifestation of genuine interest in his person and emphasize your respect for him. The most important thing is that all compliments should look natural.

Summing up

The skills listed above are common. Of course, each individual case is purely individual. It is the woman who is supposed to develop in each individual case a special tactic and strategy of behavior that is suitable both for the current situation and for the character of the guy you like.

Learning certain skills does not come by itself; in some cases, you need to make an effort and do deep work with your character and your tactics of behavior. Some of them will be given with ease, in order to learn others will have to spend a certain amount of time.

The most important thing for a woman is to recognize the need for change and willingly go for it. If you can’t learn how to communicate with guys on your own, you can use the recommendations of professionals and go through one of the many trainings for women. Their wide choice is represented by both newspapers and the Internet.

The most important task in figuring out how to attract a guy is to trust your intuition. It is she who, better than any adviser, will tell a woman exactly how to behave in this or that situation, with this or that guy. A woman who can fully trust her feelings has much more real chances in how to attract the guy of her dreams to her and not make mistakes.

The only thing that should not be forgotten in any case is sincerity. Without this, on the one hand, an elementary, and on the other hand, a rather complicated feeling in life, you will definitely not be able to establish good and sincere love relationships. Do not lie to your beloved, in this case, truly great and pure love awaits you.

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