8 situations in real life in which you need the initiative

8 situations in real life in which you need the initiative. Everyone seems to have known for a long time that the initiative is punishable, and the bricks of the road to hell are often paved with good intentions, but this stops few of the young ladies. The female gender indestructibly loves to lead home flights, teach life girlfriends on the example of personal experience, forcing them to follow the instructions of the active initiator of the process, educate a partner, trying to apply their own strategies and tactics in his business and leisure.

If it isn’t where you want it: and what about it? Let’s delve a little into everything that surrounds the unknown Activity, bold undertakings, kind motives, bright enterprise. To those who are on this problem as storage, it is not possible to store and produce.

Some useful theory

The term “initial” was written in a French language in Latin language. Literally, initium is translated as an apt designation – the beginning. How many times have we told you that in order to master any road, you need to take the first step.

So Here It is usually done by enterprising individuals who are ready for the emerging consequences, even if they are completely unpredictable.

The initiators, a kind of female lighters in the team, become the engines of corporate progress.

Desperate pundits, including ladies of the weaker sex, make important discoveries, which are then used with pleasure by the more lazy and slowing down in active affairs mankind. Advanced parents, on the instructions of child psychologists, are trying to develop in their children a propensity for provocative enterprise with elements of the game, so that later in life they will not always trail at the tail of the crowd.

By and large, it does not matter what gender the initiator, the engine, the “arsonist” of other people’s hearts and souls will be, if his undertakings will definitely serve for the benefit of others. It’s a completely different calico when a woman needs to take the initiative in a relationship with a loved one, and from the fear of such a prospect, cold sweat appears on her forehead, her arms and legs tremble, and all the prepared words from her head instantly disappear, as if they were not there. .

The ability to take the initiative into one’s own hands is a sign of spiritual maturity, the main thing here is not to overdo it with methods of influencing a life partner, friend, lover, potential boyfriend and boyfriend. And then you will sit “on the mound” of Doubts, turn into a “princess on the beans”, which in the love sphere does not shine with anything hot and romantic.

Yes, some initiative will surely entail leaving the comfort zone, responsibility, friendship with courage and determination, but take our word for it, it’s worth it.

If you are ready to conduct an experiment on your own “skin”, trembling with thoughts about the proposed actions, we are there, we will fully support and approve you, and you won’t have to do anything supernatural. Judge for yourself, the list-guide is already ready for you.

8 situations in real life in which you need the initiative

Now we will give you 8 situations when without your undertakings, activity, inducing a partner to actions, energy, ingenuity, “operational” measures, nothing itself will turn into a beautiful color puzzle of love well-being. Remember, or even write down your personal diary, it will definitely come in handy: the Earth is round, life is long.


You fell in love, but the object of your interest does not pay attention to you

The outdated rules have long sunk into the legendary river of oblivion Letu: a woman should sit on the sidelines and wait for someone to bite on her unearthly beauty, lively mind, cute humor and charm.

Do you want to innovate?

You can be 100 times interesting to a colleague, a neighbor, a guy at a party, a fellow student, but he won’t even raise an eyebrow – he himself is afraid of refusal from you and keeps silent. And in general, how can you see someone nearby, If in the Modern World everyone’s gaze from the screens of gadgets is not taken away for more than a couple of seconds.

In pursuit of a secret, we want to add that the male sex favors active young ladies, and you can easily find a detailed article on how to attract the attention of a man among the materials of our magazine.

No whoa no no relationships, but you want more

Dating, civil marriage, family union began to resemble life in the epicenter of “Groundhog Day”. Now it’s not a given, it’s a little, it’s bad, it’s a thing that’s already in and out.

You know in advance that the next meeting will not be crowned with an engagement proposal. Civil relations will not turn into legal ones with a clear stamp in the passport. A family dinner will gradually turn into watching a football match. On Saturday, you and your husband will go for homemade pies to visit your mother or mother-in-law. It seemed that everything was so nice and serene, why do you want to howl from anguish?

Take the initiative and encourage a man to do more, maybe he doesn’t treat you so indifferently at all, he just doesn’t even know about your aspirations.

If you visit, it is not necessary for the subject to be understood

It already seems to you that you are quietly going crazy, daily and hourly discussing political conflicts in Zimbabwe with a cordial friend, reliable bindings on his alpine skis, his brilliant successes at work and how he again “took away” team rivals in work on new task.

You also want to discuss the book you read, the picture on the opening day, which is still in front of your eyes, the upcoming vacation at sea, the amazing dress and handbag that you saw today in the boutique window and struck your imagination. Do not be afraid to dilute the man’s monologues with “Inserts” About what excites you, at the same time you will look at the reaction, suddenly it’s not at all your “blank field”.

He does not suit you as a lover

If you immediately put aside the selfish manners of some gentlemen, think only about your pleasure in bed, you have to work long and painstakingly for success with such comrades. Let’s choose the option: he is affectionate and gentle, but inept, inexperienced and shy.

Be patient and tactful, do not humiliate and do not compare, but express your wishes for the future without hesitation. It’s not the gods who burn pots in love joys, everyone once started with something, and believe me, much more often from an unsuccessful, sad experience that forever left an unpleasant mark and complexes.

Talk during intimacy on the topic of what and how to do better, there is nothing shameful in this, on the contrary, it will only strengthen your trust in each other.

You are looking for a friend, not a sponsor

Immediately stipulate at the beginning of the acquaintance the rules for visiting entertainment venues, clubs, cafes and restaurants. You do not want material dependence: “whoever feeds the girl, toteyo and dances,” say this directly.

Promise that when your acquaintance grows into something more, if it grows, of course, you will return to this topic and reconsider the “rules of the game”, but for now you are a self-sufficient, financially independent person and you want your knight to come to terms with this tonight.

He will still have time to demonstrate his commercial capabilities to you in the future, and you will not feel obligated if the price tag is astronomical.

You want to let him know that you’re okay with more physical contact.

Your Heart Trembles Joyfully, All the best to you is the new chosen one, And he doesn’t even try to kiss you, and you are in shock – you don’t like you. Get those thoughts out of your head. A man does not pull the Lady into bed immediately, If He has serious views on her, does not want to offend with rudeness and onslaught, to vulgarize the first dates.

Don’t try it in the car, and it’ll be up to you in the New Year, and it’ll be up to you. Accidentally touch your hand, parting a light kiss on the cheek, gently look into your eyes, sigh furtively, in the end, openly tell about your desire to get closer in the near future.

Your dates are boring, and even dangerous to health

Your friend constantly surprises you in the form of cross-country date hikes, sleepovers in a tent at the sound of a piercing cold wind, swims in icy pools, alcoholic drinks from an aluminum mug, and snacks from bread and stewed meat. And you want romance, the warm sea, the gentle hot sun, an empty, modest, but cozy hotel with all the conveniences.

Take the initiative, organize a weekend trip, a date of your “warm southern” dream and show your loved one how you see your meetings in the depths of your soul. If you are dear to him, he will at least alternate his favorite extreme with your comfort zone .

Your romance has run its course

Many girls courageously endure communication with an unloved person, afraid to tell him that it’s all over. How to do this as gently as possible, our magazine will tell you, we have published a lot of articles on this painful topic.

You know, sometimes openness and honesty are better than falsehood and deceit, you shouldn’t fool a good person in vain, especially if you respect him and are grateful to him for everything that connected you. Time is merciless, sometimes it separates people for good, but ahead of them are waiting for new partners and new friends. So it happened, it’s time to close the passed page in life.

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