8 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Partner

8 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Partner. Ask most people how they know that their loved ones are “the one,” the one and only. And this is what they will answer: “I don’t know, something just clicked inside, and I understood everything for myself”; “At some point, I just realized that the best of this girl can not be found on the whole Earth.”

Good explanation, right? However, they are of little help to loners who are just starting relationships with new partners. And the best advice in this regard can be given by those people who help singles find their other half – professional matchmakers and psychologists. They describe the following signs that will help you recognize “your” person and not make a fatal mistake at the initial stage of a love affair.

8 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Partner

Sign #1 You enjoy being together, but both of you are positive about a separate life outside of the relationship.

Matchmaker Alice Park often hears complaints from clients about their former partners. They say something like this: “He (she) paid me so little attention. We hardly spent any time together.” “However, the time spent apart is no less valuable,” Alice explains.

“You need to appreciate it just like the days you spend in each other’s company. The strongest relationships can be created by fairly self-confident people who are able to maintain the interest of a partner with their absence. Whether you spend time with friends or pursue hobbies, it will allow you to grow as a person and strengthen relationships, although this seems paradoxical.

Sign #2: Genuine Interest in Your Life

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the political situation in the country, or what your uncle blurted out after his biggest booze on Bastille Day. The main thing is that your new acquaintance is really glad to hear it. On the other hand, his revelations are also of interest to you. So both of you are satisfied with the communication.

Sign number 3. The feeling that you met a long-time acquaintance

Yes, the concept of soulmates and karmic connection is hardly subject to proof. “However, people who meet their couple often report a kind of supernatural feeling of kinship and closeness,” says psychologist and writer Carmen Harra.

Sign #4: You are not afraid to be honest with this person.

Laura Heck, a family therapist and radio host from the United States, considers this aspect to be one of the most important. “If your new acquaintance is always ready to be courteous with you, no matter what spicy things you talk about, this is a clear sign that you have found“ your ”person,” she explains.

“Besides, the right partner will never use the information received against you – even if you had an argument. One of my clients has built an almost perfect relationship with her husband. Her husband aroused her delight and admiration – and all because he always called her smart and inventive. The client suffered from dyslexia during her school years (impaired ability to read and write). The husband managed to restore her self-esteem; and in his presence she not only did not suffer from her lack, but also felt at her best.

Sign number 5. Even in each other’s company, you can be bored

“It may sound strange, but it’s actually true,” says Alice Park. “Too strong passions at the beginning of dating are normal; but if they last long, the relationship is unlikely to be comfortable. If you can do routine things together (shopping for groceries or cleaning the house), or even be frankly bored, this is quite normal. Boredom is psychologically much healthier than constant emotional “swings” and crazy passions.

Sign number 6. Conflicts without meanness

Conflict-free relationships live in the same place as colored unicorns and fairy princesses. The true sign of a normal relationship is not the absence of quarrels, but adequate behavior during a conflict.

Relationships cannot always be in the honeymoon phase. “It is important that during the conflict you do not blame each other, but continue to support your partner,” Park explains.

Sign number 7. Affection and tenderness (optional if you want sex)

Pleasant compliments, smiles, gentle slaps on the buttocks while no one is looking – all this is a special cocktail that gracefully complements the menu of long-term relationships. “The ability to express positive feelings towards each other will help overcome any troubles. Tenderness is a prerequisite for comfort in a relationship,” explains matchmaker Tina Tessina. “Sex is definitely important; however, emotional attachment should lead to it, and not vice versa.

Sign #8. Your relationship can be described as “easy”

It is often said that relationships are allegedly daily hellish work. “And yes, it is absolutely true. But at the same time, this work should not be overwhelming. And you should not have any doubts that you will not be able to do this work, ”says Alice. “With the right partner, bumpy moments can sometimes occur, but if the whole road turns into solid off-road, it’s hardly “your” person.”

8 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Partner

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