8 rules for those who want to live separately, but do not dare

8 rules for those who want to live separately, but do not dare. Your partner has suggested that you live separately to deal with your feelings. Do you think this is the end of the relationship? Not necessarily. Both of you can benefit greatly from a temporary separation from each other. The main thing is to know the basic rules of temporary separation.

How to behave so as not to harm?

Here are the main recommendations that will help you survive temporary separation with minimal losses:

  • Think about what you will say to the environment. Some of the relatives can be devoted to the situation in detail, while others can simply be put before the fact. And do not let anyone pick at your spiritual wounds. Stop unsolicited advice, “heart-to-heart conversations” and everything like that.
  • Solve the issue with the children, if any. It is important to figure out how many days a week the kids will spend with mom, and how many with dad. It is desirable that this time be divided evenly.
  • Set a deadline first. How much time do you both need to sort yourself out? The optimal period is about 3 months. Nothing will change in a week or two. Set a deadline for both of you to make a decision.
  • No promises. You don’t know how separation will end. Maybe both of you will realize that you cannot live without each other. Or maybe some of you will like loneliness, and you won’t want to return to your family.
  • Distance is a must. Have you decided to leave? No need to spend free time together unless absolutely necessary. For this, separation is needed to understand what kind of person you are outside of relationships and whether you need them.
  • Discuss meetings. At first it is better not to see each other at all. Then, if there is a desire, you can periodically go on dates, remember the initial stage of the relationship.
  • Dive into your interests. Make good use of your time. Do what you have long been interested in, and enjoy every day of your life.
  • No new relationship. Change – a categorical “no”. The emergence of a new person in life is possible only after you decide to part with your current partner. Don’t overstep your conscience.

If at some point in your separation you and your partner realize that you want to live together again, don’t do it too abruptly. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy each other. And be sure to use the experience gained in solitude.

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