8 working ways to tie a girl to you

Many modern girls are wary of new acquaintances. They rarely make contact and pretend to be “snow princesses”, because they want to be treated like in old books about love – reverently and carefully, achieving for many months. On the other hand, men are just as wary of women – how to understand that she is interested in him, and not in his wallet?

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In general, relationships are a complicated thing, and it’s not so easy to tie a girl you like to yourself. But you will definitely come to success if you follow some tips.

What to do in order to attract and fall in love with a girl? 8 working ways to tie a girl to you

  • The most important thing is self-confidence (not to be confused with self-confidence). Show your masculine qualities. Be stronger than her. For almost any woman, this is the determining factor when choosing a man, because it is inherent in nature. A man should be able to stand up for his woman, protect her and his offspring. Be her hero, but do not miss the moment when they sit on your neck and hang your legs – everything should be in moderation, and both should invest in relationships.
  • Girls are very dependent on positive emotions. Be original and varied, pay attention to her, be interested in her affairs – just cheer her up. You have to be able to give her absolutely everything emotionally so that she does not go in search of missing sensations on the side.
  • Surprise her. Do bright deeds, make surprises and other amenities – pick her up from work or school, meet her in the morning near the entrance with a cup of coffee, and just give a bouquet of flowers for no reason. Any girl will be pleased with such gestures.
  • Show character. Many girls indulge in the fact that they are trying to bend the guys under them, and after they succeed, they get bored, they end this relationship and go in search of a new victim. Be an indomitable male, always leave an element of mystery. It is not necessary to dedicate the girl to all your affairs and plans – let her consider you a serious, important and bad guy, even if instead of “serious matters” you went to dig potatoes in the country.

  • Don’t forget physical contact. This does not mean that you should brazenly paw her on the first date – you need to look at the problem more extensively. Straighten her dress, remove a strand of hair that has fallen on her shoulder, give her a hand, hug her – girls love such gestures, although they often pretend to be very embarrassed. If she accepts your touch, you can be sure that she is already on the hook, and feel free to move on to the next step.
  • Don’t give her everything at once. In relationships, you can also use the “carrot and stick” method, so to speak. Change your behavior and do not be too straightforward and open – she will quickly get bored with your exemplary and generosity. Do not constantly call her and accompany her every step. Do not forget that in addition to the girl you have a bunch of your own affairs – even if you fell in love with her without a memory. Balance is the key to a perfect, strong relationship.


  • Feel free to show affection. Passion is an integral part of a relationship, and there is nothing wrong with making a girl feel wanted. Of course, no lady will like it if she is constantly bent over in bed. Be patient and moderately persistent, let her know that you can satisfy all her needs – emotional and physical, and the girl will definitely be yours.
  • Don’t play with one goal. If you do everything for the relationship, and she just accepts without giving anything in return, this will not lead to anything good. A girl should invest in a relationship on an equal basis with you. Keep a certain distance, let her try her best to woo you and seduce you. This is how female psychology works – most of all, girls appreciate what they got with great difficulty.

8 working ways to tie a girl to you

And the most important advice – never try to seem like someone you are not. Just be yourself and don’t forget your needs. Relationships are a dialogue where everyone can express their opinion, but no one should infringe on anyone. Think about her and her desires, make surprises and gifts, take her to the cinema and exhibitions, but be sure to leave time for your own, male entertainment in the company of friends.

Attaching a girl to you is not difficult – just give her what she wants. Whether you want it is another question. Are you ready to constantly live in this mode, meet the expectations of your beloved, improve and literally jump out of your skin to constantly maintain this attachment? The key to strong relationships is honesty and naturalness. Sooner or later you will get tired of playing a role and being someone you are not. Therefore, I recommend initially choosing a partner who will be ready to put up with your “cockroaches”, and not constantly nag and “ride on the brain.” Believe me, it’s real!

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