8 Negative Traits In Love of a Libra man’s

Born under the zodiac sign of Libra, people seek solutions in the midst of chaos. However, when he is in a prey situation, he is not the one to tolerate injustice. What Happens When You Hurt a Libra Man? What are the negative traits of a Libra man in a romantic relationship? How does a Libra man act when he’s in love? What happens when he’s hurt or upset? What can you expect from him when he is angry?

Here are 8 negative traits of a Libra man’s personality in his darkest hours.


1. The Libra man can be dismissive

When a Libra man is upset or offended, you certainly won’t see him express his anger in scandalous ways.

Desiring to maintain perfect balance in all aspects of his life will make him appear aloof. This detachment allows him to think rationally before doing anything. He will do his best to avoid extreme behavior as it runs counter to the basis of his values ​​of fairness and justice.

He is a very patient person and before coming to a conclusion or judging a situation, he takes the time to think about the best option (depending on the situation he is facing). It is rare for drama to disturb his inner peace and harmony. When hurt or neglected, the Libra man will ignore you, distance himself from you and never look back.


2. He will talk to his loved ones about problems

For a Libra man, his family and friends are most important.

He knows how to prioritize and find his balance among all his relationships. If there is a problem, he will seek help or consult with his closest friends to find a solution or come to a final decision.

What may be private to you may become completely public without your knowledge. This may seem like a betrayal of trust, but it is difficult for a Libra man to keep family and friends away from him when he is unwell or something is troubling him.

Libra men have enormous egos that are difficult to tame, and the fact that they’ve been mistreated can make them forget some boundaries you may have set clearly in the relationship.


3. The Libra man is skillful or even manipulative

The Libra man is a skilled charmer and an incorrigible romantic at heart. He certainly has the means to attract and hypnotize any woman he meets.

His outgoing nature can come up against a reserved partner who is more traditional in their approach to love. The Libra man is looking for the ideal partner and will only make a commitment once he has found the perfect woman.

He is very adept at using communication as his trump card, and there are few disputes that the Libra man loses. This helps him to win over others. This quality can in some cases tempt him to manipulate his partner.

He is often undecided when choosing his partner. This indecisiveness can mean that he is constantly looking for the one who suits him best. Bonding with a single partner may not last long, as Libra men don’t mind seeing multiple women at the same time.


4. The Libra man is very egocentric

There is nothing more important to a Libra man than his own happiness.

He can become distant from one day to the next and sever all ties with someone who doesn’t really make him happy. As long as his idea of ​​balance is maintained, he is content. His noble ideals of justice are relative, as the Libra man is not afraid to make selfish decisions in his relationships.

He is obsessed with his freedom, his autonomy, and any form of intrusiveness can antagonize him for a very long time. He can choose to avoid a conversation entirely, no matter what the consequences. His sense of diplomacy is often undermined when his partner needs him to defend her and take her side against everyone.


5. The Libra man is more logical than emotional

The Libra man is extremely picky and pays attention to certain details.

The Libra man is always trying to dissect an issue from all sides in order to come to a right decision, and this can force him to withdraw into himself. His sensitivity to his partner may diminish, making him appear unconcerned or indifferent to her feelings.

Emotional attachments can sometimes weigh a little too heavily on his shoulders as he likes to be perceived as wise, rational and objective at all times. He gets a bad reputation for himself as a person who is pleasant to people.

An inferior attitude only makes him seem weaker, like someone who lacks a solid foundation and voice. The Peacemaker’s real strength might turn against him if he chooses to close his heart and look at a problem only from the perspective of objectivity, without regard to feelings.


6. He brings up old grudges during fights

The memory of a Libra man goes way back in time.

So, even if he seems casual, he cleverly collects all the information he can use against someone at the right moment. Even if he is not always out for revenge, he keeps track of everything and never overlooks the devil in the details.

When there is a dispute, he will not hesitate to bring up old stories to hurt you in the most insidious way possible. While he may justify it with honor, the “truth” can be deeply hurtful.

If you’ve upset him, even with the best of intentions, forgiveness will be hard to come by unless he changes his mind and is willing to start all over again.


7. The Libra man is passive and aggressive

Count on the Libra man to fall on deaf ears when he’s not in the right mood for you.

Instead of confronting you, he might sweep everything under the rug to seem like the most important person in the relationship. He will resist any contact and make you feel like you never existed in his life.

He acts stubbornly, consciously avoiding or neglecting all your endeavors. Libra men can do anything to avoid a difficult conversation. The fact that they are vulnerable makes them anxious and the last thing they want is to be helpless in front of their partner.

He is afraid of being alone, and passive aggression helps him express his dissatisfaction at the risk of losing someone he loves.


8. The Libra man is superficial

Your Libra man is a lover of beauty and anything superficially refined. He appreciates beauty in all its forms.

Since he is ruled by the planet Venus, he tries to find the person who comes closest to his ideal of perfection. Even love is an art for him and he will try to perfect himself and experiment beyond the limits.

The Libra man wants his woman to be beautiful and elegant in all circumstances. He sets the standards that at a certain point in the relationship might seem unrealistic. He spends a lot of money on luxuries and this becomes a potential problem for a partner who has a less materialistic approach to life than he does.

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