8 Tips to Get a Partner – Experts Advice

You do not have boyfriend? Are you tired of being alone? Do you want to find someone who truly fills you?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place! Here I am going to give you 8 tips to get a partner that, without a doubt, will help you.

Nowadays it seems that finding a partner is getting more and more difficult.

Life becomes more and more complicated; we have obligations that increase all the time: school homework, work responsibilities, housework, childcare if you have them…

It seems impossible to find time for anything else!

And if we have the small space of time, then the forces are the ones that weaken.

Read on and find out how to change all that!

In addition, I invite you to learn a little about the psychology of attraction , it will surely be of great help to you!

You are not alone!

Luckily you are not the only one this happens to, everyone around you is also living their busy and rushed lives, and there are thousands of singles!

Yes, do not think that you are the only person who is in that condition, what are left over are options, you just have to know where, how and what to do, that’s why I bring you these tips to get a partner .

Dare to get on board in the adventure of finding the ideal partner for you.

Here are my tips!


how to find love

You are at home, alone and tired of not having anyone with whom to share life and the love you have to give, so follow these fabulous tips to find a partner !

The days and nights go by and you have no time for anything and no desire to look for love.

So again and again, so one and another day. Disgust grows and corrodes you inside.

Self-esteem is not strong enough to be high without anyone telling you how beautiful you are or how much they need you.

You can be surrounded by children, family, and even a pet and love them unconditionally, but it will never be the same!

You have so much love to give to a partner, and it’s nowhere to be found!

You begin to get depressed frequently, to say things to yourself that are not in your favor, you think that you are not worth finding love or that no one will notice you anymore…

ENOUGH! You can’t go down that road! Learn how to achieve it with these tips to get a partner .

How to achieve it?

If what you want is to reach your goal, it is not with the above that you will achieve it, and here is the first of my advice to get a partner: change your attitude.

If you tell yourself bad things about yourself all the time, you will end up believing them.

Negative thoughts can be one of your worst enemies if you let them run free.

Open your mind to new opportunities and instead of saying “I can’t do it” or “it’s not for me”, say instead: “why not?”.

Smile at life, even if you have no reason, you never know if someone is watching your smile and falls in love with it.

Add joy to your life and look at things from another perspective: you will see how everything begins to change!

And even more so with my tips for finding a partner.

I’ll give you another little extra help:

See How to be more attractive , you will discover that it will help you a lot to raise your self-esteem and strengthen yourself before going out to find a partner.


Well, you’re already smiling, you’re starting to apply the above, well now take advantage of your own material!

Keep in mind these tips to get a partner .

You don’t like your body? Are you overweight? Do you have any marks or scars that embarrass you?

Do you feel underestimated by your physique?

Stop again! This is a return to the negative thoughts that I told you that you will have to root out.

If you are not satisfied with your body, I recommend two things: first, join a gym or a more radical, expensive, and dangerous one, have surgery.

The second, and the most important and easiest of the two options I give you: enhance your positive qualities.

Be unique with your positive qualities

It’s no use that you’re comparing yourself to other girls all the time, NO!

We are all different and it is in that difference where the individual beauty of each one of us lies, and in you too!

We all have flaws, even the most perfect magazine model or television actress.

The goal is not for you to hide those “characteristics that disadvantage you” with an operation or a rigorous diet, because they are also part of you even if you don’t want to.

The most important thing is that you learn once and for all to live with them, to accept them, and to know the virtues you have.

To do?

To take into account these tips to get a partner , is that you do not stay alone in your flaws, do not think only about them, discover your virtues and free yourself by being yourself, with everything included, the good and the bad!

There will always be those who criticize, there will always be people who will see something wrong with you, but there will also be those who see how good and positive you are.

To find a partner you must keep in mind that it is not about pretending or wanting to be perfect, but about being you.

Strengthen the aspects of your personality in which you do well, it can be cooking, crafts or you can even learn new things.

Apply all this and you will see how you feel more relieved, happy and it is much easier for you to launch yourself and discover the boy of your dreams.

Learn more about this topic by reading the article on redalyc.org


Tips to find a partner

Again the same vicious circle: you are at home, with your pajamas or nightwear on all day, without dedicating 10 minutes to the hairstyle because you have only allowed yourself to put your hair up.

Or you go to work with hardly any grooming, almost no makeup and with the same clothes or the same haircut and way of picking it up.

Don’t even talk about your nails because you haven’t fixed them for a long time, and you’ve lost the desire to shave because you always think the same thing: “what for?”.

My question with all this is: what are you doing with yourself!?

You are self-destructing and then not even the bluest of all princes will be able to rebuild you, because you will not notice that you are disarranged!

It is not about being all made up for a party at 10 in the morning without leaving the house.

But you can’t abandon yourself to your fate either.

There are things that are basic and you should not let go because perhaps that love you want to find so much is the person who lives next door, across the street or simply someone who saw you passing by and fell in love with you.

Finger and toe nails

Keep them neat, it doesn’t matter if you prefer to have them painted or not, long or short, but you must take care that they are even, filed and above all, always impeccably clean!

Nails are a reflection of hygiene and care that we have throughout our body.


Always keep it combed and clean, because dirt is noticeable even if you think it isn’t.

From time to time make a little effort and stop by the hairdresser to touch up the ends or for a new cut and change your appearance.

Your appearance will totally change and you will feel more comfortable with a simple hair wash!

Check some of the following keys to flirt and achieve your goal of getting a partner.


It is not that you are always wearing makeup as if you were going to dance to a disco, it is also not healthy for the skin, but you should also take care of this aspect, especially as the years go by and some wrinkles appear.

Use at least a light lipstick or a natural gloss to take care of your lips, as well as some cream to protect and keep your skin smooth and soft, but without overdoing it.

If you are going to leave home, depending on where you go you should put on makeup, especially if you go to work or school.

Do not neglect this aspect, but everything with measure and not only depending on your tastes, use common sense!


The same as with makeup, it depends on the place and the occasion. In any case, don’t walk around the house in pajamas all day, it’s just to sleep!

If you go to work, school or some management away from home, choose your clothes well.

It is not that you buy new clothes every time or that you completely renew your wardrobe, that will depend on the economy and possibilities of each one, the important thing is that your wardrobe is always the right one and is impeccable: clean, ironed and without any breakage or disjointed.

The image you project to others is very significant; If you want them to think that you are a clean person and that you know how to take care of yourself, you should do that.

Also, learn other tips so you can prepare for that great first kiss at the beginning of a relationship and you can practice some of these types of kisses. Dare yourself!

Keep reading and discover more tips to find a partner !


You spend the day at home, you prefer to watch television or stay asleep than go out for a walk; you even do your shopping online, change that harmful routine!

You need to go out and clear and clear your mind.

Being at home is not something negative, in fact there are those who work at home and spend a long time there, but it cannot be everything.

It is necessary for you to go out, breathe clean and fresh air.

Share with your friends even if it’s a coffee anywhere away from home.

Schedule meetings with your loved ones in different places.

Organize and plan walks or walks.

You do not have to go out to expensive or ostentatious places, it can be a trip to a nearby meadow or mountain or even to visit shops.

The important thing is not where you go, but the action itself.

take action!

Get organized and get rid of that laziness that prevents you from leaving the door and the security of your home.

Take a walk, go for a run, walk through a park, take a walk around the place where you live, visit your family and loved ones.

Breathing the same air and living all the time enclosed within four walls make the environment tense and full of negative feelings and energies that are not released because you are always in the same place: and that has direct repercussions on you all the time.

Don’t let that happen! Go outside to see something other than your image in a mirror, to deal with people other than yourself!

It is impossible for you to get a partner if you do not decide to come out of your internal shell (which is yourself) and external shell (which is your home).

Discover unusual places to meet your partner and more tips for finding a partner .


The ideal couple

You hang out with the same friends for as long as you can remember. You always go out with the same people and they visit you, of course, themselves.

That needs to be changed a bit too. It’s not about you throwing away your old friends for new ones, it’s not that.

The value of a good and faithful friend is worth more than many things in this world, but that is not why you should only frequent those loyal friends you have.

You can have a wider circle of friends with whom to share and have fun.

It is not such a difficult task, it is just about meeting people and empathizing with those you already have at hand:

  • work colleagues
  • Classmates
  • friends of your friends
  • Neighbors
  • People you see frequently when commuting or shopping
  • Distant relatives
  • Friends of your relatives

Sometimes you meet the same person every day and you can even say that you know her and she knows you, but the opportunity to establish a beautiful friendship has not arisen, what are you waiting for?


Of course, it’s not about inviting anyone you meet and sympathize with to a coffee or to visit your house.

You have to have some moderation because we are getting to know that person.

The point is to find a way to strike up a nice conversation at the right time, to be friendly, and not to pout at a store clerk or bus driver.

Always remember, as I told you before, to carry a smile with you, one of the tips for finding a partner .


There are always new places and people to discover, you just have to take the time and desire to embark on an adventure because the man of your dreams can be waiting anywhere and you can find a partner!

Socialization is an inherent characteristic in all human beings, and we are social beings by definition, that is, we need that link with the other people around us.

Of course, you are no exception, so don’t worry if you’re not good at it, it’s just a matter of trying and not fearing failure.


Visiting new places, discovering different spaces that can be found just around the corner, will also help you meet new people.

And here’s another one of my tips for finding a partner : don’t be afraid of the new.

If you don’t dare to enter that place you’ve just discovered, if you don’t decide to approach and even ask the time of the boy you’ve seen watching you, then you’re not going to get anything!

What does it matter if you fail? You don’t know the person and you already have no for an answer if you don’t decide to talk to him, to get to know him.

You have nothing to lose, only the fear that prevents you from moving forward!


How to find a partner on the internet

Of course, you cannot ignore one of the advantages of the modern era to find a partner: technology; with it everything becomes easier!

Using social networks you can achieve your goal without hardly leaving home, although remember that I already warned you that this is very necessary, another of the tips to get a partner .

There are thousands of sites that you will find online to find a partner, and thousands of options by age range, tastes, preferences, skin color, height…

You have a lot to choose from!

Of course, you must choose wisely and proceed with caution, after all, it is someone you do not know personally and may be creating a false image of who he really is.

You can find more options in the Top 10 of the best sites to flirt and find a boyfriend online .


So with great care and assertiveness, use technology to your advantage, but don’t stay alone there, real life is waiting for you outside and at some point you will also have to meet the possible suitors that you manage to find.

Technology can be your ally in the search, but it will become your enemy if you don’t decide and meet in person that boy who is special to you through the web.

I recommend you consult Blind dates , so you can see advantages and precautions, How to flirt by chat 

And keep in mind some  phrases to fall in love on WhatsApp,  so you will feel more secure and prepared.


Well, the time has come to dare, to risk, to jump into the void without a parachute.

Personal and sentimental relationships are also about all that, and that’s what launching yourself to get a partner is all about.

The important thing is not to be afraid of adventure and to be on the way to success with all your heart.

And if this time you do not find what you are looking for, if your instinct fails you again, if you are disappointed because the boy of your dreams does not appear:

Do not despair, do not lose faith, and keep trying!

You will see how it is worth not giving up and applying all these tips to get a partner that I leave you here.

Good luck!

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