77 Questions to find out if he really wants to commit

If you are reading this article, it is because you do not know for sure if your partner wants to take the big step.

If you notice that your beloved man tries not to touch the subject much or when they talk about it his way of speaking is not the same, I have the solution for you!: 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit and thus discover, once and for all all, what are your intentions.

Do not stay with the doubt, take a risk!

You want to take that step; there is nothing you want more in the world than to advance in the relationship with him and nothing else than with him.

There is so much to live happily together! But, if you’re not entirely convinced, forcing it can cause problems. After all, you want to join him more, not drive him away.

Luckily for you, calming such worry and doubts is easy. To know if there is something that you are not very sure about taking that step or if it is simply other distractions that you have in mind, you just have to know how to talk about commitment with your partner.

Clarify your concerns by inquiring

Next, I will share with you, as I already mentioned, 77 questions to know if he really wants to commit to you.

But I will not only give you a list of questions, but I will also explain exactly the purpose of each type of question and how to interpret it.

With this, you will have everything you need to understand if he is willing to walk with you; And if not, at the end of this article, I’ll explain how you can use all of his answers to convince him.

So keep reading the 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit and find out if he is ready to commit!

Otherwise, you can read the article « How to conquer a man who is still undecided », so you know what to do.

The history of the relationship

There is something very important and that is to know what your partner thinks about everything they have experienced. What you have now is the basis for what you will have in the future.

And what they have now is thanks to everything they have lived and shared together.

It is likely that if your guy feels that he has been in a good relationship, where he has had good experiences that made him grow, he wants to continue and strengthen that bond.

And, fortunately for you, one of the ways to do this is commitment.

Remembering is going through the heart

Questions to know if you really want to commit

If your guy’s answers to the following questions tell you that he’s viewed the entire history of your relationship as positive, that’s a great sign for commitment: Check them out!:

  1. What is the best memory you have of us?
  2. What is the moment between the two that causes you the most tenderness?
  3. Do you feel that we have a beautiful relationship with everything we’ve been through?
  4. Do you think you’ve changed since we met?
  5. Do you think that what we have experienced has helped you in any way?
  6. Is there anything you would change about our relationship?
  7. Have you had good times with me?
  8. Have we improved together?
  9. Do you feel we have a nice story?
  10. Do you feel grateful that he appeared in your life?
  11. How did you know you wanted to be with me?

A certain attitude is revealing

Take note of their attitude when answering these questions.

If they respond with a big smile remembering the past, proud of how they have overcome difficulties and happy to have you all this time by their side, good news!

You have a person who loves being with you and who, surely, wants a great future by your side too.

If he responds with some sadness or you notice that there are things from the past that still represent obstacles for both of you, don’t worry. At the end, I will tell you how to attract that special person.

For now, keep learning the 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit.

How do you see the relationship?

Alright, now let’s focus on the now. Specifically, the sensations that the relationship arouses in the present.

Imagine that you have a relationship where you feel that you are the luckiest person in the world; With love, lots of love, unity, understanding, joy, support, etc.

Wouldn’t you like to have that forever? That’s why you should read the  77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit.

If your partner perceives these things in the relationship, it is a good indicator that the commitment is not far from his mind, therefore, it would not be unreasonable for you to take the next step.

So I recommend you read the article “ Phrases to ask my boyfriend to marry me ”, risk a yes!

Don’t be confused by small inconveniences

Of course, every relationship has some difficulties from time to time; but if your guy takes into account the positive side and appreciates the meaning of being by your side, he means that he has the feeling of committing himself forever and making things better.

An engaged couple is a couple that thinks about commitment, it’s that simple!

Take a look at these 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit!

  1. What do you like most about us?
  2. What do you enjoy most about being together?
  3. Do you feel like you have it all with me?
  4. What would you not change about our relationship?
  5. What is the first feeling you have when you think of us?
  6. Do you feel that this relationship is for you?
  7. What makes you happy to share time with me?
  8. Are we a good couple?
  9. Do we have a nice relationship?
  10. Do you think we make a good team?
  11. Is there anything you think we can’t do together?

How does he see you?

Calm down! In this section I am not going to talk about asking your partner if he sees you as the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world.

This article dedicated to 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit has what you need.

Although physical attraction counts for a lot, since it is something that many people fear will be lost over time after getting engaged, the important thing about the questions that I will present to you, below, refers to how he sees you as a couple, it is the exposed masculine desire.

That is, all the qualities that make you the ideal partner!

Once we have a concept of the qualities that make our partner a good partner, without realizing it, little by little we are connecting those qualities with our life plans.

With you I can with all the obstacles

Does he want to commit or what are his true intentions?

“With someone who supports me so much, I can do everything”, for example, is a thought that can go through your mind. It is a simple idea, but it represents how the couple connects with the future.

If your partner answers with great confidence about the qualities he sees and appreciates in you, those connections may already be in his mind: Take a look at the question options!:

  1. Because you love me?
  2. What do you like in me the most?
  3. What is the first thing you feel when you see me?
  4. Of all the things you love about me, what couldn’t you live with?
  5. Do you think I have everything you’re looking for?
  6. Am I the best woman for you?
  7. Do you feel supported by me?
  8. Do you feel that I love you?
  9. Do you feel understood by me?
  10. Are you satisfied with me?
  11. How would you describe me?

What do you want in the distant future?

Of the 77 questions to know if he really wants to commit, the following will allow you to get a clearer message and, in this way, find out how your man feels about commitment.

As we have seen, commitment has a lot to do with how we connect that special someone with our future.

And nothing more direct than asking your partner about his future to see if there is any kind of connection with you, this is part of what every woman should know about her partner.

Finding out what you want is key

Perhaps your life plans include a big mansion, beach houses in Ibiza, Malibu, Rio de Janeiro, yachts, and world travel.

But, if when referring to it you notice a spark in his eyes mentioning how the two will enjoy, rejoice and jump with emotion!

Because you have a man by your side who, despite how much all those plans mean to him, finds the important thing in sharing that future with you.

Traveling with your partner to strengthen the relationship is important, so it is essential, for the sake of commitment, that you compare their plans with your plans.

If you see that he merges both plans and goals, clearly there is commitment in his mind.

If he responds in this way to the following questions, envisioning the future by your side, taking the big step is something that is clearly important to him!:

  1. What plans do you have in your life?
  2. What would your dream future look like?
  3. What do you most want to achieve?
  4. Where would you like to be in a few years?
  5. What would you most like to do in a few years?
  6. Would you like to share with me in the future?
  7. What kind of place do you think would be perfect for the two of you in a few years?
  8. Do you think we can achieve our plans together?
  9. How long would you like to be with me?
  10. What would the perfect life be like by my side?
  11. Would you like us to grow old together?

How much do you want to share with you?

Everything he wants to live by your side in the more or less distant future is a good indicator that he imagines a commitment to you.

But how badly do you want him? This article on  77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit can help you.

Something that can tell you a lot about how much he wants the commitment is precisely how close he can visualize that future with you.

Those things that can be more immediate, after taking the big step, and that he can’t wait to share with you.

Good disposition as a positive sign

77 questions to know if my man wants to commit to me

These types of aspects are usually expressed in slightly more domestic ideas; that is, plans and options to accommodate your new home, the pleasure of cooking together, or, simply, the joy of being engaged.

If your partner gives similar answers to the following questions, the commitment is something latent in their thoughts and, surely, they would like to move forward now.

  1. If we lived together, have you ever wondered how we would arrange the house?
  2. Does the idea of ​​moving in together excite you?
  3. Have you ever seen a house and thought: “This would be perfect for us”?
  4. How happy would you be if we could get engaged now?
  5. Does the idea of ​​us getting engaged excite you?
  6. What would be the first thing you would do after we got engaged?
  7. Would you like to have a pet with me?
  8. Would we be better accommodated in a house or an apartment?
  9. Have you thought how nice it would be to wake up and see me every day?
  10. Do you think you’d like me to call you my fiancé?
  11. Have you imagined what it would be like to share all our days?

Do not let doubts discourage you

If your partner answers these questions in such a way that it seems like they have every urge to hold your hand and take the big leap together, but something seems to be holding them back, don’t be discouraged!

Even with the most enthusiastic person there may be certain obstacles that prevent them from taking the initiative.

We will see this in this next section. For now, I recommend that you consult the Magnetic Desire Method so that you can captivate him, seduce him, and make him explode with desire for you with infallible techniques.

Fears in commitment

If you perceive your partner indecisive just by talking about the subject, or he speaks with a lot of emotion but does not act.

It is likely that he has certain insecurities or fears that make him feel that moving forward, in that direction, may not be the best thing for him or for both of you.

Make the most of these 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit!

Being afraid is prudent, knowing how to overcome it is brave

If your partner answers these questions with little or no attention to fears and bad expectations about commitment and instead expresses a positive attitude to solve any type of problem that may arise.

There is nothing stopping him from moving forward with you! Learn more about the 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit, below!

  1. Would you feel uncomfortable living with me?
  2. Is there anything about the engagement that you don’t like?
  3. Does commitment scare you?
  4. Do you think we’d be happy if we got engaged?
  5. Is there something you fear about the future with me?
  6. Do you think there is something that could separate us in the future?
  7. Would you feel bound if we got engaged?
  8. What would bore you about me if we got engaged?
  9. Do you think I would be more demanding with you if we got engaged?
  10. Do you feel like you’d lose something if we got engaged?
  11. Is there anything you would stop wanting me for?

A life without you

77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit

This is, without a doubt, the sweetest part in terms of the answers you can get from the 77 questions to know if he really wants to commit.

It’s not just about knowing if your partner wants a future by your side or what they can’t wait to share with you, but about being clear about what your absence would mean.

When making commitment plans, connecting the future with the couple, it becomes more and more difficult to imagine such projects without the other person.

However, it is important to maintain emotional autonomy, which is why it is convenient that you read the article on  Claseshistoria.com where you will learn more about the subject.

Rather, you will only have thoughts of love.

If in these answers your partner has a serious problem seeing a life without you, definitely a future with you is something that he has already thought about for a long time.

So take careful note of the 77 questions to know if he really wants to commit :

  1. Have you ever imagined what your life would be like without me?
  2. Do you think you could live apart from me?
  3. What would you do if one day you needed it?
  4. Can you imagine a future without me by your side?
  5. Would you need it if you were away from me?
  6. Could you go ahead without me?
  7. Am I an essential part of your life?
  8. Do you feel that you could live happily with someone else as well as with me?
  9. Would you enjoy a future without me?
  10. Is there something in your life that you could not do more than with me?
  11. What would hurt you the most in a life without me?

Lure him into commitment!

If with the 77 questions to know if he really wants to commit you have not had very good results, you do not have to worry.

All this information is very useful for you to attract him to the idea of ​​commitment.

Let’s go back to each section of questions and what you can do with that information to improve things.

Enticing him into commitment is as easy as making a few small changes based on what you notice in his responses, as this is one of the best ways you can influence a man’s mind.

  • The history of the relationship: If in these questions you notice that there are some things from the past that still represent obstacles in the present, such as, for example, an issue that you are still arguing about, resentments or grudges, the best thing you can do is find a solution to it. that. They will hardly be able to walk together into the future if they remain tied to the past.
  • How he sees the relationship: If he has given you to understand, with his answers, that he does not see a very stable relationship or that you do not offer him everything he needs, pay attention to the things that could improve. Perhaps if they try not to fall so much into a routine and try to communicate effectively and get to know each other a little better, they could cultivate a good relationship in which they both feel wonderful.

Don’t forget to take note!

  • How he sees you: If in his answers you notice that it is a bit difficult for him to talk about your virtues and those defects weigh heavily on him, take note! Most likely, there are certain aspects of your personality that are clashing with theirs; work on yourself to improve them and you will see how you become their ideal partner for the rest of their days.
  • What he wants in the future / What he can’t wait to share with you / A life without you: Do you have no presence in those future plans he talks about, neither in the distant future nor in the near future? Or maybe imagining a life without you really isn’t that bad. A little more time and significant experiences will help you have a great impact on your present and have a good place in your future.
  • Fears of commitment: This is one of the most useful questions; if he responds with insecurities or fears about committing, you will have the opportunity to express and show him how all those fears are invalid. The most common insecurities have to do with losing freedom and autonomy, fear of certain responsibilities, or that the passion and adventure of the relationship fades.

How committed is he to you?

Since you have the 77 questions to find out if he really wants to commit to their respective solutions, in case the answers are not the expected ones, explain to him in the best way and show him with facts that he has nothing to fear by your side and ask him! understand, with love, everything you will gain!

Likewise, you can read the article « How to get him to ask me to marry » and thus be able to take that important step. Cheer up!

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